The Dream List

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When Akira creates her very own dream list, she wishes to achieve it once school starts. From homeschooling to finally attending physical classes, she becomes more and more ambitious with the dream list. However, unexpected events happen when she herself, a loner trying to blend in

and it gets harder to accomplish when her hot teacher, Mr Jung Jaehyun is involved...








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You lifted your specs supported on the bridge of nose using your thumb, your lower lip. You took a pen and a piece of paper, getting ready to create a dream list. An evil one. It has been 10 years of homeschooling and you finally got the chance to attend a physical school after months begging your father. This dream list was what you wanted to do once you turned 18 years old.

Tapping your pen on the paper, the corner of your lips lifted, flashing an evil smile.

No.1. walk with confidence like a model with everyone staring at you

No.2. dance at a club with a flashy dress

No.3. steal something

No.4. smoke

No.5. alcohol

No.6. have

No.7 get a boyfriend

No.8 kiss him 10 times a day

No.9 go to a beach and wear bikini


You were still deciding for no.10 that you smiled sheepishly to yourself. Finally, you are going to school after 10 years of staying at home...

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