Chapter 8


Irene and Seulgi got up from the table to answer the door. 


“Do you have any idea who it could be?” Irene asks Seulgi. 


“I have no clue,” Seulgi reaches for the door and opens the door in a gingerly manner.


“Oh, PD-nim,” Irene and Seulgi step back to let the show staff inside. 


“How do you guys feel about the apartment?” 


“We think it’s really nice, thank you.”


“It was just really weird without you guys here, is this going to be a regular thing?” Seulgi wouldn’t say it out loud but she preferred it be just the two of them. It wasn’t like she didn’t like the staff either, but she felt more comfortable when it was just them alone and she has the feeling that Irene felt the same. 


“We’ve thought about it and we want to try out this format for a few weeks to see how the public reacts.”


Seulgi nods understandingly, “I think that's a fresh idea,” she glances at Irene to see that the raven was also nodding. 


“So do you just monitor us from a different area or something?” Irene asks, her head tilting to the side. 


She nods, “We have a setup in the room upstairs where we check up on the two of you, and this is only when we have you filming in the apartment, it’ll be just like how we’ve been filming before if we have an outdoor location,” she explains to the couple. 


“PD-nim if you guys are looking for a new couple I’m willing to clear my schedule to be on your show,” they hear Yeri say loudly from where she sat. Irene looks at the producer in front of her slightly embarrassed with her member’s outburst, but the producer laughs it off, not at all bothered by Yeri’s shameless offer. 


In the living room, cameras were being arranged in front of the girls as they sat there obliviously, the girls continued to eat as the camera crew and staff walked back and forth busily. 


“As you can see we have something planned for you guys,” the producer says, gesturing to the impressive setup the crew had managed to get done within a few minutes. A group walks in through the front door, dragging in what looked like a huge whiteboard.


Seulgi steps back and tugs Irene by her wrist to make room for them to go through. 


“We’ll just finish up here why don’t you guys go back to eating,” the producer smiles before joining the staff. 


“I don’t think I want to,” Seulgi visibly shudders, “My poor taste buds I still can’t believe they’ve done that.” She walks back and takes a seat, glaring at the girls. “I invite you guys to our home and we feed you yet this is the thanks we get?” 


“If it makes you feel better, the food is really delicious,” Yeri says. 


Joy takes a big bite and nods, confirming the younger’s statement. “Unnie I would give you a bite but Irene-unnie’s cooking is rare and I just don’t know when the next time I could try her cooking.”


Irene chuckles and instead of sitting back down with everybody else she heads to the kitchen without saying a word, going to grab a new bowl to fill with fresh rice for Seulgi, it was the least she could do since she knows her members, minus Wendy was still teasing her for falling for their little prank. With the bowl of rice in her hand, she was about to go back to the group before deciding to grab more water for Seulgi. 


Joy is the first to notice her leader’s return, “Unnie you shouldn’t have,” she pats her stomach to show that she’s too full to eat anymore, “I don’t think I could eat another bowl.” 


Irene raises her brow at her, “This is for Seulgi,” she places the bowl and water in front of the sulking girl and sits down nonchalantly.  


Seulgi flashes her a grateful smile and wastes no time digging in. 


“Wow tsunderene,” Moonbyul mumbles softly to Yongsun. Her girlfriend chuckles but ends up poking her side nonetheless. Who knows what would’ve happened if Irene had heard what she had said. 


“Unnie why don’t you treat us as good as you treat Seulgi-unnie,” Yeri folds her arms in mock anger. 


“When you finally find someone you’re going to spend your life with, Yeri-yah you’ll know,” Moonbyul says, wiggling her eyebrows at her then makes a move to kiss Yongsun’s cheek, which the girl successfully dodges. Seulgi chokes on her food and drops her spoon in a coughing fit. The rest of the girls visibly cringed at her while Yongsun just sighs, already used to this kind of behavior from her girlfriend.


She glares at her friend and reaches for the water, “I’m convinced you only act like that whenever I’m eating to make me lose my appetite.” 


Moonbyul shrugs, “If you ask me, it’s your fault for always third-wheeling on our dates.” 


“Now she can bring Irene so she won’t be all grumpy,” Yongsun smirks. 


“You guys make it sound like you don’t drag me out of my apartment to hang out with you guys,” Seulgi scoffs at the couple. 


“Irene-unnie just stays at home all day on her off days, so you have our permission to take her out,” Joy tells the couple. Moonbyul pulls out her phone and starts listing off the days they could get together.


Irene tries to argue that she has better things to do on her free days. Yeri cuts her off though, “I'll let you know if Irene-unnie is free, I'll personally make sure she makes it.”


