Memoir To My Melody


Nichkhun live a life of suffered with his adopted mom, from one city, one village to another. He was abandone at the age of 7 and was adopted then and brought to Busan to start a new life but he and adopted mom was force to leave Busan two years later. He grew up facing hatred and bullied, watching his mother suffered for him. He hatred for Busan can never be forgiven especial to the man that did this to them. He enter seoul after graduating high school to attend JYP university and there he meet Kahi (Gahee) and fall in love with her. The two becaem closer, she was able to open him. but when Nichkhun meet the man the made his mom suffered, which happen to be related to her. Can they stay together? Can he learn to forgive..or well they end it?


Kahi, a musician substitute professor at JYP University, she teaches piano and guitar also sometime produce music. But her true dream is to be an interior/wedding/party designer. while she substitute at JYP university, Kahi also work on her designer degree as a graduate student. Her life right now is perfect except for the fact that she is engage to a man she does not love by her mom. Kahi encounter a twist to her peaceful life, she meet Nichkhun. He is a student at the university, and is a troublemaker in others eyes. He appear as a cold youngman but on the inside he is very soft and lots to love. Since he was abandone by his biological mom, hardly anybody understand him, making it hard to make friend with. He does not show emotion, no sign of weakness. His life can be describe his life as a mystery and unknown, so he attend the university in hope to discover his desire to the meaning of life. The two finally meet, the gaze, the eyes that attract her. Slowly they fall in love, the love that was suppose to not to happen between teacher and student ……..What happen when the person you love is the daughter of the man you hate?............

Park Kahi: 26 years old now, a musician and a designer (later on). Kahi is the oldest in the family. Her life is describe as peaceful and unworried, yet naive. She can be too nice, naive, and weak at a certain time. She is engage to Yoochun, which was arrange by her mom. Since she have been single and have never had any boyfriend. Nichkhun exist in her life and slowly changes her. 


Nichkhun Horvejkul: 18 years old, a student at JYP university. An orphan but was adopt by a poor lady. Not having real family and who they are, he only know and love his adopt mother. Nichkhun is seen as a troublemaker in other eyes because of his bruise and cuts on his body. He often show cold and emotionless side, but on the inside he is very weak. Only his adopt mom understand how he feels. He cherish his adoptive mother very much.
Jang Wooyoung: 22 years old, a cop/police in training under Taecyeon. He is softhearted and understandable. He is Nana boyfriend. 
Park (Im) Nana: 18 years old, a student at JYP university. She is the youngest in the Park family. Kind-hearted and clumsy sometime. She is Wooyoung girlfriend. 
Park (Ok) Taecyeon: 24 years old, a Lt. colonel of the tactical team. Yoona husband, and a father her two child ( a 3 years old boy and a 1 years old girl). He is the second youngest in the family. 
Park (Im/Ok) Yoona: 21 years old, a fashion designer. She is Taecyeon wife, married to him at a young age and is now living happily with him in their own condo. 
Yoochun: 30 years old, a businessman. He own his own trading business. He like Kahi, and is her fiancé. 
Victoria: 18 years old, a student at JYP university. She is a friendly girl but can be selfless when it come to Nichkhun, and she will do anything to get him.
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after2pm_khunhilover #1
I'm a KHUNHI(nichkhun and kahi) lover...^0^
please UPDATE soon :))
i read all of your khunhi, 2PM and After School stories and it's really amazing :D
I really can't find stories about KHUNHI only some and i'm glad i saw this..
Except for khun and kahi I like also this couple:
Junsu and Lizzy
Jung ah and Junho
Wooyoung and Nana <3

Hope you always update soon and make more 2PM and After School stories... fighting ^^
Lindatr2011 #2
Hi everybody,
just drop by to tell you i had recently upload a new story. please come by and check it out.
Main char. will be Kahi and Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Yoona.
yay!!!! more kahi fics!!!
NieyaOzil #4
this is so amazing!! thank you for writing this ff.. I enjoyed reading it... :) Happy ending ^^
DarkestAngel #5
a suggestion, hope you can write an epilogue for this fic, about what happen after their child born.. :p
i love your story it's amazing! now i'm gonna miss waiting for your update. ihope you can write another kahi story so i can look forward to another good fanfic again.
qeedis #7
thank you for writing this!!!i really enjoyed read it..>.<
DarkestAngel #8
it is not disappointing.. it's nice story..
good job.. if you write another kahi's story, i will read it.. :p
NieyaOzil #9
This is so sweet... Can't believe Kahi's mom is so selfish and Kahi's Dada was the one who chased Nickhun's mom out from her hometown
NieyaOzil #10
aaawwww I hope Kahi is pregnant and she's not suffering from any chronic diseases