A White Night

The Director Kang
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Irene - A White Night



A loud voice greeted the raven’s ears when she just opened her apartment door for the famous soloist slash her best friend, Jennie Kim.

“Jennieee!” She answered with the same excitement and returned the hug.

The best friend held Joohyun tightly in her embrace, “I am sorry I couldn’t be here when you were hurt, I just couldn’t cancel the whole schedule of my world tour in Europe, they didn’t let me fly here even just a day to see you.”

“It is okay, it is more than enough to see you here now.” Both of them broke the hug. Joohyun smiled sincerely, she was really glad seeing her very close ones were there for her in a night before her wedding tomorrow with her love one, Kang Seulgi.

“It is no way for me to miss my girl’s special day, I went to Korea as soon as I am done with the whole concerts.” Jennie winked playfully, they went to the raven’s unit.

“Oh, Yongsun already here too.” Joohyun informed to Jennie about their another close friend Yongsun, some people call her with her another nick name of her YouTube channel since she was pretty famous beauty and fashion influencer, Solar.

“Really? With Haneul?” Jennie eyes widened, she was more than excited to see the baby named Moon Haneul, the one and only precious daughter of Yongsun and the detective that we knew as Seulgi another close friend, Moonbyul.

“Kim Jennie!” Yongsung called with waving her hands as the two women arrived in Joohyun huge main living room.

“Kim Yongsun!” The other girl ran smoothly to the latter.

“Oh my, been a long time.” They shared warm hug with the baby in the middle, Haneul was almost two years old.

“It really is, you were busy with this little pie after you gave her birth.” Jennie cutely played with the tiny fingers of Haneul, she loved babies.

“I am sorry I miss our girls’ out too.” Yongsun pouted.

“Can I lift her?” Jennie asked with her sparkling eyes to the mother of baby.

“Of course, Haneul-ah, here aunt Jennie is with you.” Yongsun handed her baby to the singer one, Haneul clapped her hands happily.

“Oh, she likes you, Jen.” Joohyun commented then joined to sit with them after brought some snacks and drink to the women.

“Yeah, usually she would cry with new people hold her.” The young mother added, “.. but she doesn’t cry or whine when you or Jennie lift her.”

“What a good girl.” Jennie talked with baby voice.

“Oh, everything is ready, Joohyun? You know you must have some checks again.” Yongsun talked to the raven, she experienced one here since she was married and passed the wedding already.

“Both of our parents give look one more time to the venue now, but I think everything settled. Seulgi and I checked whole already.”

“How it feels, Joohyun?” Jennie asked softly to the raven, she knew Joohyun must be so nervous about special day tomorrow but she maintained to be calm as always.

“I don’t think I can sleep tonight.” The raven chuckled.

“More over without Seulgi beside you.” Yongsun teased.

According to the tradition, Seulgi and Joohyun not allowed to see each other before the wedding day to put down the bad luck. Honestly, call it bad luck or superstition, but not seeing one another before the ceremony could make that first moment as she walked down the aisle even more special.

“Exactly, I miss her already.” Joohyun leaned her back on the soft couch gently.

“Relax yourself, Miss.” Yongsun smiled, “.. you need to look perfect tomorrow, what if we put sheet mask together?”

“Oh, I think Haneul falls asleep already.” Jennie said like whisper to the mother.

“Put her down in my room.” Joohyun suggested so Haneul could get better rest.

The three of them laughed together while patting the sheet masks on their faces to adjust the position, they just talked about their funny moments when they were still in college. Joohyun felt more relaxed after sharing some laughter, having this kind of feeling before her wedding with her love one wasn’t something bad, she waited this moment to death, but she just couldn’t help to feel the thrill and excitement in the same time that made her really nervous.

“I am glad to see you this happy again, Joohyun.” Jennie smiled calmly.

“I made very big wrong decision in my life before, Jennie. It is such a treasure for me I got the second chance to be her one and only again.” The raven honestly answered.

