You, Just Like That

The Director Kang
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Seulgi - You, Just Like That


“S—seungwan?” Asked Joohyun in disbelief tone.

“How are you?” Seungwan asked gently, she knew well Joohyun had difficult time, but she was intentionally gave Joohyun time alone to heal herself.

“First of all, I didn’t expect you would call me, and yes I am pretty fine, at least for now, but still need to take some medicine when yeah.. you know.” Joohyun smiled bitterly remembering her difficult time, moreover without Seulgi in her side, it was nightmare for her, but she never blamed Seulgi for things happened to her, all she could think was.. she deserved it.

“I know the tortures aren’t done yet but at least glad to hear that you are better than before” Seungwan smiled eventho Joohyun couldn’t see it.

“Thank you, Seungwan. How about you? I haven’t heard about you for long time too.”

Seungwan chuckled a little, “Still being Seulgi’s servant.”

Joohyun smiled in the other side as she heard the name of the owner of her heart.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love to work with her, it just sometimes when she is moody she becomes bit annoying and being silent for the whole of the time, she can randomly ask me to eat together like everytime she wants because she doesn’t wanna eat alone, she ever forced me to drink together with her until morning came, she has high tolerance of alcohol indeed but you know her behaviour when she is drunk, she— wait, I am sorry Joohyun, I don’t mean—”

“Tell me more.”


“I love to hear that.” Joohyun teared up but she wiped it right away and smiled, she felt sad but happy in the same time because it was the first time she heard about Seulgi again, moreoever from the closest one.

“O-oh okay.” Seungwan felt she made mistake but Joohyun loved it instead.

“Thank you for taking care of her.” Joohyun said sincerely, held her tears.

“Joohyun,” Seungwan paused, “I know it is very difficult for you too, no need to thank me, it is my job already as her very best friend, now as your very best friend too, I want you to heal yourself and be happy.”

“She is the only healer I have.” Joohyun replied, “If I cant get her back this time, I will give up with my life.”

“No! What are you talking about?!” Seungwan shocked as she heard about give up stuff, “You can win her heart again.” She continued.

“I am very positive, but just incase.. I get another failure, take care of her for me, until someone replace me in her heart.”


“I will be happy as long as she is happy, even though without me.” Joohyun couldn’t hold her tears anymore, it ran smoothly on her flawless cheeks’ skin.

“She isn’t fine, she is really not fine at all.” Seungwan told the truth, “She is destroyed as much as you, but she could hide it well.”

“I feel really bad, I gave so much pain to her.” Joohyun released soft sobs.

“Joohyun listen, you two are each others’ healers.” Seungwan tried to calm her best friend, “You two are belonging to each others”

“If only I could turn back the time.. I would hold her tighter than before.”

“I don’t know you will believe me or not, she is standing there still, on the same place you two separated.”

“She doesn’t move on?” Joohyun stopped crying as she found her hope.

“We are bestfriends since babies, you can’t doubt me!” Seungwan said cheerfully, hoped that Joohyun’s mood would be better, but she didn’t tell lie either, she told everything honestly to Joohyun.

“But.. it has been a year.” Joohyun still couldn’t believe.

“She just closed her heart, tightly, she wears very strong mask to cover her sorrow.” Seungwan explained, “Many girls tried to get her heart—”

“Many girls? They must be prettier than me, they must be—”

“Hey, you are the apple of her eye.” Seungwan chuckled.

“But I gave very huge damage on her heart, will I be able to embrace her again?”

“Time will help you to answer.” Seungwan smiled, “I have faith on you two.”

“Thank you, Seungwan. I feel so much better now.”

“Thanks to you too Joohyun.”


“You don’t give up on her, you fight for your love, I know it will be long and tiring journey, but I know you are the only her source of happiness.” Seungwan said from the bottom of her heart.

“You are the best, Seungwan.” Joohyun smiled again, relieved Seungwan’s worries.

“Of course!”

“Now as my very best friend, I ask you for help.”

“Sure, what is that?” Seungwan asked in curiousity.

“Give me her number.” Joohyun tried her luck.

Seungwan laughed on the other side, “As her very best friend, I can’t do that.”

“Whyyyy?” Joohyun whined.

“I promised already, I am sorry okay, other help.” Replied Seungwan with little laughter.

“Okay okay, I love to listen about her like everything, so mind to share your information?”

“Drop your price.” Seungwan teased.



In the next morning Joohyun woke up real early, smiles plastered on her beautiful face like most of time, she was busy to choose the clothes she was gonna wear, she kept walking back and forth in front of mirror, just to make sure she would look perfect on that day.

“It is the first time I will meet her after long time. I need to give my best look.”

Yes, that day was Monday, the day of the appointment with her beloved bear.

“Is this good?” Joohyun chose a peach sweater with a small daisy flower printed in the middle, the color looked very soft and fresh, suited with her mood today, “She loves my casual look.” She smiled widely, of course she knew the bear’s taste well since in past she got endless praises about it, which kind of hairstyle Seulgi loved, which perfume or fabric softener Seulgi loved to sniff, what kind of make up that suited with Seulgi’s liking and many more, and this day she would combine those and tried to give best first impression. Well, Joohyun always looking good with everything she wore honestly, and Seulgi loved like every single of it.

“Maybe I am not as pretty as before, and she won’t bother to have look at me again, I am getting old too.” Joohyun said in the sad tone while she was applying the make up on her flawless face, Joohyun always forgetting that she is one of God’s masterpieces.

“Many prettier and younger women around her that will catch her attention better, right?” She applied the soft color on her lips, like a last touch on her make up today.

“No no no, I am Bae Joohyun anyway, I am not aging!” She tried to cheer herself, “I hope today will be a good beginning, for us.” She smiled on herself

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