Yongsun laughs at the dumbfounded look Irene had and tries to make things better for her friend, “We can go to that place you keep talking about.” 


Irene accepted her fate, she figured that there was no point in arguing. Seulgi chuckles and pats her shoulder also in the same boat, whenever she would refuse she knows Moonbyul would find a way to break into her apartment. No matter how many times she changes her lock the older girl always manages to get in. 


The preparations from the staff were completed around the time the group had finished eating and cleared up the living room. They all found a place on the couch with Irene and Seulgi sitting in the middle. All of their attention to the Jeopardy-like whiteboard beside them. 


“You may be wondering what we have prepared for you all.” This earned nods from the group. “As you can probably see, right now there isn’t much going on around the apartment.” The group nods once more, this time a bit more hesitant as they all kind of knew where this was going. Years spent in the entertainment industry have taught them a thing or two on how these types of shows worked. “We prepared a little game where the couple can win things for their new apartment.” 


“I feel like there’s more to it than just that,” Irene whispers to Seulgi. 


“But, if the couple fails to complete the missions on the board there will be a punishment waiting for them.”


Yeri glances at Joy and Wendy before raising her hand to grab the producer’s attention, “Since we have an extra member, I’ll volunteer and step down to emcee.” 


“You’re just trying to avoid the punishments,” Wendy says, seeing through the younger girl. 


“Me?” Yeri gasped covering with her hand, “I would never,” she says, smirking as she walks away from the group to join the staff as the newly-appointed emcee. 


“This is probably for the best,” Joy says nodding to herself. 


“Joy-Wendy couple, minus points,” Yeri yelled from her spot at the front.


“Yeri, give us 10 points and I’ll get you those shoes you were talking about,” Moonbyul wiggles her eyebrows at her.


“Don’t listen to her Yeri-ah. Let us win and I’ll ask my parents to send those snacks from Canada you loved,” Wendy sees Yeri thinking about it.


“Hey, no bribing!” Seulgi shouts from where she was sitting. 


“If we’re all being honest, we all know that I’m not above bribery,” Yeri taps her chin in contemplation.


“Exactly! Who are we to change who you are,” Joy says as she and Wendy start to cheer and praise her.


Irene points an accusing finger at her youngest member, “This is basically cheating!” 


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, unnie.” Yeri dismisses her and carries on with the activity, “I think we’re all about ready to start,” she looks down at the script cards the writer had given her before continuing, “If you guys could bring your attention to the board, as you can see each team will take turns peeling off the stickers and if you successfully answer the question or complete the mission written there, you’ll get a point. The team with the most points gets to keep the prizes.” Yeri looks over her card in case she missed anything, “Oh! There’s also a punishment when you don’t complete the mission.” 


“Just the mission? So if we answer the question incorrectly we won’t be penalized?” 


“Correct,” Yeri says, “Is everyone ready to start?” 


They cheer and holler, the three groups all set to go. 


“Since this is Seulgi-unnie and Irene-unnie’s show I’ll let them go first.” 


Seulgi gets up to choose, “Unnie this one?” She points to the center block. 


“Let’s go with the one to the left of that.” 


She nods, peeling off the sticker from the block that Irene had pointed out. “Play the whisper game,” Seulgi reads out loud. 


“You guys have three minutes to guess three words correctly, and if you fail there’s a punishment,” Yeri informs the couple. 


“Are you good at guessing?” Irene asks. 


“I think I’m better explaining, but I don’t mind either way.”


“I think that should be fine, I’m pretty good at guessing,” she smirks. 


Seulgi chuckles and nods, trusting the older girl. She’s seen firsthand how competitive Irene was and figures that her determination to win would shadow her poor ability in these types of games. 


A staff member brings out a pair of chairs for them. They both put on the headphones and share a look of encouragement before starting.  


Yeri goes to check to see if either girl could still hear through the music blasting through the headphones, “Can you hear!” She shouts at the pair. The couple didn’t seem to hear and Yeri is satisfied with that. 


She turns to Wendy, who was holding up the notebook with their words, “Unnie you can start.”


Wendy flips to their first word and Seulgi starts right away, “A few weeks ago we went to a farm.”


Irene was focusing on reading her lips, “Speak slower!” 


“The farm! It was when we went camping!”


“Camping?” She furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think of possible answers from Seulgi’s hint, “Tent!”


Seulgi shakes her head, “No the farm! We went and picked these at the farm!”


Irene just stares at Seulgi confused.


Seulgi groans and thinks of another hint she can give, “Fruit!” 


