Stay Strong Sequels


 Stay Strong Sequels - List, Links & Descriptions 


Welcome to the Stay Strong Sequels: List, Links & Descriptions 

Characters: Different Idols

Genre: Angst, Drama, Fluff, Hurt and Comfort, Sick Fic

Warning: Mention of blood, abuse, illness, vomit, violence, injuries 


*A Disclaimer: These are Original Sequels. Any kind of similarity between these stories and others is nothing but a mere coincidence.

Any attempt of plagiarism will not be Tolerated and all necessary measures will be taken.


Stay Strong BTS


Stay Strong Shinee 


Stay Strong VIXX

Stay Strong VIXX 2

Stay Strong VIXX 3


Stay Strong EXO


Stay Strong Seventeen

Stay Stronf Seventeen 2 - Coming Soon


Stay Strong Monsta X

Stay Strong Monsta X 2


Stay Strong GOT7

Stay Strong GOT7 2


Stay Strong Stray Kids


Stay Strong TXT


Stay Strong Pentagon


 Stay Strong Wanna One


Stay Strong ONEUS 


Stay Strong The Boyz


Stay Strong NCT


Stay Strong Ateez 



Some are a bit old, others are new and some are still on draft mode but I hope you find comfort in my Stay String Sequels


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Snowsensation #1
Read all of these
Love to have a sequel of exo. Stay strong writer