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[CONTENTID2]chapter twenty five[/CONTENTID2]

[CONTENTID3]a matter of perspective[/CONTENTID3] [CONTENTID4]

I would have otherwise scoffed if not for the fact that I have been interrupted by the sound of Sehun's wire.

The recording!

Sehun's in with Sanghoon now!

"Can I have Bob back now—"

"Shhh!" I hiss at Baekhyun while we converge around the coffee table, huddling over the device with attentive ears.

It's happening.

"Sehun, come in." 

A door shuts.

"I hope you've been well... have a seat here..."


"I'm sorry about the last time we spoke. Mr Kang had been a bit too harsh, don't you think?"

I note Sanghoon's tone—he sounds rather peeved. 

There is a pause.

And a short chuckle.

"Of course, I'm only kidding—there's nothing for me to apologise for."

And now Sanghoon has ceased from masking his true feelings—an angry scoff has sprung from his lips.

"You know, since I found out this morning that you and Junmyeon snuck into my office and destroyed all the evidence."

There is silence at first, though it has been interjected with a brief snicker. It's Sehun's.

"What can I say?"

His voice is sarcastic, but playful.

"I guess I was bored."


"Bored? You destroy my ing property when you're bored?"

"No... that was Junmyeon's idea."

Another short pause.

"But it was my idea to come here so that I can beat the living out of some old man before I hand him to the police."

Though I would appreciate the ability to say I had enough time to process such words and revelations, I find myself jumping out my skin, because my thoughts had been punctuated by a loud thump.

And when I say loud, I mean loud.

It is the type of loud that jolts me upward from my knees on the ground. The kind of loud that contains enough Earth-shaking power to resound through the ground and generate a compromise tremble in the legs of the coffee table. Yes, the species of loud that could not have possibly been sourced from the recording.

And there it is again.


The table shakes once more, this time bouncing the phone closer and closer to the edge.


Baekhyun and I have both snapped our heads toward the door.

"Open up!"

That voice. We know that voice.



"I know you're in there!"






"I'm not leaving until you open this door!"


Dreading the door would physically break down any moment from now, Baekhyun and I find ourselves exchanging bewildered looks. We rise to our feet but he is swift in immobilising me with an outstretched hand.

"Stay here, JuJu."


Baekhyun raises his chin high as he swaggers toward the door in movements that suggest he is highly vigilant, but furious. In such circumstances, I can hardly blame him—I remember how Junmyeon had been last night. I know there is clearly something wrong with that boy. I should have trusted Baekhyun's words that time long ago, when he had warned me to never trust Junmyeon.

He was right.

Junmyeon can't be trusted.


Baekhyun has swung the door open.

Junmyeon is...




He barges through the dorm and shoves his way past Baekhyun, irrupting inside the common room in a state of panic—sweat beads profusely teeming their ways down the sides of his head; chest furiously rising and falling; and head uncontrollably swinging about in order to locate...


Once Junmyeon has found me, I withdraw myself closer to the back wall and eye him with guardedness, chary of interacting with him given the last time I had.

"Nam Juri!" he sighs loudly in relief. "Thank you're here!"

Junmyeon lunges toward me while I retreat further deeper inside dorm, revisiting all the memories from last night.

His words.

His tears.

His cries.

His begging.

"It's—He's—Sanghoon's working with Dr Oh—d-did you know Sehun was going to do that? That he was going to spill everything?" His words are unhinged. 

Junmyeon is distressfully awaiting my response with such wide eyes that it's hard to ignore his burgeoning desperation. It seems like he had run the fastest he possibly could have here. He's in a frenzy, and can barely verbalise his racing thoughts. And I can hardly comprehend them.

"Junmyeon, what are you on about—"

Baekhyun s his arm forward and seizes Junmyeon's shoulder, swiftly swinging the latter around to deliver a rough punch into his jaw.

I shriek and blench in surprise, shocked by the sudden action.

With Junmyeon stumbling to the ground, I stare in horror as Baekhyun towers over the boy.

"What the ?" Junmyeon screams in agony, regaining composure on his feet as he pounces toward Baekhyun with fury. "What the is wrong with you?"

Baekhyun scowls without another word, accentuating his hatred for Junmyeon. Given his usual joyful and convival nature, this expression is rather unsettling. I had only seen it once before—that day when Junmyeon had kissed me. Yes, he had been angry that time, though I'll admit that he is undeniably, perhaps ten-folds more furious today. He is louring at Junmyeon like he wants to beat the absolute daylights out of the man, and so you can imagine my horror when Baekhyun scoops up Junmyeon's collar in his hand and holds his fist out, threatening to punch him again.

"You..." Baekhyun glowers, hissing at Junmyeon like he doesn't think the boy's worth is anything more than that of a rodent's, "You hit my Hunnie and you have the audacity to show up here?"

"Get your hand off me, you bastard," Junmyeon spits back, "I don't have the time to deal with this—"

"You kidnapped my JuJu..." Baekhyun's eyes darken as he tightens his grip around Junmyeon's collar, bringing the boy closer to him. "I'm going to kill you."

"Are you guys not listening to me?" Junmyeon scoffs, words dripping with incredulity and frustration, "Sehun's in trouble! Listen to me!"

"I'm going to bury your body in the woods where no one can find you—"

"He came to me last night—"

"—no, I won't kill you just yet... Maybe I'll burn you alive... Make you suffer..."

"—he's in with Sanghoon right now! But it's a trap—"

"—you'll be crying for your mommy... Mom! Mom! You'll cry..."

