Chapter 9

A Matter of Trust

"So what caused you to bring the other two back?" Asked Yunhyeong. "My wolf's anger couldn't be controlled," said Jun. "So I had to do something," he said. "I was brought back when he nearly killed someone because they pissed him off," said Jacob.

"The chip was supposed to suppress the anger, but since I was still recovering my wolf got into a lot of trouble," said Jun. "I'm normally able to control it a bit better but since I was recovering back then my wolf still had the majority of the control," he said. "So I got Jacob as a leopard cub," he said.

"Being the oldest I was able to keep the anger at bay a bit better than these two," said Jacob. "Like Eric I don't regret coming back," he said. "Because in the end it was to help Jun out," he said.

"I don't know why I was brought back to be honest with you," said Kevin as he scratched the back of his head. "I think it was for extra caution, and to truly turn me into an emotionless killing machine," said Jun. "I was in control by then, but I guess they wanted to be extra cautious," he said. "They didn't want my emotions to trigger the kill switch or something," he said, shrugging. "Plus Eric and Jacob wanted you back," he said.

"How thoughtful," Kevin said with slight sarcasm. "I know I'm the wolf 'shifter between the three of us but did you really need a dog?" He asked. "We couldn't find a wolf," said Jun. "So we found the next best thing," he added. "A Tibetan Mastiff?" Asked Kevin. "At least we didn't make you wear a collar?" Asked Jun. Kevin sighed.

"I know I should be grateful," said Kevin. "And I am, don't get me wrong," he added. "But having to deal with your emotions sometimes when I'm in the middle of doing something gets old real fast," he said. "Granted, it doesn't happen as often as it used to so I guess I should be more grateful," he said.

"So what was your relationship to each other when you were still 'shifters?" Asked Chanwoo. "We're brothers," said Jacob. "I'm the oldest, Kevin is the middle child and Eric is the youngest," he said. "I ended up becoming the main alpha," said Eric. "But when we returned to our pack the three of us split into 3 packs," he said.

"You should've seen their reactions when we returned to Sweden," said Kevin. "They were surprised but happy to have us back at least, despite the new challenges we had to face," he said.

"I'll give Moonbin a chance to explain himself," said Eric. "But if he doesn't have a good answer for why he brought the three of us out of hiding then I won't bother with negotiations," he said. "He'll have a good explanation, I think," said Chanwoo. "We'll just have to see then will we?" Asked Eric.



Kevin stayed around when Eric and Jacob left, more due to the dog side of him remaining loyal to Jun and he didn't want to be away from Jun just in case something happened. Yunhyeong and Jinhwan were fine with Kevin, and Chanwoo let him stay, and so Moonbin was eventually fine with it.

Hongseok on the other hand was extremely cautious around Kevin. He didn't understand why Kevin was there, and even with some things explained he still didn't think it was necessary for Kevin to be there.

When Sanggyun and Jeongwoo met Kevin one day at the coffee shop they were surprised to see another dog. They knew of Changgu and Seokwoo but they didn't think it was possible for a third person to be like them, well like Sanggyun anyway.

Kevin let them ask him questions, only answering a few things about himself really, and stopped the questions when Sanggyun started asking about who his contract owner was. It wasn't that he was embarrassed, but Jun wasn't too keen about letting people know who they belonged to.

"I don't think my contract owner is too keen about letting people know who he is just yet," said Kevin when Sanggyun had asked why. "Due to who may be listening more than anything," he added. "But I'm sure the truth will show itself eventually," he said. "Makes sense," said Sanggyun. "I think," he added. "Because I don't let people know who owns me either, more due to how many enemies I have," he said.

"You said you had a scar on your body," said Sanggyun. "Where is it?" He asked. "Just across the base of my neck here," said Kevin as he rubbed the back of his neck where the scar was. "I assume your contract is on your collar," he said. "Yep," said Sanggyun as he nodded. "Most people don't question why I wear a collar anymore but," he added, shrugging. "I'm nothing more than a pet it seems," he said, earning a hum from Kevin as he nodded.



Changmin, Chanhee and Juyeon showed up a few days later, surprising Kevin as he wasn't expecting them. "What the hell are you three doing here?" Asked Kevin as he opened the door to find them standing on the front steps. "I mean I expected Changmin and Chanhee but what brings you along?" He asked Juyeon.

"You know these two like to get into trouble," said Juyeon as he put his hands into his pockets. "Also they thought you had died somehow," he said. "Not possible, remember," said Kevin as he shook his head.

"Just had to be close to Jun," said Kevin. "Nothing more," he added. "It's the dog side of you," said Changmin. "Yep," said Kevin. "I don't know if I can let you in though, let me check," he said before closing the door on them and going to see if he could.

"You can come in," said Kevin as he opened the door again a few minutes later. "Just don't stay too long," he added. "We won't," said Juyeon. Kevin turned to let the three of them in, closing the door behind them.

Chanwoo met them in the livingroom, his stance as neutral as possible. "Wolf 'shifters are always easily angered," he said when Kevin gave him a questioning look. "You know from experience?" Asked Juyeon. "Sanha's friends with Taehyun's pack," said Chanwoo. "Yoonsan tends to be very tempermental," he said. "Ah," said Juyeon.

"What brings you three here?" Asked Chanwoo. "Just a small visit before Eric comes back," said Juyeon. "Is Moonbin back yet?" He asked. "He's on his way back I think," said Chanwoo. "He had to take a detour to check on the information network in Toronto," he said.

"Who's at the coffee shop today?" Asked Kevin. "Jinhyuk, Dami and Yunhyeong," said Chanwoo. "Why?" He asked. "The contract is reacting to something," said Kevin as he blinked, looking at Chanwoo. "Did Jun go there too?" He asked. "No, he and Daewon are doing something else, why?" Asked Chanwoo. "Did they say where they were going?" Asked Kevin. Chanwoo shook his head no.

"Can you two find them?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Chanhee and Changmin. "We'll go," said Changmin before he and Chanhee left. Juyeon looked at Kevin, who winced at the sudden rush of emotion. "Damn it," said Kevin as he rushed out the door with Juyeon following after him. Chanwoo soon followed after him, wondering what was going on this time.

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