kinda bored, kinda h-word.


let's vibe and simp for each other then never speak again?


here's the low down: i'm bored, you're bored? so it can't hurt to get to know someone else and figure out what buttons to push, right? even better if you discover you have new buttons to push. other things about me that might be useful:

  • i'm a switch, and by that i mean i'm mostly a dom but i'm not boring enough to call myself one. 
  • bi/pan/whatever is the label for i just wanna get someone cute off. 
  • fc: nct/wayv, day6, occasional soloist. 
  • 19+ only pls, do i even have to say this? 
  • people have said i'm intimidating, but i promise, it's just my de*d on the inside voice coming out. I'll ask about your day and listen to you rant about that terrible horoscope sun rising goat ex that you have. 
  • the last anime i watched was sailor moon, probably. but i'm into films and books and i promise my playlists will not bore you to sleep. 
  • everything can be discussed in private – i'd rather talk about it than put it on blast to the whole world. plus, isn't that the fun of it? 
  • platforms: dc/kkt/line. i probably have an unused twitter acc lying around somewhere, if you're really cute. slide in and tell me something you've always wanted to try out. 
  • oh, and gmt+8, but i don't think any of us are getting any normal sleep anyway. 
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