Phoenix Aurora (Got7 Jinyoung X OC)


At the height of the Yuan Dynasty, a young woman rises to the throne after a bloody succession battle that leaves her the sole heir to the throne. At the age of 19, Jang Soyoung travels to the Yuan ruled Goryeo in search of a husband to maintain peace between the two nations. Park Jinyoung is the Fifth Prince of Goryeo, and by chance, becomes the empress's choice for Prince Consort. Although he is unwilling, he has little choice but to marry the warrior queen of Yuan.This is the story of their marriage and path to mutual understanding and love, as Jinyoung realizes there is more to the warrior queen that meets the eye, and Jang Soyoung realizes that there is one man that she can trust and open up to in the lonely life at the top.


Hello hello! This is my first attempt at writing a Goryeo/Yuan era story, and also my first attempt at writing a full story featuring a Got7 member (last attempt didn't go so well). I hope you enjoy the story, and please stick with me until the end! Various Got7 members will be making cameos/roles throughout the story, please be on the lookout!

Note: No historical accuracy is guaranteed; I tried to do research for background, but there's not gonna be full accuracy. 

Fun fact: Goryeo was ruled by the Mongol Yuan Dynasty during the 13th century, and was ruled as a semi-autonomous vassal state. The two countries often intermarried, to the point that Goryeo men were known as "designated sons in law" of the Yuan royalty.


Character List:

Jang Soyoung-19 years old, first female ruler of the Yuan Empire. She took the throne at the age of 13 after a bloody succession war in Yuan. She is an excellent fighter, particularly in archery, carries herself with a calm, calculated, careful demeanor, and has a sharp tongue.


Park Jinyoung-21 years old, fifth prince of Goryeo. An intelligent, warm and gentle prince, he has little care for the intricacies of court life, and prefers to live his life peacefully if possible. He likes to spend his days reading anything he can get his hands on, and is known throughout the kingdom to be a scholarly prince. He is an excellent painter, and skilled in poetry. 


Jang Eunseong-19 years old, Soyoung’s twin brother. He is quiet and soft spoken, but inquisitive. He was born with a weak body, and so was never a contender for the throne. Soyoung coddles him, and would do anything to keep him safe and protected from the political battles in court. He understands his sister best, and often tries to work out misunderstandings between Jinyoung and Soyoung.


Im Hyojun-25 years old, the captain of Soyoung’s personal guard. He grew up with Soyoung, and she trusts him a lot. 


Wang Jia'Er-22 years old, a Khanbaliq resident who seems to know how to do some of everything. Mainly, he runs a business teaching children self defense and swordplay. He and Jinyoung met long ago as children and became close friends and reunited after Jinyoung marries Soyoung and moves to Khanbaliq.


Han Yeojin-21 years old, the top and only female general in the entire Yuan army. She grew up with Soyoung and was her training partner since childhood. She is mature, firm, and a powerful military leader. She does not intend to get married, unlike most other women.



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