First Kiss

Memoir To My Melody


The next couple days, Nichkhun did not attend school, both Kahi and Victoria were wondering and looking for him around the building. Kahi went to look for his profile in the main office to look for his number but he did not put any number down except his apartment studio addresses. 
“His an orphan?” Kahi ask herself, “no wonder he look like he has so many things to talk about.” 
Kahi went to his apartment after school, hoping that he is at home but he wasn’t there. She head over to his work, he wasn’t there either. The manager told her that he had asked for a week off, she left the restaurant disappointed. Kahi became concern and worry after not seeing him for two days. On the third, the day of the class trip, Kahi along with the other professors waited in front of the building by the bus for students. One by one student they come to the bus and check-in, some turn in their permission slip at the moment they arrive. Kahi looking around the place, back and forth at the building and the parking to see if Nichkhun arrive. 10 minutes before they leave, Nichkhun shows up with his backpack and a permission slip in his hand. Kahi was happy and relief to see him, he handed her the permission slip as he look at her. 
“It’s good to see you.” Kahi whisper with smiles. 
Nichkhun walk into the bus, sitting in the front alone, Victoria was waving her hand in the back but he ignores her. Kahi handed the permission slips to Changmin and he went to turn it into the office. The bus leave after Changmin got into the bus, Kahi sat across from Nichkhun with Jung Ah. Everybody start talking and singing in the bus, Nichkhun just stare out of the window. Kahi glance at him one a while. 
“How many student is with us?” Jung ah ask. 
“15 students total.” Say Changmin. 
“This is going to be fun.” Say Jung Ah.
Kahi just smiles. The rides take about an hour, everybody got out of the bus happy and excite. 
“Qri, look at the birds!” Jiyeon say excitedly as she point to them. 
“I love to come here a lot.” Say Lizzy. 
“It’s so beautiful.” Say Qri. 
“Lets go change and meet at the lake, I heard lake is fresh and the waterfall is awesome.” Say Kyu Jong excitedly. 
“Its cold though.” Jiyeon say. 
“I heard they made a hot pool next to the lake and added some steamer around the lake to make it feel like summer/winter.” Say Lizzy. 
“Daebak!!” Ghun say excitedly. 
“Wait. Before you go, let me make a few announcement.” Say Changmin. “Everybody is require to meet at the lobby in half an hour after you change.”
“We have rent a whole cabin and some of you have to pair up for the room.” Say Jung Ah. “Once we come back from the lake, we will end it with a barbecue and camp fire by the porch.”
Everybody nodded, the professors the students to their cabin. Nichkhun stay in one room alone, since he only wanted to be alone. Kahi share a room with Jung Ah. Changmin share a room with one of the students. They rest pair up, and went to get change. They all came out in bikini with mini short for the ladies, except the Kahi and JungAh who also were a shirt on the outside of there bikini. The guys wear shorts and a tank top. Nichkhun had his eyes on Kahi who is smiling as she talk to JungAh, they all walk to the lake together. Immediately all the students jump in except Nichkhun and Victoria. The professors stand aside, watching the students first. 
“Where have you been this two days?” Victoria ask. 
Nichkhun did not answer her as he continue to look at the waterfall. 
“Is it family business?” Victoria continue to ask, “I thought you wouldn’t show up for the field trip. Nichkhun did not respond, “Come join with the group.” She say. 
“I’ll just stay here.” He say. 
Victoria was a little disappointed and walk away into the lake, Kahi notice Nichkhun sitting grass alone. Jung Ah drag her into the lake before she could go to Nichkhun. Everybody splash in the water, guys and girls jumping off from a small waterfall. Nichkhun watch Kahi playing in the lake happily, he feel his heart in peace as he watch her smiles. 
Before the barbecue night around the campfire, everybody gather in the back after they change into new clothes. 
“I will marinate the meats and set everything up with Changmin and a few student.” Say Jung Ah, “Victoria, Jiyeon, Qri, Hyuna, Kyu Jong, Yoseob, and Joon.” 
“I will have five student go with Ms. Kahi to gather some woods.” Say Changmin, “Nichkhun, Lizzy, Ghun, ye-eun, and Qri. You five go with Ms. Kahi.” 
“We’ll split also, it’s faster if we split.” Say Kahi. 
“Then I go with Qri.” Say Ghun.
“I’ll go with Lizzy.” Say Ye-eun.
Leaving Nichkhun and Kahi left together. 
“grab a flash light before you leave, it’s getting dark.” Kahi say. 
They all went to get a flashlight at the table, the pair then head off into the woods. The rest stay and help the professors prepare dinner. Nichkhun and Kahi grab some branches and broken woods as they walk in the woods, Nichkhun does the carrying while Kahi lead the road with lights. Nichkhun ties the branches together and carry it. Soon the sky became dark as the pairs went to pick up branches/woods. 
“stay close to me.” Nichkhun say as he walk next to her with his light pointing ahead. 
It was getting dark and it was hard for Kahi with out her glasses to see in the woods. She then lost sight of Nichkhun.
“Nichkhun?” Kahi called for him as she look around. 