Joohyun even sometimes imagined if the woman wasn’t Seulgi, probably she wouldn’t ever get another chance, Joohyun would get revenge and more hurtful heartbreak instead as the return, but Seulgi was so different, she formed with full of kindness and patience, her heart for Joohyun was pure and genuine.

“You passed so much difficult time too, Joohyun, you deserve to be happy now.” Yongsun uttered.

“Really? Did I deserve her?” Joohyun reassured.

“Only you that can serve happinesses in Seulgi’s life. Trust me, I know how worst she was when there was no you beside her, Moonbyul told me some about it.” Yongsun explained.

“I swear to my life, I won’t hurt her again.” Joohyun smiled.

“I can’t wait to see you in that wedding dress tomorrow.” Jennie said.

“Seulgi chose that for me in past.” Joohyun almost teared up, she couldn’t believe her woman still waited her patiently until the day she would wear it in their special day.

“That is really beautiful one, Joohyun.” Yongsun praised.

“The fact she still keeping that dress for me, it makes me tear up when I think about that alone, that dress is full of Seulgi’s patience and pure love to me. I will surely cry when I wear that for the first time tomorrow.”

“Joohyun.” Jennie held Joohyun’s hand, “.. we will be there for you.”

“Jennie is right, tomorrow is your big day, we will surely help to put that beautiful dress on you.”

“Tomorrow you will be a queen, Joohyun.” Jennie added.

“There is a pair of eyes in altar will lock on you when you lift your head up and walk down the aisle.” Yongsun paused, “.. giving you the best smile of her life, adoring your beauty.”

Joohyun wanted to cry just to imagine that moment, she felt the bunch of happiness already, she couldn’t stop to curse to herself that how idiot she was in past to miss that moment and being Seulgi’s failed bride instead.

“Hey don’t cry, Joohyun.” Jennie noticed the tears.

“I am just.. I am just.. happy.” She wanted hug her love so bad and utter endless gratefulness, “I was such a failure before.”

“You will be perfect one tomorrow.” Yongsun tapped her shoulder.

“You will be the best bride.”

Joohyun stared at her both close friends, she spread her arms wide and three of them sharing warm hug and smile. Another time for Joohyun to feel so thankful, she had good people around them, sharing endless love and support to her in big amount like this, she really didn’t ask more in this life.


“Byul!” Seungwan greeted loudly when Seulgi opened the door of her apartment and let the guest entered, the another bride had quality time with her close ones to in the night before the wedding.

“Hey, Seungwan.” Moonbyul answered casually and sit to join the brunette.

“Where is little Moonbong?” Seungwan curiously asked.

“Ah, she is with her mother now, I want to bring her too though.” Moonbyul sadly answered, she was hell cool and mysterious when she was in work and into her job, but when she was just being Seulgi and Seungwan close friends, she could be more relax and free.

“I miss our Moonbong.” Seulgi chuckled.

They didn’t mention the baby’s name wrongly, her birthname was indeed Moon Haneul, Haneul meant “sky” in Korean, that was pretty name, but Moonbyul suggested different name, it was Moon Bongcha, the meaning was superior/ultimate daughter, but still, Yongsun preferred the Haneul one, since it had suit meaning with her parents name, Moon, Sun and Sky.

In the end Moonbyul kept using that name but only as nickname, since it sounded cute and similar with her nickname, Moonbyul and Moonbong, at first Yongsun scolded her for not calling their daughter properly, but time passed they found it not bad and sometimes also called the baby with that nickname, lucky that Haneul recognized it was both her name from her parents and responded well to those.

“I want to play tekken.” Seungwan said.

“Why not?” Seulgi grinned and turned her PS5 on.

“Oh yes, I miss this. Yongsun didn’t let me buy this one.” Moonbyul poured her sadness.

“Because you will stick in here for hours and forget about Moonbong.” Seungwan laughed.

“We can play together though.”

“She is still baby, please.” Seulgi giggled.

“But you can play with us now, before Joohyun throws this console when they have babies already.” The brunette teased the soon to be bride tomorrow between them.

“I don’t let her throw my treasure.” The monolid said innocently.

