Kim Household

DxD Exuviate

Jinhee came to join her husband at the table to have breakfast with her family. "It seems like today's newspaper is quite interesting, hmm!?" she let go of the smoke from her lips.

Jaejoong's response was really clear to show her that she has succeeded to pissed him off "he folds the newspaper before handed it back to the butler of Kim's household.

"Honey, how many times I do have to remind you not to smoke around me especially when we are sitting here together on this table." he coldly stare back at his wife but it seems like she didn't understand or agree with his words. Jinhee her cigarette last time and lets out the smoke on his face. Jaejoong didn't flinch at all

"No, baby you can take more advantage of this dining table" she raised her brow "You can other women behind my back so you can have more babies" 
Jaejoong smacked his fist on the table "Shut up, Jinhee. Now you are crossing your limits" Jaejoong gets angry over her mocking but he can't say any words against her words because it's has been few months since Jaejoong has accepted his infidelity right in front of his family. 

Jinhee went into an extremely emotional and mental breakdown after knowing her husband had a scandalous affair with a stripper not only this they also have a child.

The whole situation had caused big drama when that lady left her son Taeyong here before dying. Jaejoong can see Jinhee isn't ready to face the reality so she had started to smoke more than her casual routine. If you won't found her smoking so it's sure she isn't in her senses because Jaejoong always found her in a drunk state. He does felt guilt because he had hurt his beloved wife. A few months ago he didn't have any idea about Taeyong's existence but now today he is part of the Kim Household.

"Jinhee how many times I do have to tell you there is no other woman in my life. It's you, only you"

Jinhee rolled her like she is getting tired of hearing these words she shouts at him "What about that woman and your, .... your,.........eeeeh!" she fisted her both hands to hold her anger back.  

Jaejoong about to get up from his seat so he can embrace his wife but luckily Taehyung came and hug his mother from behind and plant a kiss on her head "Please mom, calm down,...........shh!" and he stays stand for a moment while hugging her. Jinhee takes a deep breath and pated on his arm so she can him sure that she is fine now. "You can sit now, I'm fine" Jinhee pulls his arm to make him sit right next to him. "Aigo, my sunshine"

Taehyung showed his full bright smile to his mother and look back at his father too "Good morning, dad" Jaejoong also smiled back at his son.  He was happy to know there is someone one can who can really handle her behind his back.

"Taehyung, why Baekhyun isn't here down yet?" he asked while buttering his toast "How can I know?" Taehyung pour the juice in the and handed it to his mother "You should have asked his wife not me" he shrugged his shoulders and left his seat "and Taeyong!?"

Taehyung looks back at his mother before replying so he can make sure if Jinhee in her normal state or not? " Umm,........... I don't know, haven't seen him since yesterday's evening maybe Baek Hyung has any idea where is he.

Jaejoong asked the butler to go and call Taeyong for breakfast now there was a moment of silence in between them. "Okay, I'm getting late for my class" he gives his mom a goodbye kiss 

"But you didn't have your breakfast" Jinhee insists

"Don't worry mom, I'll eat something after my class, okay!" he looked back at Jaejoong last time before leaving "Goodbye dad" 

"Good, bye and don't you dare to ride your bike at high speed" he warns him

"Okay, okay,.........." and he takes his leave. At the right moment, Butler came back and let him know "Sir, he is not in his room" Jaejoong got tense and look at Jinhee for any confirmation but she was also got tense, what if he left the house? "Where is he?" this time Jinhee asked the butler with a shock

"I know where is he," Baekhyun said who was coming downstairs to join them "Good morning!" he yawns after taking his seat "What is this behavior, Baekhyun!?"

Jinhee glared at him because he was sitting there shirtless so they can have a clear view of nail scratches and hickeys over his shoulders and neck meanwhile Baekhyun was looking like a lost puppy sitting right next to his parents. 

Baekhyun whispers "I'm so tired*sigh*" and stretches his neck "But Jinmei has really really good stamina, you know..."

"Shut up, Baekhyun!" Jaejoong cut him off "Stop bragging about your life just tell me where is he?"

"Umm, ..............." Baekhyun pouts over his question "In jail!"

"What! In jail, why?" not just Jaejoong but Jinhee was also got tense over this shocking news.

"Actually,..........." before Baekhyun could say anything further, Jaejoong receive a call, it was from the police station. A police officer explains to him that they have caught a robber last night and the car which is registered under his name "Under my name,...." he repeats after him and at the right moment he caught Baekhyun's attention which makes him realized they were talking about Taeyong "Ahhh,... yes Okay okay, I'm coming there" Jaejoong runs toward the exit door.

So the lady of the house looked back at her elder son Baekhyun who was busy drinking water "Honey, would you like to explain to your mommy what is all these matters?" she asked him 

"Actually, last night he asked me to give keys so he can go for a long drive,........... No no, wait actually it was me how to suggested him to go for a while because he was looked too tense. So, he took dad's car and went out for a long drive last night. I guess police had caught him due to over speed he also doesn't have the license, that's all" Baekhyun said while laughing 

"Why didn't you went to save him, when they called you last night"

"Oh come on mom, why would I help someone who had tried to ruin my private moment" he made a weird face and look at his mother's face. Jinhee take look at him again last him she laughed "I see, I see,.......... Oh wait!" suddenly she remembered something "Baekhyun! Where is Jesper?" 

"Don't worry mom he is in his room and still sleeping peacefully" Baekhyun smiled like a proud father because why not Jesper his only son he's barely three years old young man.

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