Memoir To My Melody


Nichkhun and Kahi have been dating for nearly a month now, and he would take her with him to visit his mom every weekend. Victoria eventually became suspicious of them, seeing them close together, she felt jealous. She follow Kahi one day during lunch, up in the roof, she stood behind the door and watch Kahi and Nichkhun talking happily as they feed each other. Victoria try to get close to Nichkhun but he kept distancing himself from her. Kahi birthday is coming up in three days, Nichkhun try to think of something special for her. In musical class, Victoria pay extra attention to Nichkhun. While Kahi was on the other side of the room, helping other students. Victoria walk over to Nichkhun and sat next to him. 
“Nichkhun oppa.” Victoria say, Nichkhun look at her surprise. “Can I call you that?” she ask. 
Nichkhun hesitate at first, “sure.” He say. 
“Can you help me on a couple songs?” Victoria ask. 
Nichkhun look at the songs and play them in front of her, Victoria place her fingers on the piano and play along with him. Slowly she place her hand on top of him, Nichkhun quickly withdraw his hands. 
“I’m sorry oppa, I just want to follow your fingers.” Say Victoria innocently. 
“It’s okay.” Nichkhun say, he grab her hand and place it on the keyboards. “Try slow first.” 
One by one Nichkhun press her fingers down on the piano. The student around notice them closely. Nichkhun continue to move his hands along with his. 
“I knew they are together.” Say Hyuna. 
“I wonder how long have they dated.” Say Lizzy. 
Kahi look over at Nichkhun, she was unhappy jealous, she know he is with her but could still not hide her jealousy. Nichkhun went to the bathroom, Kahi then walk up to Victoria. 
“Are you having trouble with the notes?” Kahi ask. 
“I was but Nichkhun oppa is helping me now.” Victoria say. 
“Nichkhun oppa?” Kahi confusedly say. 
“Yeah, I call him that.” Victoria say dreamy, “I really like him, and hope to be his girlfriend.”
Kahi uncomfortably smiles. 
“I want to ask him to be my boyfriend soon.” Say Victoria.
Nichkhun then came back from the bathroom, Kahi tries to smiles comfortably at Nichkhun before she leave to check on other students. Jung Ah suddenly run into to the room excited.
“Kahi.” Jung Ah happily say as she stop in front of him. “Guess who is here?” 
Kahi look at him confusedly. “Who?” 
“Here he is.” Jung Ah as she point at the entrance. “Your fiancé.” 
“fiancé?” Nichkhun repeat the words in his mind as he look at Kahi in confused and shock.
A man walk into the classroom with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, he handsomely smiles as he walks to Kahi. Kahi in shock look at him, she wasn’t expecting to see her fiancé here at her school. 
“Annyoung Kahi.” Yoochun smiles as he handed her the bouquet. 
Kahi uncomfortably accept the bouquet, the entire student gathers around them except Nichkhun and Victoria. Kahi looks at Nichkhun, who had an shock and confused face. 
“Wh—what are you doing here?” Kahi nervously ask. 
“I came to visit you since it have been a long time since we seen each other.” Say Yoochun. “I just came back from my business trip.” 
“It so sweet.” Jung Ah teasing them. “Your husband looks really handsome.” 
“He is not my husband.” Kahi denied. 
“Soon, both of you will get marry.” Say Jung Ah. 
“You two make a good couple Ms. Kahi.” Say Jiyeon. 
“Ms. Kahi…” Kyu Jong and Ghun admired Yoochun.
Nichkhun angrily walk out of the room, while the student admired and surround Kahi and Yoochun. 
“Nichkhun oppa.” Victoria called him, but nobody heard it.
Kahi sees Nichkhun walks out of the room angrily, she feel worry, “I—I need to go use a restroom.” Say Kahi as he hand the bouquet back to Yoochun before she quickly walks out of the room, leaving Yoochun confused and still surround by the students. 
Nichkhun went up to the roof angrily, he couldn’t believe Kahi is already engage. She didn’t tell him anything about her fiancé, it make him feel like he was use by her. Kahi went around the school looking for Nichkhun, but she couldn’t find him anywhere. She then went up to the roof and sees him standing by the edge of the roof bar.
“Nichkhun oppa….” Kahi called him shakily.
“You lied to me.” Nichkhun say without looking at her. 
Kahi take a couple steps closer to him. “I didn’t lied to you. It’s just that… that I didn’t get a chance to tell you….”she say. 
“So you would continue to hide it from me.” Nichkhun interrupt her. “You’re engage, and I don’t know about it.” 
“Mianhe oppa…. I didn’t know what to say to you….the engagement was against my….” Kahi try to say the sentences. 
“You kept saying you don’t know anything but instead it’s me that doesn’t know anything. I was play by you.” Nichkhun hurtfully say. “I thought you love me but you don’t, I was just a toy for you while your fiancé was gone.” 
“Oppa it’s not like that…. I do love you…” Kahi in tears, “All of this time I was with you…”
“It was all just a dream.” Nichkhun force hurtful smiles. “The happy time, all of my love to you was just a dream. You are an engage women, soon to be another man wife…. I’m just a student, a really stupid one.” He say, “I should have known since the day we start dating I brought you embarrassment because I was younger than you and were a student. I should have known that this was the reason why you kept our relationship low.” 