Not hearing any response, she continue to walks around the woods and called for him. On the other side, Nichkhun notice Kahi absent and quickly went to look for Kahi knowing that she would not find her way back to the group.
“Kahi.” Nichkhun concernly call her as he search around the place. 
They spent the next 30 minutes looking for each other in the park. Kahi stop by the running river, knowing that she is far away from the camp. She became frighten and stood by the big tree. 
“Nichkhun-ah.” Kahi frightenly called. 
She stand there, waiting and hoping somebody especially Nichkhun to show up. For the next 10 minutes, she became really scares not knowing the branch on top of her is about to break. Kahi heard a little cracking noise, she looks around and then up.
*Crack*  the big branch break.
Closing her eyes in fear and not able to move her feet, somebody grab her hand and pull her to him as he hug her tightly. Kahi was shock, she looks up and surprise to see Nichkhun in front of her. He look at her with fears and worried. 
“I told you to stay close to me.” Nichkhun angrily say. “If not, you could at least shout for me or try to find your way back.”
Kahi was still shock and frighten as she looks at his angry face, tears start to flow from her eyes.
“You could at least stay where you were instead of walking in the woods at night.” Say Nichkhun in a little calm voice. “At least try to hear and notice things around you. That branch could have hurt you.” 
“You think I didn’t want to stay close to you. I can’t see at night, I don’t have my glasses with me.” Kahi burst out sobbing, “I shout for you, but I could not hear anything, I wanted to go look for you but I lost my ways in the wood.” Tears start to flow down from her eyes. “I wanted to stay where I was, but I was scare.” She say in tears, “and the moment I see you, you shout at me. This is the first time you actually talk to me and yet you shout at me.”
Nichkhun pull her back into his embrace, “Mianhe.” He say softly.
Kahi cries in his arm as Nichkhun stand still, letting her shed her tears as he hold her tightly in his arm. 
“I was really worry about you, I only want to know if you were okay.” Kahi sob. 
“I’m fine. I didn’t mean to shout at you. I was scare and worry as I look for you in the woods. Many crazy thoughts kept coming into my end, I had to find you quickly.” Nichkhun say as he break the hug and Kahi looking at him.
They froze as they look in each other eyes. Kahi was able to calm down a little, Nichkhun caress her soft face gently in his hands. He wipes her tears away softly with his thumbs, and slowly he lower his head and move in closer to her. The next thing she know, Nichkhun lips was on top of her, kiss her lip softly with his as he pull her closer to him wrapping his arm around her waist. Her first kiss was given to Nichkhun by the river. Kahi close her eyes and kiss him back passionately until they heard a voice from distance. They quickly break apart, Kahi touch her lips in shock. Nichkhun went to pick up the branches piles and the flashlight. 
“Ms. Kahi!” Lizzy shout. 
“Ms. Kahi!! Nichkhun sshi!!” Ghun shouts. 
Kahi and Nichkhun look at each other before they walk to the voice that was calling for them. 
“We’re here.” Kahi say loudly.
Lizzy and Ghun quickly went to Nichkhun and Kahi. 
“Are you okay Miss?” Lizzy ask, “We have been waiting for you, we thought you were lost.” 
“Umm yeah, I—I mean Nichkhun and I were lost.” Say Kahi nervously. “But were back on track now.” She nervously say. 
“That’s good, I was worried that you’ll be lost and not find your way out.” Say Ghun. “Lets head back now, the rest are waiting for us.” 
They all head back to the camp, Ghun help Nichkhun carry the other pile of woods. Kahi try not to glance at Nichkhun who is behind her, she kept thinking about the kiss. 
“We kiss?” Kahi thoughts in shock, “My first kiss to him?”
too be continue………………..
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after2pm_khunhilover #1
I'm a KHUNHI(nichkhun and kahi) lover...^0^
please UPDATE soon :))
i read all of your khunhi, 2PM and After School stories and it's really amazing :D
I really can't find stories about KHUNHI only some and i'm glad i saw this..
Except for khun and kahi I like also this couple:
Junsu and Lizzy
Jung ah and Junho
Wooyoung and Nana <3

Hope you always update soon and make more 2PM and After School stories... fighting ^^
Lindatr2011 #2
Hi everybody,
just drop by to tell you i had recently upload a new story. please come by and check it out.
Main char. will be Kahi and Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Yoona.
yay!!!! more kahi fics!!!
NieyaOzil #4
this is so amazing!! thank you for writing this ff.. I enjoyed reading it... :) Happy ending ^^
DarkestAngel #5
a suggestion, hope you can write an epilogue for this fic, about what happen after their child born.. :p
i love your story it's amazing! now i'm gonna miss waiting for your update. ihope you can write another kahi story so i can look forward to another good fanfic again.
qeedis #7
thank you for writing this!!!i really enjoyed read it..>.<
DarkestAngel #8
it is not disappointing.. it's nice story..
good job.. if you write another kahi's story, i will read it.. :p
NieyaOzil #9
This is so sweet... Can't believe Kahi's mom is so selfish and Kahi's Dada was the one who chased Nickhun's mom out from her hometown
NieyaOzil #10
aaawwww I hope Kahi is pregnant and she's not suffering from any chronic diseases