For thou art so possessed with murderous hate

Forget Me Not
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When Ji Hyo calmed down and turned her gaze away from him, Jong Kook stood a few feet away from her and scrutinize the woman who wreak havoc in his life. Her chest rose and fell with her every breathe and the tension is still visible in her face. He slowly moved closer and touch her shoulder. Jong Kook can’t deny that Ji Hyo is as lovely as ever, even in her current state. Her soft hair, attractive lips and the inevitable pregnancy glow that emits from her, that makes Jong Kook ache for her once again. Ji Hyo eyes are close, but he knew she is not sleeping. He internally cursed and moved away from her when he remembered the few months before she disappears. He can faintly remember if she was truly happy with him. He feels like he was incapable of making her genuinely happy. All the time they were together has been one hell of a lie, she’d plotted against him and he find it hard to accept that among the people he knew, Ji Hyo did it to him.


But the funny thing is, he still wanted her. She still ignited something primal within him, a kind of addiction he couldn’t cure. He shook his head dreadfully. She is pregnant with his child and that’s the priority above all else. Fate has a weird way of bringing them together again. He must take her in, provide her the care and protection since she is pregnant. She will be in his protection again, provide the best care but he’d never trust her. She can have his body, he will not mind having again with her, just the thought of it sends warm into his system. But she would get nothing more from him. Nothing.


The driver arrived to fetch them around late afternoon. Ji Hyo sat nervously in the wheelchair, her fingers clutched tightly at the blanket that the nurse gave her a while ago. She fixes the maternity dress, smoothed the wrinkles over the bump of her abdomen. When she is about to change into her dress a while ago, she observed her belly and caressed it. It might be just a slight movement, but she knew that the baby kicks when she placed her hands on top of her belly.

Jong Kook grasped the handles of the wheelchair and began pushing it down the hallway towards the entrance. A sleek black and heavily tinted car was parked a few feet away, and Jong Kook walk towards it. The driver opens the door for them as Jong Kook effortlessly carried Ji Hyo inside the car. Soon they are driving away from the hospital and Ji Hyo stared out of the window to see the view. Some of the shops they passed by, it looked familiar to her. She has the feeling that she’s been there before but what’s missing is the feeling of belongingness.

When the car stopped, Jong Kook went out of the car, reach for her and carefully help her out of the car. She doesn’t even notice that they drive for more than an hour as she keeps on watching the view. In front of them is a stylish, enormous house and she can see that the view of the exterior includes the semi white sand beach. With shaky feet, she tried to walk confidently. A wave of déjà vu swept her as Jong Kook opens the door.


“Are you okay, Ji Hyo-yah?”

“I’ve been here before.”

“You remember?”

“It feels familiar. I feel I’ve been here before.”

“This is where we lived. It’s natural that you will recognize this place.”


Ji Hyo look at Jong Kook as he walks ahead of her. Then, a woman met them as they reach the living room.


“Welcome home, Mr. Kim. The reports are already in your table. It needs to be sign and handed to me as soon as possible. But of

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