Bae Joohyun is bored. She's been a vampire for so long that nothing interests her anymore. Even the hunt has become mundane and routine. Something changes though when she meets perhaps the stupidest werewolf she's ever seen. And for whatever reason, her unlife suddenly begins to get a lot more interesting. 

Monster-era Seulrene mini-fic. 



Workspace for a Monster-era Seulrene mini-fic. Specific universe is yet to be decided, probably going for either a Mafia!AU or a Wolf!AU...maybe a Demon!AU...either way a challenge for me since this isn't like AcademyAU fluff. 

Entry for Shoes of a Unicorn writing contest. Song inspiration: Monsta X- Beautiful

8/6/20: Eyy, look Vampires and Werewolves won out.

Had to post SOMETHING for Wendy's birthday, even if she isn't appearing this chapter. Now I gotta make up for missing Seulgi's birthday earlier this month :(
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