Turning The Pages Of Memories

The Director Kang
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Seulgi - Turning The Pages Of Memories (By. Lee Sun Hee)


Joohyun laid her tiny body on her comfy bed, what happened between them were playing like slide-show of movies, she could even remember clearly their last encounter they had today, how soft and calming the scent she had, how deep voice that entered smoothly on her ears, how those fit arms secured her tiny body perfectly.

“Thank you.” She just said that to herself, hoped Seulgi could hear that.

She closed her eyes tightly, but suddenly the slide-shows on her mind changed to their gold memories , when she was the only one, when she was an everything, when she was the only queen, in those beautiful monolid eyes.

With long breath and a soft whisper..

“Kang Seulgi.”


“Oh! so this is the feeling.”

“What feeling?” Joohyun asked curiously.

“Called by goddess.”

“Silly” Joohyun slapped Seulgi’s arm.


“Will you come whenever I call your name?”

“Like a flash, baby.” Seulgi tighten her back hug on Joohyun’s smaller body, they always ended the day this way, back in each others arms, feel the warmth and just talked about love they had.

“What if you don’t come?” Joohyun played with Seulgi’s finger in her flat tummy.

“It means I am not longer exist in this universe.”

Joohyun slapped the bear’s arm again, “Don’t talk about something scary like that.”

Seulgi chuckled a bit and snuggled herself more on Joohyun’s neck, smelling the woman she missed the most whole day, the only scent that calming every storm in her heart.

“I will always come to you, like a first snow.”


Seulgi nodded surely and landed a warm kiss on Joohyun’s crown, earned a sweet smile from the queen.


“Kang Seulgi..” Joohyun tears fell freely in her closed eyes, “Where are you? I keep calling your name.” She started to sob and held the bedsheet tight.

“Kang Seulgi..” She called again, weakly, “Why did you lie to me?”

“You don’t come anymore.” Her tears kept falling like a river, wetting her cheeks without needing any approval.

“Keep your promise, please!” She raised her voice but cracked because she was crying, badly.

She just curled her body and hugged her own knees, crying as much as she wanted that night. In this world with many people around her, with the whole damn successfull career she built, popularity she had and the most beautiful woman titled perfectly on her, she just felt empty, she felt nothing, she felt like dust.

“I don’t need these all, I don’t need everything I have now.” She couldn’t stop the small river on her cheeks still.

Over billions people in this world, she only asked one to God, only one.

“Is that difficult to be granted?” She stared at the wall blankly, “I just want her, only her.”

A Kang Seulgi, back to her side, embraced her, hold her, kept her, like she used to.

Joohyun closed her eyes again, “I miss you, will always do.”

She wiped her her own tears slowly, “Usually you were the one that did this job.” She tried to smile between her teary eyes, “ Then you will say..”


“You are beautiful even when you are crying, Hyun.”

Joohyun just snuggled deeper on Seulgi’s chest, she was crying because she just lost her precious couple ring when honestly she just forgot the last time she placed that, when she was home she loved to clean and tidy everything, so sometimes she took the ring off just to take care of it.

“Im sorry.” Still burying her face on Seulgi’s comfy embrace.

Seulgi chuckled, “I wont be mad, baby.” She caressed Joohyun’s hairs lovingly.

“Still it is our very first couple ring.”

“I will replace it someday, the one that way prettier.”

“Really? What is that?” Joohyun looked up just to see Seulgi’s face that smiling to her.

“Our wedding ring.”

Joohyun blushed whenever Seulgi talked about wedding, moreover when she mentioned ‘Our’ before the word and with those warm monolid stared at hers deeply, it never failed to send thousand butterflies on her stomach, her heart became instantly warm and she couldn’t help to smile widely.

“I’d love that, hon.”

Seulgi just brushed their noses together and chuckling softly.


Joohyun couldn’t help but again, she sat while hugging her knees, she buried her face there and her shoulders were shaking because she cried really hard, this kind of night that Joohyun mostly had everynight, until it shook her mentally, until she lost her mind and everything.




They sat in balcony comfortably that night, Seulgi said the weather looked nice so she wanted to have sit like this together with Joohyun and just talked about the day they had, with night sky and city light view between them.

“How was your day?” Joohyun landed her back on Seulgi’s front, the night wind made her body bit cold and she looked for her warmth to her bear.

“Im always tired, but never of you.”

Joohyun giggled, “Such a cheese.”

“How was yours, baby?” Seulgi tightened her embrace.

“It was nothing but missing you.”

“I love that.” Seulgi smiled wide, “The stars are so pretty tonight, I wanna have one.”

“How about me?” Joohyun said playfully with lifted up her head to meet Seulgi’s face, “I am not your star?”

“No, you aren’t my star, but..”

Seulgi looked deep into Joohyun’s eyes lovingly.

“You are my whole damn sky.”



“Seulgi, let’s go back, it passed midnight already.” Seungwan said while looking for Seulgi car’s key.

She raised her eyebrows as she couldn’t find the key, then she just randomly checking things around her. “Hey wh

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