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ip one-shots archive:


This is extremely late, but I just thought that those who requested from Infinite Possibilities might want to reread their requested one-shots. Other people might have fun reading these as well. 

The site that had my forms is no longer accessible and I no longer remember which request came from which batch. Therefore, these will be categorized by year. I will hopefully have all of them up soon (Done!).

Also, those who requested from me (ann1914) can find their requests here: Endlessly Without Limit.

*These are all the one-shot requests I could find. If you were a writer/requester and have access to your one-shot, please message me.

*If you requested from IP before and I did not post your request, please tell me (writer, year, what was your request). I'll try to find them. However, some one-shots have been deleted by the writers. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that.

*Marked Subscribers only because some are Rated M. 

*Credits to CrystalRainbow from Secret Letters for the poster + BG

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[IP Oneshot Archive] After 4 days, I finally finished compiling all of the one-shot requests that I have access to. If you have access to a one-shot done at Infinite Possibilities, please message me. Thanks! I hope you guys enjoy reading these!
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