Leeteuk always knew that it would end up like this — Heechul downing his fifth can of beer, crying his heart out because his lover left him once again. Leeteuk doesn’t like alcohol that much, but he couldn’t possibly deny his friend’s sudden invitation for a drink that night. He thinks he’s just plainly being the angelic one in their circle of friends. Yeah, not really because he’s stupidly in love with him.


At times like this, he just sits and listens to Heechul rant and rant. He pretends he understands the pain of losing someone. He doesn’t tell Heechul the pain of not even having someone.


But sometimes, when luck is on his side, he gets to hold Heechul and, well, assure him that someone will come and make him happy again.




How about me, Heechul? He wanted to offer.


But of course, he wouldn’t say that too. Because for Leeteuk, pretending that he does not love Heechul took much less effort than hoping that the man felt the same for him.


“Who knows? But, I’m here,” he said, squeezing the other’s arms. He smiled at him and pretended that he was the person, the good friend, that Heechul needed and wanted him to be. Please, Heechul, I’m right here.

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