a field trip.

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Yumi did not pick up her head once during class, she was too afraid to meet her teacher’s eyes after the whole misunderstanding from yesterday. Nonetheless, she shook off the distracting thoughts to focus on her exam, with his being particularly more difficult than all of her classes combined. For a rumored genius, these sort of challenges were expected from him. Yumi sank into her chair in defeat, none of the questions made sense to her. So much for all those class preps she took, they were just a waste of money at the end. She unconsciously let out a heavy sigh that resonated across the quiet classroom. , the girl mentally cursed in her head.


“Ten minutes.” Yumi looked up to see her teacher hovering over. He purposely tapped his pen on her nearly empty exam sheet to emphasize his warning. If it weren’t for the mishap she caused yesterday, she wondered if he would even lift two fingers or go out of his way to taunt her like this. Using the last ten minutes to its fullest extend, she began filling in her best guesses to finish up the draining exam.Yumi dropped her head in disappointment, wondering if any colleges will accept her at this point. Her curent dilemma inadvertently muffled out the surrounding sounds, including Baekhyun’s daily announcement.


“Jung Yumi,” he called out. The low growl in his voice sent her back to Earth, even the class got quiet. It was already rare for Mr. Byun to raise his voice, but for him to lose his temper like this was a first. 


“What?” Yumi tilted her head in confusion. Baekhyun took in a deep breath before repeating himself again for the clueless girl. Picking up a form on his desk, the exhausted teacher explained their field trip once more with the last of his patience. 


“Again, this is an education field day. Do not bring nonessentials or they will be confiscated. We will be leaving at 7AM shar-”


The obnoxious school bell went off before he could finish reading his instructions, but it rang in time for Yumi to make her escape. She hurriedly packed up and sprinted out of the room. Soon enough, half of the class followed her lead without being dismissed by their teacher. Baekhyun tossed the useless piece of paper aside, convinced that most of his students did not take in a single thing he said. 


Along the bustling corridors, Jaemin pushed his way through a crowd of students to catch up with Yumi. He caught the girl by her arm, which she harshly shrugged off without noticing him. It was exceptionally more difficult to reach her while navigating in between this busy mob of students, who were rushing to class from an opposite direction. For his next attempt, Jaemin forced his way past Yumi to block off her walkway. It certainly made her stop, as well as the traffic behind the girl. 


“Can I borrow you for a minute,” he muttered. To brush off the complaints behind them, Yumi led him elsewhere with less bodies in the way. Once alone, Jaemin threw both hands up apologetically; his palms rubbing against each other as the blond blurted out his remorse for the restaurant incident.


“I am so so sorry about last time. I heard you ended up at the police station. Trust me, I did not expect her to be there. She just showed up—“


“Shh…” Yumi brought a finger up to her lips for him to stop talking, “I have more important things in life than to be bothered by your ex-girlfriend.”


Jaemin let out a small chuckle, he was easily entertained by his friend’s unfiltered words. With her arms folded in dismay, she pursed her lips together as he continued to laugh. This time, not at her comments but at her adorable expression. Speak of which, it finally caught Jaemin’s attention at how empty this hallway was— a rare sight for this overpopulated public school. He paused his laughter to scan the place, it looked like any other regular walkway with an exception of the malfunctioning lights above their heads.


“Where are we exactly?” he asked, his lips forming a slight frown. The blinking lights were starting to bother him. It took him long enough to ask, Yumi thought to herself. She then leaned forward, closing in the gap between them.


“Don’t you know? The infamous haunted corridor…” she hummed in his ears, sending straight shivers down his spine. In reality, the hallway was off limit for repair, but some delinquents purposely took off the caution tapes. Since Jaemin took the liberty to laugh at her, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to make up a story or two. 


“A woman in red—“ The class president nervously slapped a hand over to keep his head clear. Yumi refused to back down, pushing his hand away while muffling her made up ghost story to get back at him. 


“Shut up! We’re late!” 


The little commotion in the empty hallway caught Baekhyun’s attention, who was passing by during his free period. He had no plans to stop any of these kids if they were ditching class, but his feet automatically halted at the sight of his own students. The pair could be seen teasing each other, their laughter was so free and pure. As childish as it may sound, a small part of him fe

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