Chapter 11


“Seulgi-yah what do you think of this one?” Irene opens the bottle of lavender-scented detergent and hovers it right under Seulgi’s nose. It wasn’t a necessary purchase since they only occupied the apartment once a week, but Irene felt that they should be ready in case of any accidents. 


“It’s nice,” Seulgi says after taking a whiff.


Irene narrows her eyes at Seulgi, refusing to accept her answer. “Are you sure?”


Seulgi laughs with her head knocking back, finding her expression adorable. “I don’t have a preference on detergent, I’ll go with whatever you like.” 


“Which one do you usually get?” Irene asks as they slowly move through the aisle. 


Seulgi scans the shelves and walks to the area where the tide pods were stocked. She points to an orange container and looks back at the older girl. 


“Oh, Seulgi, tide pods?”


She nods, confused, “Are they bad for you or something?”


Irene shook her head with fondness in her eyes, “That’s such a you thing.”


Seulgi chuckles, “It’s very convenient! You just pop them in the washer, and you’re all done.”


“Sometimes it leaves a residue, though.” 


“Pft, you can just scrape it off” 


“It’s residue. It’ll stick on your clothes!” Irene giggles at the face Seulgi makes at her.


“What are you, the laundry police?”


Irene rolls her eyes, “If I’m the laundry police, then you’d be under arrest for your crimes against clothing.”


“All I’m saying is that it already comes with everything you need, no need to bother with any other extra stuff,” Seulgi nods her head at the fabric softeners at the end of the aisle. She really didn’t have such a strong stance on this but the fire in Irene’s eyes prompted Seulgi to keep going to mess with her a little. 


Irene huffs, feeling wronged for some reason, “Next thing you’re going to say is that you don’t iron your clothes.” 


Seulgi blinks, “To be fair, I don’t really go out much outside of schedules, so there's no point in wrinkle-free clothing if I'm on my couch all day. It'll just end up wrinkled in the end. Besides, all the fancy clothes are already prepared by my stylists.” She winks at the camera with a thumbs up, spontaneously shouting out her personal staff. 


“But…the wrinkles…” Irene mutters out. 


“Unnie, there’s this life hack where you bring the wrinkled clothing in the bathroom, then hang it while you shower, and the heat will make the wrinkles disappear. 


“I think I need to sit down.” 


Seulgi giggles and lightly pinches the older girl’s cheeks, “Who knew Irene Bae could be so dramatic.” 


Irene scrunches her face, unphased with her fake wife’s actions.


“As soon as we get home, we’re going to give you a crash course on how to wash clothes.” 


“Unnie, if you say it like that people are going to think I don’t know how to do my own laundry,” Seulgi whines. She pokes Irene’s side causing her to squeal in surprise. 


Irene quickly gets her revenge on Seulgi by poking her back. “Trust me, Seulgi-yah. When you see how soft and nice-smelling your clothes are afterward, you won’t use another tide pod again.”


“Alright, I’m trusting you on this one,” Seulgi says, yielding to the older girl. She grins when a triumphant expression appears on Irene’s face. Seulgi finds these moments with Irene to be her favorite, where she could learn these little things about the older girl. 


The couple walks through every aisle, trying to pick out different items they could decorate their apartment with. Irene picks up a pair of matching mugs and shows them off to the camera. The mugs had a simple design of daisies but each mug was different in color. 


“Unnie, I didn’t know you were into these kinds of things,” Seulgi frowns.


“What’s wrong with them?” Irene asks, holding the matching mugs up next to her face. “They’re so cute.”


“I guess…” Seulgi tilts her head to the side, “They’re just not my style.” The younger girl’s heartbeat picks up as she tries to maintain her stoic expression. She wanted to see how the older girl would react to her on-the-spot ‘bad girl’ concept. 


“That’s fine, we can try looking at a different design” Irene puts the cups back on the shelf. She sneaks a glance at Seulgi, noticing the vibe change all of a sudden. 


“I mean, do we have to buy the matching ones?” Seulgi clears to keep her laughter from coming out.