“Fruit?” Seulgi nodded so aggressively Irene was worried her neck would cramp. “Strawberry!”


Seulgi cheers and nods to let Irene know she got it and waits for Wendy to give her the next one. “You come here to study,” Seulgi exaggerates her enunciation. 


“A school!” Irene shouts, confident she’s guessed it. 


Seulgi laughs and shakes her head, “There’s a bunch of books here.” 


“Books…” Irene mumbles, “Library?” 


Seulgi claps and gives Irene a thumbs up and looks up at Wendy for their final word. 


“This is easy!” Seulgi says with wide eyes, “Your song!”


“Psycho!” Irene blurts the first thing in her head. 


Seulgi shook her head, “Before that”,” she scratches her head to think about a better way to explain, she dances a part of the song she remembers which caused the other couples to boo in displeasure.


“Rookie!” Irene laughs as she dances along with Seulgi. 


“That was too obvious,” Joy stood up to whine to Yeri. Seulgi and Irene were oblivious to their complaints as the music was still blasting in their ears. 


Wendy also stood up and makes a sign to Seulgi that gestures weren’t allowed. Seulgi takes off her headphones confused, thinking that they just won the game. Irene, who was equally confused, turns to Yeri and asks, “What’s wrong, we won.” 


“It didn’t count, Seulgi used her body to give you the answer.” 


“I think it should still count,” Seulgi pouts. 


“There wasn’t a rule that says we couldn’t give physical hints,” Irene crosses her arms, her competitive side taking over. “Plus I didn’t hear her so it should be counted.” 


Joy and Wendy share a look of defeat, both knowing that it was impossible to argue with their leader. Moonbyul sighs, too scared of the older girl to argue, and Yongsun knew her friend wouldn’t back down, so she doesn’t bother with arguing. 


Irene laughs loudly as the production team decides to count their win, her competitiveness securing their first point. Seulgi raises her hand for Irene to high five, and they tease the other two couples with over-the-top celebrating. 


“Alright, that’s one point to the old married couple, next we’ll have Moonbyul and Solar,” Yeri says, moving things along. 


Yongsun nudges Moonbyul to go up and choose. She pulls off the sticker and reads, “Answer the question correctly in under five seconds.” 


Yeri smirks, “I’ll give you guys an easy one,” she shuffles the cards in her hands, trying to find the perfect question for the couple. “Moonbyul-unnie you’ll go first.” 


Moonbyul groans, but doesn’t complain. 


“Name three things you like about Yongsun-unnie,” Yeri starts to count down as soon as she says that.


Moonbyul doesn’t even have time to think and she blurts out whatever popped up in her head, “Her smile, her cheeks, and her toes.” 


“Why would you say my toes, are you crazy?” Yongsun complains. 


“I always knew you were a ert,” Seulgi says, shaking her head at her friend. 


“Like you would have done better,” she huffs. 


“I’m pretty sure I would have come up with something better than toenails.” 


Moonbyul rolls her eyes, “Let’s see you try then.” 


“Alright,” Seulgi rolls her shoulders back, “Somebody time me.” 


Yeri chuckles and repeats what she said earlier for Seulgi, “Name three things you like about Irene-unnie.” 


“I like her hair, her smile, and her laugh,” Seulgi said quickly as Yeri counted down. She doesn’t dare look at Irene, embarrassment settling in as the girls, especially Moonbyul, start to . 


“I feel like saying hair is weirder than toenails.” 


“Nothing is weirder than toenails,” Yongsun snorts. 


“Whatever,” she rolls her eyes, “We’re both erts.” 


“Don’t group me up with you,” Seulgi scrunches her nose in disgust. 


“Unnie, she said she likes your smile,” Joy says. 


“Let’s see Irene do it for Seulgi,” Yongsun suggests, “Maybe it’ll help Seulgi feel less embarrassed.” Irene glances at the girl next to her, who still refuses to look back at her. She smiles discreetly and decides not to say anything about it. 


“I’m not embarrassed!” 


Joy smirks, “Why are you so red then?” 


“I think we should move on,” Seulgi tries to get them to move on. 


Thankfully for Seulgi, everyone went with her wishes and moved on. Moonbyul brought it up once every few minutes just to mess with her but other than that everyone seemed too preoccupied with the games. 


Wendy and Joy’s turn finally came, the couple had been given a question that they answered correctly. Seulgi got up to pick another challenge for them and Irene said she hadn’t minded the challenges, but Seulgi was hoping they were given a question like the other couples, feeling that they kept receiving the shorter end of the stick having to do all the harder activities while the other couples got by with answering a question. 


