Fly Away


sehun. the boy in the newspaper you grew up hearing about. the infamous adopted son of great britain's monarchy. also the boy you're inexorably drawn to. all of this spells for a colossal disaster but when you're both together, you're no longer the crass american and he's no longer the unattainable man in the print.








take a shot, take a chance, take my hand, boy

tension so intense like an asteroid

be discreet, gotta dodge all the tabloids

let's not think too much, there ain't no problems

so long as we keep this


- niki, lowkey




pairing: sehun x you (unnamed)

genre: royaltyau, collegeau, fluff, spicy drama??

warning: swearing, suggestive themes

length: 4 chapters




[a/n] i don't blame anyone for wanting to submerge me into a vat of lava. i have a million stories on hold but i got the brilliant idea of starting a new one. well. here's my excuse. i got a writer's block and this is my way of writing out of it. aka a short story. hoo hoo. 

also pink hair sehun is such a mood. i. am. inspired. who's ready for this?? bc i'm not. ok ciao. i need to find another hobby called getting a life.

psa: heavily inspired by exo-sc's 1 billion views (go stream that bih) + the royal we by heather and jessica morgan; something blue by emily griffin; and red, white & royal blue by casey mcquiston


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