Make It Right

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Lee Haeun

A girl who realises her feelings for her bestfriend who came back after 4 years. 

Jeon Jungkook 

A boy who came back from LA. Currently working as the dance trainer at Bighit.


Jungkook and Haeun grew up together. They were neighbours when they were young until Jungkook's parents sent him abroad to LA to study dance. 

What if he comes back as a totally different person? 

Cold hearted, honest and perfect.


---- (Author's Note) ----

All rights reserved, please do not copy! This is based on my own imagination.

Thankyou for reading this book!! I appreciate it so much! Do give this story a VOTE AND COMMENT. I have already written all the chapters so I only need to correct the grammar.


Proofreader : @Fluffy_Potato 


Warning: This book contains swearing and cursing. Also, some ual and sensitive scenes. Read it at your own risk.


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