invisible string

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Joohyun admits – it’s not the best idea. She can think at least ten ways this plan can go wrong, but she needs the exposure in order to draw attention to her next movie, so when the media share pictures of her making amends with an ex-girlfriend, Joohyun doesn’t hesitate to take the leap.

Except Kang Seulgi isn't actually her ex. She might not even like girls. Somehow, they make it work.


sooo i came back with another story! i know i have an ongoing fic rn, but translating the chapters and making the adjustments i need to do is easier than writing the story itself, so that's why i decided to post this one too. fic title obviously from invisible string by taylor swift.

the fake exes idea came to me while i was reading some prompts on tumblr and right after i finished reading the book "something to talk about". hope you all enjoy it <3

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and also, huge thank you to @lemon5rv on twitter for this beautiful cover!!


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