a little revenge.

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“Mr. Byun, I’ll only say this because we’re not at school right now…” Yumi started out amiably as she tore off the device in her ear, and handing it back to him, “…that was really boring…”


Baekhyun scoffed quietly, ducking his head to hide a rather offended look on his face. He stuffed the earbuds back into his case once students began to rally up again. The hour long podcast felt oddly short, but the fact that Yumi stayed for the whole thing surprised him the most. Baekhyun peered over at the girl who refused to leave him alone earlier, now wandering off to find her classmates. For all that is worth, the dreadful hour wasn’t as bad as what he had imagined. Their call time approached soon after with the students scrambling back to their lead teacher, including Baekhyun’s batch. Once everyone cleared roll call, they were able to enter the bus. 


“Thank you for the educational day,” Yumi poked fun at the man on her way in. Ignoring her comment, Baekhyun remained professional to keep the line moving, as he desperately wanted to head home. 


After seeing the last student off, Baekhyun took care of wrapping up the area they used  before heading back to school. By the time he arrived on campus, majority of the students were picked up already. He originally planned to head home after dropping off the props they used during the tour, but a certain roamer caught his attention. Yumi was plopped down in a squat position, hugging her knees close to her chest at the entrance. It reminded him of a scene a few weeks back when she walked off with those college boys; just thinking about it sent chills through his body. Just minutes ago, he was rushing to head home but Baekhyun somehow found himself unbuckling his seatbelt to keep an eye on this troublemaker— or to at least make sure she was safe. With his arms rested on the leather steering wheels, he leaned his upper body forward for a better view. 


Yumi remained rooted at her spot while occasionally checking her phone for incoming calls from Kyungsoo, who agreed to pick her up after work. She waited restlessly from more than half a day worth of outdoor activities, all while trying to escape the wrath of Jaemin’s nightmare ex and that student mediator. The girl let out a deep sigh, unaware that her legs were starting to grow numb from the reduced blood flow. 


“Ah, crap…” she cursed silently when a tingling sensation alerted her to stand up. She did just that, except the numbness in her legs decided to give out last minute. Yumi wobbled, but caught herself in time. She turned her head in different directions to see if anyone caught her during the embarrassment. With no students in sight, she blew a raspberry to celebrate the close call. Unknown to the oblivious girl, her teacher witnessed the whole thing from beginning to end. A defeated laughter escaped his lips, her little celebratory dance got him choking on air. 


“Dummy, your legs will go numb again…” Baekhyun sighed at her lack of patience to stand still. His lips formed a small frown when she crouched down once more in the same position. Just when he was about to intervene, a car pulled up shortly after with a familiar figure stepping out to assist his student. He recognized that man, it was her guardian from the other night. Baekhyun waited in his car until the pair took off to mark the end of his unexpected supervision duty.



“Can we stop by my house first? I need to pick up some clothes,” Yumi lightly tugged on her brother’s blazer at a stop light, her pleading eyes were too dangerously precious to deny. She knew Kyungsoo would brush her off and urge her to use his money for daily necessities, but Yumi refused to become a burden. The driver beside her sighed as he switched on his blinker, a subtle hint of agreement since it was impossible to win an argument against his stubborn sister. 


They arrived in front of the building, a sense of relief swept Yumi when her mother’s boyfriend drove right by them on his way out. And bless these tinted windows, or else he could have easily spotted the siblings. She was ready to give him a piece of her mind if they somehow crossed path, but he sure lucked out today. With the questionable man out of the picture, Kyungsoo was comfortable enough to let his sister go in alone while he waited in the car. 


“It’ll take five minutes,” she assured him confidently.


Five minutes was accurate enough for Yumi to grab some clothing pieces from the closet and stuffing them in a drawstring bag she found in her room. But as she was about to leave the house, the devious student had other plans in mind. Yumi bit the edge of her smile, a vain attempt to keep her wild ideas afloat. Grasping on to her bag tightly, she entered their shared bathroom to follow through with a plan that she formulated on the spot. Yumi scanned the small space first, her eyes picking out all the necessities. Soon enough, she began to stuff the bottles of shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, even his razor was confiscated and thrown into her bag. After clearing out the bathroom, she marched into their kitchen to pour out every liquified items she could find. His beers and favorite soft drinks went do

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