two of a kind


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i'll probably write this after the story is finished, but i guess i'll just write down the main plot details here.

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fat note: don't read the following if you don't want any spoilers!!

  • felix wakes up one day and finds out that he's been cloned
  • he doesn't really get along with his clone at first but they kind of learn to like and respect each other because they don't really want anyone to find out
  • changbinnie.exe finds out
  • probably insert a thing where felix and his clone are both like "i'm the real felix" and changbinnie.exe doesn't know who to trust
  • the rest of stray kids will probably find out
  • changbinnie.exe loves true felix and felix 2.0 is maddo but true felix and all the others feel bad about having to get rid of him, so they don't
  • insert happy ending with good moral


i'm back

hey guys, it's me; yippee.

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so i'm just gonna dive right into this mess of a fanfiction; it was inspired by stray kids' music video for m.i.a, specifically the part where there were two felixes.

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i really don't know why but that somehow made the whole idea for 'two of a kind' to pop into my head, so here we are.

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if you enjoy this story, please tell me in the comments section!

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but before we get started, i'm going to go over a few terms and key words.

terms and key words

  • STAY: A fan of Stray Kids
  • Stray Kids: A Korean boy band that is under JYP Entertainment, currently consisting of eight members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, and formerly Woojin.
  • 3RACHA: An old Stray Kids sub-unit consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han.
  • Clone: Some living thing that is genetically the same as its preexisting counterpart. Their personalities are rarely the same. If you don't believe me just watch Star Wars.
  • Ship: A relationship between two people. Not to get confused with the boat kind of ship.
  • JYP: A Korean entertainment group.
  • Clé: A fancy word for one of Stray Kids' mini albums. Currently they have three clé albums: MIROH, Yellow Wood, and Levanter, and probably won't put out any more.


Bang Chan 

I am WHO?

  • leader
  • lEaDeR
  • leader.
  • Leader
  • leader~
  • hi

Lee Know

I am WHO?


  • I'm sorry Changbin but you're smile is just downright scary.



  • He's so cute aaaaaa love you Jisung <333


  • I don't know what Felix is eating but I think it might be chicken




  • Not to be rude or anything Woojin but it looks like you stayed up all night eating chicken
So I was working on chapter 6. And I clicked on another tab real quick. And then I lost most of my progress. So. Um. That's great.
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