seungwan has never considered herself lucky, getting her soulmate tattoo proved it well enough. but things quickly change when she meets bae joohyun, the very person who utters the words on her wrist.

soulmate au in which the first words your soulmate says to you will appear on your wrist on your 16th birthday, also set in a university au.
a happy little wenrene fic that’s borderline crack.


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hello! thanks for taking the time to check this lil fic out!

what started as a little happy drabble spiralled into this cheesy slow burn fic, so if you like it let me know! it really motivates me to continue writing this. going to attempt to be consistent with weeklyish updates but no promises.

extra notes and rambles will be at the end of each chapter on ao3 or on my twitter after each update, so if you wanna know what goes on in my head then check there!

*marked as completed for now, i genuinely do not have the motivation to write the final chapter.

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wowie thank u
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