“Do you really think that?.....” she ask him. Nichkhun didn’t answer her. “Yes, I am an engage women but it was a force one.” She says, “I don’t love him.”
“Answer me this once, how long have you been engage?” Nichkhun ask close up to her.
“…For a year…” Kahi say quietly. 
Nichkhun nodded his head, trying to hold his tears back. He walks away, Kahi grab his wrist back. “You don’t believe me….” She ask tearfully.
Nichkhun didn’t answer and continue to walks away, Kahi shut her tearful eyes. She cover as she cries, once Nichkhun left the roof, he run as fast as he could away from Kahi and out of the building. For the next three days, Nichkhun and Kahi have an awkward moment. Nichkhun ignore and avoid her, not getting close to her or be alone with her. If he see her in the hall, either he take the different or walk pass her without making any eyes contact. In her class he would try to avoid being close to her. One night after work, he bump into Hongki and his gang against. Nichkhun hopelessly looks at them and was about to walk away. Hongki angrily grab him back and push him against the wall. Hongki and his gang start beating him, punching his stomach, kicking him till he fall to the ground. Then Hongki and his gang leave happily while Nichkhun lay on the ground in bruise and pain as he tries to get up and walk home. The next day, he went to school in bruise, everybody was looking at him. There was a cut on his neck, scratches on his forehead and hands. 
“What happen to him?” girl student whisper to another student. 
“He was normal yesterday.” Another girl whisper. 
“I knew he was a bad boy from the start.” 3rd student whisper. 
Nichkhun head to his classes, a couple teachers ask him reason why he’s injure but Nichkhun refuse to answer them. In piano class, Kahi concernly watches Nichkhun walk to his seat in the back. 
“Nichkhun oppa, what happen?” Victoria asks worriedly. 
Nichkhun didn’t answer her and just looks away. 
“Are you okay?” Victoria asks worried. 
Nichkhun didn’t answer her again and walk over to the piano, Kahi continue to watches concernly. Victoria follows him to the piano.
“Oppa, you’ve been so different lately.” Victoria say as she stood next to him. 
Nichkhun try to look for a new music book by the shelf in the piano room, “I’m who I am.” He say coldly. 
“If you need somebody to talk to, you can talk to me. I’ll listen.” Say Victoria. 
Nichkhun stop and remember Kahi once say that to him, he continue to look at the shelf, Victoria look at the lower shelves, She kick her ankle against the shelves and fall to the ground.
“Ahh.” Victoria scream in pain. 
Everybody look at her, Nichkhun quickly walk up to her. 
“Are you okay?” Nichkhun ask in a low voice. 
“My ankle hurt.” Victoria say as she rub her ankle.
Nichkhun take a look at it, Kahi became jealous seeing his concern for Victoria. 
“Take her back into the room.” Kahi sadly say. 
Without looking at her, Nichkhun carry Victoria in his arm into the room. Kahi watch him caring for Victoria in front of her, she tries to hold her tears back. She went to get an ice pack for Victoria. While in the room, Nichkhun take her shoe off and massage it gently. 
“Oppa. Are you in love with somebody else?” Victoria ask. 
Nichkhun stop and glance at her before he put her leg down gently. 
“If you are……..” Victoria say.
“I’m not.” He reply her quickly. 
Kahi by the door, Victoria notice Kahi but pretend she wasn’t there. “Then I want to tell you something.” Victoria nervously say, “I like you oppa.” 
Kahi heart freezes as she stand by the door.
Too be continue…………..
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after2pm_khunhilover #1
I'm a KHUNHI(nichkhun and kahi) lover...^0^
please UPDATE soon :))
i read all of your khunhi, 2PM and After School stories and it's really amazing :D
I really can't find stories about KHUNHI only some and i'm glad i saw this..
Except for khun and kahi I like also this couple:
Junsu and Lizzy
Jung ah and Junho
Wooyoung and Nana <3

Hope you always update soon and make more 2PM and After School stories... fighting ^^
Lindatr2011 #2
Hi everybody,
just drop by to tell you i had recently upload a new story. please come by and check it out.
Main char. will be Kahi and Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Yoona.
yay!!!! more kahi fics!!!
NieyaOzil #4
this is so amazing!! thank you for writing this ff.. I enjoyed reading it... :) Happy ending ^^
DarkestAngel #5
a suggestion, hope you can write an epilogue for this fic, about what happen after their child born.. :p
i love your story it's amazing! now i'm gonna miss waiting for your update. ihope you can write another kahi story so i can look forward to another good fanfic again.
qeedis #7
thank you for writing this!!!i really enjoyed read it..>.<
DarkestAngel #8
it is not disappointing.. it's nice story..
good job.. if you write another kahi's story, i will read it.. :p
NieyaOzil #9
This is so sweet... Can't believe Kahi's mom is so selfish and Kahi's Dada was the one who chased Nickhun's mom out from her hometown
NieyaOzil #10
aaawwww I hope Kahi is pregnant and she's not suffering from any chronic diseases