“Like you can say no to Joohyun.” Moonbyul reminded.

“You are right, whatever, just play for now.” Seulgi handed the controller to Seungwan, “.. you go first with Moonbyul, the winner will have a battle with me.”

“Oh, be ready to fight me, Seulgi.” Seungwan confidently said.

“Hey hey, you are too cocky.” Moonbyul was ready with her own controller, choosing her character.

“Confidence is important.” Both of them chose the fighters already and started the game.

“Hit her head!” Seulgi excitedly said to Seungwan.

“Not that easy.” The detective kicked the brunette’s fighter, made it fell.

“Come on!” Seungwan talked to her character, her thumbs moved furiously, she received intense attack from Moonbyul.

“Little bit more, Byul!” Seulgi said to Moonbyul as she knew Seungwan’s character blood was thinner.

Moonbyul pressed a combination in her controller and it gave unique attack to Seungwan until it emptied her enemy’s blood bar, big red letters appeared on the screen, K.O.

“What..” Seungwan’s jaw dropped, “.. okay I will win for next round.”

They started another round of battle, she was so positive, at least Seungwan still had a chance to win. But sadly, she got another failure, it was another K.O for her fighter.

“I am so done with this.” She threw her controller to the monolid one, Seulgi and Moonbyul laughed over the annoyed Seungwan, “.. who wants soda and snacks?”

“Me.” Moonbyul answered.

“Me too.” Seulgi added, then Seungwan got up from couch and walked through refrigerator in the kitchen to take the soda and got some snacks, they couldn’t drink alcohol since tomorrow would be Seulgi’s day, she couldn’t be drunk, they just wanted to help Seulgi relax and threw her nervousness before the day with having talk or just playing game like this.

“I will use Kuma.” Seulgi said as she chose her fighter, the character was a big grizzly bear.

“I never win when you use that fighter.” Moonbyul chuckled, also Seulgi was good at the game.

“Who knows, I rarely play recently.” Seulgi answered casually while smiling wide.

“Glad you aren’t that nervous about tomorrow, Seulgi.”

“I am, though.” The monolid answer while giving a punch to her enemy.

“But you maintained well.” Moonbyul tried to gave a kick to the bear character.

“It just I am slightly.. afraid.” The monolid lowered her last word.


“What.. if she doesn’t come again, Byul?” Seulgi’s stare was blank, she didn’t focus anymore on the screen but only her thoughts.

“You trust her, don’t you?” Moonbyul turned her head to Seulgi, they just let the battle stopped for a while.

Moonbyul’s words stabbed her deeply, it was right, she trusted Joohyun so much, she decided that already, she shouldn’t have that kind of thought even just a little.

“Yes, I trust her.” Seulgi smiled.

“She is only one call away from you now, Seul. No need to worry.” The detective smiled back.

Moonbyul was right, she couldn’t meet her bride but she could reach her still, not like a night before their failed wedding, Seulgi didn’t even know what Joohyun did or where she was, she couldn’t even call her, because she was hell busy with her damn work.

“Tomorrow, I will see her.” The monolid said with a smile plastered on her face, imagined her woman wore her beautiful wedding dress.

“Yes, she will walk in the aisle while holding her father’s arm to one direction, the altar, place you will stand and wait her to come.”

“I bet she will look so stunning.” Seulgi couldn’t help to imagine more about her lovely bride.

“I have one tip for you.” The latter experienced already about wedding.

“What is that?”

“Don’t forget to breath.” Moonbyul laughed, but she was serious about that tip, it was very possible for Seulgi to forget to breath when she trapped in adoration of her bride’s look.

“I can’t promise.” Seulgi chuckled, because she knew how incredible her woman would look tomorrow.

“Here is the soda and snacks, oh— who is the winner?” Seungwan came with full hands to the women.

“Not yet.” Seulgi chuckled.

“If I resume this and get an attack I will lose since my blood is really thin.” Moonbyul stated with laugh.

“Just resume it and let Seulgi wins the battle, the soon to be bride needs to win, s

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