Online Confession

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Lee Taeyong have it all. The looks, the talent, and even the girls. 

He might've exude the bad-boy aura but he's a total sweetheart inside. 

All his friends knew about his long-time one-sided crush towards the darling of the crowd, prima ballerina, Kang Seulgi. 

In a sudden turn of unfortunate events, an opportunity arise for Lee Taeyong to woo her. 

But what happens when he receieves a confession from an unknown sender? 

And this is where everything unfolds.

Will it stop him from ever getting the girl of his dreams or it might lead him to finally get the girl of his dreams? 



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Waaaahhhh~ I made this story since Lee Taeyong perfectly captures the character to what I had imagined. If you had read my A/N in my other story "La Vie En Rose", I said it would be a one shot but I planned on writing the chapter briefly and just go with the flow. 

Lee Taeyong is such an adorable and the sweetest leader. I really adore him ever since. Please give him some love too~

Love lots~

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PS. My "La Vie En Rose" readers, please don't kill me huhu I am currently having a writer's block that's why I decided to publish my other story for some time before I go back into writing the update. 


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