a dispute.

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That damn bread, Yumi immediately reacted to her teacher’s atrocious, so-called lunch. Every time she made eye contact with that cursed image, it felt like an insult directed at her. Not today, not anymore, she told herself after making a decision to eliminate her mortal enemy once and for all. Making her way over to Baekhyun’s desk, Yumi dropped her backpack on his polished surface without a single warning. Seeing the disturbed look on his face made her oddly excited.


“To spice up your life for once. Don’t be a boring adult.” And in the most straightforward manner, she finally broke the ugly truth to him. Yumi slid the jar of jam over to his side while enjoying every bit of her victory today. Mr. Byun was always a difficult one to mess around with, the man does not have a hint of humor in him. Baekhyun’s expression soon turned dark when the embarrassment finally caught up to him. The pair of fury orbs pierced straight through her as his lips began to move. 


“The jam’s really good! I swear!” Yumi voiced nervously, her feet started to retreat back gradually before making a complete escape. The exuberant student darted out of class in a flash to avoid his lecture, or perhaps another day of detention. She didn’t mind the detention at all, but just not today. Stopping her tracks in front of the school’s cafeteria, she had no other choice but to eat here today after the mishap. Immediately upon entering, the rowdy space reminded her down to the exact reason why she always choose to avoid this place. 


“What rare occasion brought you here?!” A voice hollered out to her. To call them her friends felt too formal, they were merely acquaintances. The group of students consisted of mainly her homeroom’s classmates, since everyone at school usually only associate between familiar faces. The class president, who she knew best out of the group, motioned a hand for her to come over. 


“What?” Yumi grumbled, snatching the unopened carton of milk on his tray. She causally sat down next to the blond-haired boy, his mood immediately lightened up by her presence. Their friendship was a strange one, but he was the few who knew about her living situation. Before meeting him, Yumi used to bounce around her brother’s house, and a few upperclassmen who she briefly dated. On the first week of class, she met Na Jaemin in detention— with him being a student aid there. Her brother went on a business trip that same week, and Yumi needed a place to stay. Out of impulse, she asked the class president if he could spare her a night. What started out as a joke, stirred up the unexpected friendship ever since. 


“When are you going home?” He nudged her shoulder with his elbow, his free hand going for the milk carton she just drank out of. 


“Today, hopefully.” Yumi shrugged. Her mother should be home on mandatory break from the excessive overtime at her factory job. She was hoping to rat out the freeloader in their home, who had the audacity to kick out his girlfriend’s only daughter like he owned the place. Piece of trash, Yumi rolled her eyes upon thinking about her mother’s poor taste in men. 


Jaemin playfully pulled her into a headlock, “My storage room is always available,” he continued to tease. The way Yumi sat in the utmost state of tranquility with his arms locked around her neck, was the perfect demonstration to their level of comfort towards each other. From a distance, an unamused spectator gaped at the pair in distress. The thought of her ex-boyfriend being touchy to another girl does not sit right with her at all, she hated every second of it. 



The dragging hours at work finally came to an end, and Baekhyun could not be happier to ditch this hell hole. He sat in his car for quite some time, debating between going home to his 7 o’clock daily news or to take part in the art of socializing. The close decision was determined by an incoming phone call, a reminder to Baekhyun that he still had friends to keep up with. Well, one to be exact. The short call ended, serving its purpose

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