BREAKING NEWS: Red Velvet's leader Irene and Singer Kang Seulgi to join 'We Got Married' 


Source: Daily KNews via Mavel 

[+1895, -76] They look like they would be a good match, both have crazy visuals T_T

[+1804, -61] I thought it was just a rumor that this show was coming back.

[+1487, -49] It's been a while since Seulgi unnie's last variety show appearance, I look foward to watching them!  

[+1416, -35] Irene really has it all, so much talent in that tiny body and her visuals are no joke.

[+1227, -32] I don't know if I should be more jealous of Seulgi or Irene.

[+1053, -28] Wow I totally would not have expected this pairing, WGM got lucky to have gotten them both.

[+831, -21] Wasn't really a fan of this show before, but seeing this pairing I might have to tune in. 


This is my first fic, please understand if there are mistakes. ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ


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