thorns just for spite


Taeyong had watched others around him come down with hanahaki disease his whole life; some came out of it just fine, and others didn't come out of it at all. He never thought it would touch his life quite so closely, though. But then, his childhood best friend Johnny comes back from a year abroad, and everything changes.

***WARNINGS*** character death (side characters), heavy angst, hurt, illness, vomit (by nature of the disease), blood & gore (i mean. mild.)


I've always wanted to write hanahaki so I'm really excited about this project! This is cross-posted on Ao3; once my friend who I'm collaborating with on this puts hers up, I'll link that here (she doens't have AFF, sorry!)


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Chapter 18: Thank you for this wonderful story, i really enjoyed reading with every chapter until the end
Chapter 16: After reading this chapter i stopped half way, i was so relieved and happy that i needed rest from all the angst hahaha I'm really happy, love the way the story goes and how stupid both were, I'll be just like Yuta and just strangle them both for what they did hehehe
Chapter 14: I'm a crying mess under my blanket, praying he'll not die. Still remembering your warning of character death and I don't want it to happen, pleeaaase
Chapter 5: Oh my god, my heart really hurts for Tae, i want to cry Really. I hate this kind of love, it hurts so much :(
Chapter 1: Before starting this i had to read about this disease, first time it crosses me but still wondering that in this story does it applies on the village or everywhere. Like everyone's getting this disease or just in the village.
Chapter 14: Omg! what is happening??? Tae are you really gonna die? Johnny where are you? I can't wait for more, I love the solemnity I feel in this fanfic. TT
Chapter 11: Omg, I really hope that Johnny's flower roots bloom for Taeyong. I feel sad and love it at the same time... Cant wait for more