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“You’re a bit late, Akira. The journal had been returned to Oh Junsu’s next of kin..” her informant revealed. Rightfully, all of his belongs were returned to the family after his death, excluding Sehun who had already cut ties with him. But since he did not have any family left, the items went straight to his next of kin, Haemi’s mother. 


“Where is she?” the stubborn reporter insisted. There was no way of stopping her, especially with her reputation on the line. For a fair price, she was able to obtain an address and some basic information about Haemi’s mother. This was enough for the clever journalist to figure her way around. 


The next morning, Akira headed to her destination without much of a plan in mind. The address that was given took her to a very familiar house, hard to forget even. The infamous house belonged to the late, Oh Junsu— the same house where his severed victims were found frozen in a meat freezer. The eerie house was enough to give her the creeps, but the history behind it made her skin crawl. She shook off her thoughts to prepare a formal greeting, her only hope left to expose Sehun’s past. Akira waited after the first ring, then going in for a second try. By then, she could hear footsteps approaching from the house’s aging wooden floor. A woman, she assumed was Junsu’s next of kin, answered the door. Akira politely bowed her head to show respect, but the woman’s eyes remained cold and empty. 


“My name is Akira Hayashi, I’m a news reporter from-“


“What do you want?” she cut Akira off before the girl could finish her sentence. The raspy voice undoubtedly contrasted her modest appearance. From the few minutes of interaction that they had, Akira knew she needed to be quick and witty in order to get on this woman’s good side.


“I’m working on a story about the late Oh Junsu,” the reporter’s eyes lit up in excitement to see a slight reaction from her. She continued, “I understand that you recently received a very personal item from him, a journal I believe?”


“Goodbye, Miss Hayashi..” the woman had enough of these reporters showing up at her house ever since the recent news. They all wanted a snippet, a quote, or even just a word for their overly exaggerated articles. She was tired of it. Akira panicked when the door started to close on her. At the moment, she began blurting out anything that could possibly catch her attention.


“Oh Sehun! I want to understand the relationship between the father and son!” she formulated an excuse in her head. For now, she earned herself some attention, judging from the woman’s slight hesitation at the closing door. 



A whole work week had gone by since Mina’ return, and Haemi could not be more happy to work along her friend again. Mina on the other hand, dealt with the biggest headache since the start of her career. More specifically, HUN was the ultimate cause of this pain. At some point, Haemi started to keep count of how many complaints her friend had on the difficult author. It wasn’t her fault though, Haemi knew well of his unreasonable requests.


“And last night, he called me at 3AM in the morning to let me know that the drafts are ready to be picked up! 3AM! Then guess what? Little Luna decided to torture her mom by staying up for the rest of the night,” Mina’s voice cracked from the amount of stress built up. The working mother barely slipped in two hours of sleep last night, and to be working all day today as well. Haemi sympathized for her friend, wishing she could do something to help, but mommy duty was not a specialty of hers.


“I can help you pick up the drafts later,” the girl offered. She felt a lot more comfortable when it comes to anything related to Sehun. It was a rather weird relationship, but they are willing to work on it when they can. The look on Mina’s face was priceless, almost as if she had just won a lottery. She thanked Haemi over and over again for crossing one task off her list today. 


“Don’t you worry, love. Our best intern Kai, promised to give me a ride earlier, he’ll be your ride now!” Her friend revealed as she packed up her things. At the same time, Kai came over to pick up Mina, but was informed about the change of plan instead. A litt

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