The Night


Handong is a vampire, the only one of her kind who feeds from people's memories instead of their blood. One day, she met Gahyeon whose memories are worth of thousands of years.


first posted in ao3; 154cm. this is also part of the Deukae Vampire Ficfest 2k20 hosted in ao3. if you have time, check out other vampire dreamcatcher fics there!


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Chapter 1: this Fanfiction is literally one of the most beautiful I ever read. really good job author-nim! p
Chapter 1: This was so beautiful, thanks for this pretty gadong fic!! ^^
Waririri #3
Chapter 1: Oh my god, I really love this. Feel like crying.
Chapter 1: This is really sweet, how everything turned out. Was gonna panick when Dong kissed Gahyeon but then I realised Gahyeon was immortal, makes sense as to why Handong couldn't get enough of her.
Thank for writing this <3
Chapter 1: I must say, wow! It was a short read, but it felt so whole. This is such an interesting concept. I was a bit skeptical about this “vampire that eats memories” but I am so board with the idea!

There aren’t many DC fics and the ones that are out there are some of the best that I’ve read. This is definitely included! Thanks for writing this! I’ll definitely go check out that competition on AO3! I look forward to more writing from you?

Stay safe and healthy <3