Seulrene Fanfiction List


Seulrene Fanfictions and their descriptions/snippets.




First of all, these are not my stories. This is just a list of Seulrene fanfictions that I have read already (all are completed, except for the drabbles/one-shot collection ones) because I am a really forgetful person. But if you want to get some recommendation/s based from this list, I would be very keen to share this to you especially if you are a new fan and wants to read some old Seulrene fanfictions (there are a lot of old Seulrene stories that are just top-tier and you would not want to have fomo!) from our very own creative Luvie authors. New stories are also as good as the old classic ones ;) Also, the list is not ranked in any ways!


There might also be some fics that are not suitable for minors out there (tagged as [M] or [TW]). I tagged them based on the author's rating of their own story, so no worries. There would also be less angst stories in this list because the world is already as cruel and sad as it can be.


Feel free to recommend some Seulrene fics that are not in the list, AFF and/or in AO3 (or in a different site). I would really be grateful! Hope you get a really good fic in this list. Don't forget to upvote, subscribe, and leave pleasant comments in the author's stories! They would truly love them, for sure ;)

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