It was Irene’s turn to frown. Seulgi has never acted like this before. “We’re a couple, aren’t we? What’s wrong with them.”


“It’s just…” Seulgi checks Irene’s expression before going on, “Don’t you think they’re a little cringy?”


Irene raised her eyebrow, not at all expecting Seulgi to say that. The lighthearted mood from earlier was gone. For the first time in a while, Irene felt awkward next to the younger girl. ”Maybe I’ll just find someone else who will appreciate them,” Irene gives her a tight-lipped smile before walking away with their cart. 


Seulgi scrambles to catch up to Irene, almost bumping into a shelf. “Unnie!” She calls out to her, placing her hand on the cart preventing Irene from trying to run away again. “I was joking! I love the mugs, let's buy them.” 


Seulgi tries to turn the cart back around, but Irene’s grip on the cart is firm and doesn’t budge. 


“If you don’t like the couple items, I don’t want to force you to like them,” Irene was confused. Why was Seulgi acting like she had two different personalities?  


Seulgi, who thought it would be funny to act indifferent felt guilty for making the older girl feel bad. She tugs Irene’s sleeve, “Unnie, I was kidding,” she says, sounding similar to a child after getting scolded by their parent. “I wanted to see if you were into the tsundere type.”


“That wasn’t funny, I thought you were being for real,” Irene crosses her arms. “Do you know how confused I was when you started acting all weird?”


“I won’t do it again I promise! I just thought it would be funny,” Seulgi grins sheepishly as she rubs the back of her head. 


“I’ll only forgive you if we buy those mugs,” Irene says, still pouting. The sight of her sulking brought a smile to the younger girl's face. Seulgi found her to be adorable when she pouted.


“Of course,” Seulgi agreed almost immediately, “I’m going to make sure our apartment is filled with matching items.” That seemed to satisfy the older girl. 


The couple continues to look around the store, with Seulgi still walking on eggshells around Irene. A small part of Irene felt bad, but she liked how attentive Seulgi was being, even though it was getting a little over the top. 


“This color’s nice,” Irene mumbled to herself as she inspects a pair of house slippers. 


“Let’s get five,” Seulgi says, already grabbing a handful and putting them in their cart. 


This makes Irene laugh, “Why on earth do we need that much?”


“Well, there’s one for you and one for me,” Seulgi lists off before continuing, “Then the other three could be for your members when they want to visit.”


Irene smiles, “I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.” 


Seulgi perked up, happy that Irene liked her idea. The rest of their shopping trip went on with Irene showing mild interest in something and Seulgi placing that something into their cart without a second thought. When they get to the checkout line Irene rests her head on Seulgi’s shoulder. Irene’s action catches Seulgi by surprise. Her body stiffens for a moment before relaxing. Irene only straightens out when it was finally their turn to place their things onto the conveyor belt. Seulgi lets out a breath she was holding once she gets her shoulder back. They pay and make their way back to their car. 


Seulgi glances at Irene, hoping that she didn’t notice how fast her heart was beating. 





“Unnie, I’ll put away the cart can you start the car?” Seulgi hands the keys to the idol before turning away. 


Irene settles in her seat and takes a deep breath to calm her racing heart. She didn’t know what came over her when she initiated that physical contact with Seulgi. It was a habit she did with her friends and she forgot for a second that she was out shooting for a show. Not that she did anything wrong anyway, they were supposed to be a married couple.  


But that didn’t stop her from feeling embarrassed. 


Seulgi returns moments later but the silence between them is loud. Both of them are racking their brains to find something to say. Irene builds up some courage before clearing . Seulgi looks over at Irene. 


“Seulgi-yah can we go get coffee?”


The singer grins, “Sure! I was getting kind of hungry again.” 


Irene giggles, “But we just ate!” 


“We did a lot of walking though,” Seulgi says sheepishly. 


“If I knew this appetite of yours was insatiable, we should’ve gotten that variety pack of pringles back at the store.”


“I knew I shouldn’t have shown you that picture,” Seulgi grumbles over Irene’s laughter. 




a/n: I hope y'all didn't forget bout this story haha. As always, thank you for your patience.  <3

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