She peeled back the sticker and visibly deflated when she saw that she yet again had chosen another activity. Not that it was a hard one; she and Irene just needed to hold hands until it was their turn again, but still she couldn’t help but feel shy with the sudden mission. 


The other girls however were ecstatic, Yongsun poked Irene’s side to . “Wow you guys got such an easy one,” Joy says wiggling her eyebrows


Seulgi headed back to her seat next to Irene and the two sat stiffly, both didn’t know how they would go about this. 


Before Moonbyul could yell at her to just hold her hand already, Seulgi cleared and held out her hand to Irene, looking anywhere but at her partner. Irene grabs her hand and squeezes it to say it was okay. 


“I should take a picture,” Yongsun takes out her phone and snaps a few shots of the couple. 


“Unnie, send me that picture.” 


“Me too!” 


“I’m going to set it as my background,” Moonbyul said, which earned her weird looks from everyone.


Seulgi shook her head, “That’s a little bit too creepy, even for you.” 


“Who knows when this would happen again, I know you’re secretly enjoying this right now,'' Moonbyul smirks. 


Yongsun rolled her eyes at their childish bickering and went ahead to continue their game and pulled back the sticker while everyone was distracted. She clears to get everyone’s attention, “Sit on your partner’s lap until your next turn.” 


Moonbyul pats her lap and gives her girlfriend a bright smile. 


“Unnie, you’re looking a little too happy right now,” Seulgi doesn’t waste any time getting back at her teasing from earlier, “Remember we’re still being filmed right now.” 


“Thank God we avoided those,” Wendy whispers to Joy. 


“Are you saying that you hate it when I hold your hand?” Joy glares at her. 


Wendy’s eyes widen, “I just-“ 


“Wendy-unnie it’s your turn again,” Yeri cuts them off, pointing at the board. 


Wendy sighs and goes to choose their next challenge, “Call someone on your phone and if they don’t answer within the first 3 rings, there’s a punishment.” 


“Only one of you would need to call, but you only have one try.” 


“I think I might have someone who’ll pick up,” Wendy says, going through her contact list, “Unless you have someone in mind?”


Joy shook her head, “You can go ahead.”


Wendy nods and dials the number and they wait for the person to answer. By the second ring, Wendy was about ready to give up hope for the person to answer, but on the third ring the person finally picks up, “Hello?” 


“Hello?” Wendy couldn’t contain the excitement in her voice. 




“Sejeong!” Wendy called out happily. Joy got closer to her and leaned in closer to the phone to hear better. “Thanks for picking up.” 


“Are you finally asking me to hang out?” They hear the voice on the line say teasingly. 


Yeri perks up from her spot. She smirks at her member and gives her a look that said that this was going to be talked about when they got home. 


“I’m filming a show right now and there's a mission where I have to call someone and they had to pick up right away,” Wendy quickly fills her in, “Anyways, thanks for picking up I’ll call you back again later.” She rushes out and hangs up. 


“Maybe you guys should have cast Wendy and Sejeong for this show,” Yeri tells the writer next to her, making sure everyone across from her had heard. The staff around Yeri laugh. One staff member even made a joke about getting in touch with Wendy after they finish filming. 


Wendy laughs along, but denies that there’s anything between them, “We’re just friends.” 


“That’s what Yongsun said about us at first too,” Moonbyul smirked. 


“She’s lying,” Yongsun rolls her eyes, “I never said that.” 


"You absolutely did,” Irene smirks, “I asked what was going on with you two and that’s the same answer you gave me.” Irene felt happy that for once the group’s teasing was directed at somebody else besides Seulgi and herself. 


“I can’t believe I’m surrounded by a bunch of liars,” Yongsun sulks as they laugh. 





“Seulgi, come here,” Moonbyul called her over while nobody was paying attention. Everyone was busy doing their own thing while they were given a small break from filming. 


At first, Seulgi managed to ignore her as the group was in the middle of playing twenty-one questions and all the questions seemed to be directed at Irene, who clearly wanted no part of it. She tries to look indifferent but is actually committing every answer to memory. 


“Seulgi, come on,” Moonbyul whines as she tugs her friend’s sleeve. Seulgi sighs, knowing that she was just going to keep bothering her until she gives in. Seulgi follows her into the kitchen with a pout, cursing her older friend for making her miss everything.


“Relax, you can always find out what she said later.”


Seulgi scoffs, “Who says I even wanted to know what Irene-unnie’s favorite ice cream flavor was.”


“You know you can literally just look that stuff upright?”


“That’s so creepy.” 


“People do it all the time!”


Seulgi looks at Moonbyul blankly, silently judging her friend. 


“Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that you promised me you would come to help me find a gift for Yongsun.” 


“You’ve been reminding me every day this week.” 


Moonbyul rolls her eyes, “It’s not my fault your memory .” 


“I can’t believe you called me here just for that,” Seulgi sighs, “You could have just sent a text.”


“You’ll remember better if I told you in person.”


Seulgi chuckles and sets a reminder on her phone, “There, it’s on my phone now so you don’t have to keep reminding me anymore.” She gives Moonbyul a cheeky smile, “Let’s go back, I’m sure everyone’s wondering where we went.” 


“Also make sure Yongsun doesn’t find out.” 


“Don’t worry if Yongsun-unnie asks, I'll tell her you’re treating me to lunch or something,” Seulgi smirks and leaves the kitchen quickly to get back to the girls. 


Much to her disappointment, they have moved on with interrogating Irene and were in the middle of trying to take a selfie.


“Joy-unnie you’re blocking me!” 


“Can we please get it together?” Wendy asks as her smile slowly turns into a pained expression the longer she holds up the camera. 


“There you guys are,” Yongsun straightens up from her position when she sees Moonbyul and Seulgi back in the room. 


“Since everyone’s back, let's wrap up with filming.” The producer says to them, announcing an end to their short break. 


“Seulgi and Irene are tied with Moonbyul and Yongsun,” Yeri carries on with her emcee duties once everyone finds their spot.


Wendy and Joy have joined Yeri at the front and were now put in charge by the youngest to be the referees for the last game. 


“One person is going to be sitting down with their hands tied while their partner is trying to feed them a bowl of ice cream blindfolded.” Yeri explains the rules while the couples get ready, “The couple who finishes their bowl first wins and they get to keep the prizes.”


Seulgi helps Irene put on her blindfold, “Is that too tight?”


“No, that's perfect, thanks.” 


Seulgi waves in front of her face to check if she could still see or not, “How many fingers am I holding up?”


Irene laughs, “I can’t see your fingers.”


“We’re all set then,” She guides Irene to the back of the chair where she’ll be sitting. 


Wendy and Joy come up to give each couple their respective bowls. Yeri counts them down and Irene and Yongsun rush to feed their respective partners. 


Yongsun almost pokes Moonbyul’s eye but luckily Moonbyul moves out of the way in time. Moonbyul doesn’t have time to complain when Yongsun tries to find again. 


“Yong, how about I come to you?” She holds onto her arm to stop her from swinging her hand. 


“Unnie you can’t hold her arm,” Joy laughs at the scared look on Moonbyul’s face. 


Seulgi looks over at the other couple and coughs, almost choking at the mess she saw. Moonbyul looked to have already given up as Yongsun kept trying to shovel more and more spoonfuls into . 


She looks up at the clueless Irene, “I’m pretty sure we’re gonna win.”


Irene laughs and scoops up another spoonful and holds it out for Seulgi, “We’re done!” She takes off her blindfold and shows off the empty bowl to the cameras.


Yongsun gasps as soon as she sees the state her girlfriend was in, “What happened?” 


“You were doing it on purpose,” Moonbyul pouts. 


“What are you talking about,” Yongsun bats her eyelashes innocently. Moonbyul scoffs and playfully shoves her. 


“You guys didn’t have to let us win.” 


“Look how empty your apartment is, we were going to give it to you guys anyway, why would we need extra furniture.”






Irene and Seulgi were finally alone again, the show staff leaving after they’ve brought in the couple’s prizes into the living room, and by the time everything was moved in the Red Velvet members, along with Moonbyul and Yongsun. The couple insisted that they could stay some more, but they all seemed to have other plans. 


Both were laying on the couch, tired from the day’s festivities. 


“Looking at everything here makes me wish we didn’t win,” Seulgi groans at all the random furniture all over the room. 


“I can’t believe we have to assemble everything,” Irene rubs her temple, “I think this is a job for next time, I’m exhausted.” 


Seulgi nods, “You could rest for a while, you worked hard cooking for everyone.” 


“You worked hard today too, I wouldn’t have made it through today without you,” She smiles. Irene yawns and she decides to take a quick nap, “I’m just going to rest my eyes for a few minutes.”


“Take a nap, unnie,” Seulgi gets up to turn off the light, “I’ll wake you up when your manager comes by to get you.” 


Seulgi walks back to the couch quietly and sets an alarm on her phone, deciding to take a nap as well. 




a/n: so sorry this update was way long overdue. I've been so swamped with school I couldn't find time to work on this. The good news is that I finally have more free time and not trying to jinx myself but I promise not to take too long to update the next chapter :D

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