"Juri! Are you even listening to me?"

"—but she won't hear you... No one will hear you... You'll just die sad and alone, like the fatass you are..."

"JURI! I'm ing serious right now!"

Unable to withstand my proliferating anger, I shove Baekhyun's grip away from Junmyeon and stand between the two of them, sure that my glare reaches both boys.

"You guys give me a ing headache!"

And for a moment or two, there is silence.

Junmyeon scoffs.

"A headache?" he echoes with disbelief. "I'm saving Sehun's and you tell me I'm giving you a headache? God, I'm losing my ing mind..." Junmyeon shoves me away from him and instead he paces around the common room. In a fit of anger, he kicks Baekhyun's couch, shouting in agitation.

"You have some ing nerve to show up here and start rambling on about random ," I growl, unable to withstand my fury. How dare he? Hold a gun up to my face and now come all the way here to start spluttering random ? Is this still all some sort of game to him? Is he still yearning to win against Sehun? "Why are you so desperate for attention? To the point of making bullcrap up? What's wrong with you? Get yourself checked in a mental health facility, you nutjob—"

"I'm not lying!" Junmyeon roars with unparalleled exasperation, gripping the roots of his hair with frustration. "Just LISTEN to me!"

He exhales angrily. "I get it! I ed up last night! I lost it! I lost my cool. But I am telling you right now that you have to either follow me and help me save Sehun's from ing jail, or you can stay here with that stick up your !"




Following his outburst, there is silence.

Complete silence.

It is...

Too silent.

I can hear it. I can hear Sehun's silence. 

My eyes flicker to the device on the coffee table.

Wait a ing second...

"That motherer..." I hiss underneath my breath as I storm toward the device, scooping it up in my hands and pressing it against my ear.



Sehun is silent.

The mic has been turned off.

Sehun has turned it off.




"YOU!" I bellow at Junmyeon, enraged, "Did you come in here just to distract me so I wouldn't notice he had turned off the microphone?"


"Did he do it?" I begin to completely lose my mind, "Did he play the audio in front of Sanghoon? Is that what you're saying? The police are here because he's ing giving the audio to them?"

Junmyeon looks confused, but I'm fuming.

"Oh, this is ing it. This is it. I'm sending it. I'm sending the email. I'm telling Dr Oh everything and he can rot in hell for all I care. I can't believe he would—"

"No!" Junmyeon immediately roars, reaching over to yank the phone from me but I shove him away.

"You're genuinely ing insane!" I yell at him. "What is wrong with you? You were practically chanting how much you hate Sehun last night and here you are, screaming some bull about how I need to help you save him? Have you genuinely lost your mind?"

"Baekhyun, please!" Junmyeon faces the boy, wearing an anguished countenance. "I'm ing serious right now. You care about Sehun, don't you? The police are on their way right now. I swear to you! This is because of his father! I know this sounds ridiculous coming from me of all people, but you know how ed up his father is. Dr Oh is on his way here!"

At this point, Junmyeon is practically kneeling toward Baekhyun in desperation.

I look at him in disgust, not believing a single word he's saying.

What a sick bastard. 

But now my heart and my head are pounding, because if Sehun had reason to turn off the recording, then there is certainly something happening with Sanghoon right now as we speak. I can bet you it is not to my benefit. 

Baekhyun is torn. He catches my eye and I watch him vascillate between believing Junmyeon's stupid bull and reminding himself that Junmyeon has never displayed a single shred of evidence that might suggest he is trustworthy.

And I find this particularly baffling, because if there is anybody in the world that hates Junmyeon as much as Sehun does, it's Baekhyun.

"S-Sehunnie is in trouble?"

"Yes! That's what I'm saying!" Junmyeon screams, now facing the boy with both hands on his shoulders.

"We met last night. We made a deal," Junmyeon tries to pace himself to ensure his sentences deliver with effect—"I'd help him destroy the evidence in Sanghoon's office and he'd give me the memory chip. But... but... I-I didn't know he would actually meet Sanghoon and tell him everything—"

"W-What?" Baekhyun looks confused, enough to cast me a baffled glance. "You're lying! Sehun didn't meet you last night! He... he was sleeping in my dorm!"

And then suddenly realisation hits him.

The colour drains from Baekhyun's face.

"But then he..." his whisper is barely audible, "...left in the middle of the night."

Baekhyun's eyes land on Junmyeon.

"You're... you're telling the truth, aren't you?"

"Sehun really is in trouble."




"Baekhyun, you can't seriously believe this !" I cry.

Baekhyun offers me a wary stare. "But-but I saw it with my own two eyes! Sehun... he... he left the room and then he didn't come back until the morning but I thought he was just going for another walk—"

"No! Junmyeon's just manipulating you! He knows you care about Sehun enough for him to be able to sway you!"

"Juri!" Junmyeon stares at me with utter disbelief. "What is wrong with you? Why the would I lie about something like this? I ing hate Sehun! Why would I want to convince you to help him if it weren't really the truth?"

"I don't know, Junmyeon," I fold my arms with a seething glare, "you tell me."

But... to be frank, Junmyeon is the least of my worries at the moment.


This. This is the last straw.

I'm done playing nice.

I'm sick of Sehun.

He's going to turn off the recording? Are you kidding me?

We had a deal—he'd retrieve the audio from Sanghoon and I'd be there to hear it all happen. I told him he better not cross me or I'd send that ing email to his father, detailing every single thing that has happened.

"But you know what, Junmyeon? I don't give a about what stupid bullcrap you splutter. Just get lost. I'm sending this email

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