a boring adult.

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“What were you thinking?!” Baekhyun finally exploded once the group left, his hand still firmly gripped on to hers. From the start of his career, he never once got tangled up in a situation outside of the classroom like this. He figured that if it doesn’t affect his payroll, then why waste his time. 


“I’m taking you home,” he continued, his eyes fixed on her. “Where do you live?”


Yumi wiggled her hand free from his hold as she readjusted her fallen backpack strap. She proceeded to pull out her phone to send a quick text message before turning her attention back to him. The way she kept ignoring him, irked Baekhyun tremendously. Was she always like this in class, or did he not care enough to notice. Whatever it was, she was definitely getting on his nerves. 


“I clearly told you I got kicked out! That was my only shot at an accommodation for tonight and you ruined it!” His troublesome student shot back, catching him off guard by her raise of voice. How ridiculous was he to argue with a student in the middle the street like this. Putting everything aside, he couldn’t help but itch to know more. This whole teacher duty thing may be getting to him, or maybe it was just some basic human decency. Either way would be a first for the directionless man. With a hand running though his bed of hair in frustration, the exhausted adult took in a deep breath. So much for not getting involved, he mocked his own hypocritical self. 


“Do you have a place to stay for tonight?” he sighed again, the irritation on his face showed. The mischievous student held back her laughter, sensing a very obvious crisis that her teacher may be going through. Mr. Byun hates confrontation, she recalled. When a bullying case broke out in the beginning of the school year, Baekhyun requested both students to be transferred out of his class rather than stepping in as their teacher. She expected the ty treatment from him, and nothing more than that. 


“Why? Will you let me stay at your place?” Yumi batted her lashes, using this opportunity to have her fair share of fun by teasing him further. To be made a fool by a student of his was absolutely humiliating. His high IQ score was useless in a life situation like this, judging by how speechless he became. Just in time to save his face, a black foreign car pulled up right beside them. Coming out from the vehicle was a well-dressed young man, who headed straight towards the pair. Without a single greeting, he easily slipped a hand under Yumi’s backpack strap to let it fall into his reach. 


“It took you this long to call me?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his tone. Witnessing her teacher’s dumbfounded expression, Yumi decided to fill him in on everything before the man self combust from all the confusion.


“This person right here,” his student pointed to her companion, “…is my guardian. You don’t have to fake your caring teacher act anymore, Mr. Byun.”


Baekhyun stayed back when his student got in the car with the mysterious man. As an adult and her teacher, this should be considered a huge red flag. But his feet couldn’t move on its own, nor did his conscience feel bad enough to confirm their relationship by examining the pair further. He was an incompetent teacher, and he knew that. 


“The man from earlier, who was he?” Yumi’s guardian began instigating her during the car ride. 


“Doh Kyungsoo, you’re not my father,” she countered. Since her parents’ divorce a few years back, her

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