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supernatural themed roleplay

midnight traders

facebook                  semi-lit/lit                  allpov                  18+



The world is not just one, but rather, a collection of realms and dimensions that are yet unexplored. Deep within the cracks of space or the folds of the skies, lay realms beyond wonder and imagination. They said the world was created by the Celestials or forged by the “Great One”; some say it was nothing but a great cosmic event. Nobody really knows. What we do know is that in-between worlds, there exist folds that cater to life, different from what we usually see.

    In a nameless world, exist five separate realms, divided by the powers that be; three realms exist on top of each other, stacked in a seeming hierarchy: one called Avalon, or heaven, which exist past the folds of the blue sky. The next is known as Terra or earth, the middle ground, while the third is called Hell or the underworld, situated at the bottom of the stack. Three main realms where different creatures and races reside together.

    There exist folds in reality where the rules are somehow bent: two realms called Noctis Regnum and Lucis regnum. Placed somewhere between the folds of reality where only by the help of a portal can it be reached. Unlike earth, these separate realms receive more exposure from the power of the universe, allowing its creatures the talent to harness and control their surroundings. Here, races and creatures of all kinds, some known to earth as myths, live in a mixture of chaos and harmony; some finding their lives, others starting anew, while others bent on making life more unbearable for the rest.

    Midnight Traders RP is a Sandbox Multi-User Roleplaying Community, Lord x Slave theme, where you can create your own story. Be a Noble to bathe in riches in glory, owning your own brand or company, a Slave to fulfill your lord’s desire, or be a normal bystander trying to live his life the best they can! Meet new friends from all over the world, write chill stories or ones with an in-depth background. Explore the wonders of Midnight Traders today!






hello, applicant! We are the fun and chill admins of midnight traders!






01. if you plan on joining our community, your aff account must be one (1) month old. set your profile to public for the admins to confirm.

02. Mature rp. you must be at least 18 years old. Make sure your faceclaim IS 18 years old and above (18+). there will be rated 18+ posts inside that you may find uncomfortable (themes, language, violence, , , horror, and drugs)Triggering topics is also allowed as long as there is a trigger warning in your plotting thread and character's bio. read threads/sns at your own risk!

03. when it comes to roleplaying inside, it does not have to revolve around . We are flexible inside! story-based plots are very much appreciated. also, we try our best in here to not limit your ideas when it comes to your oC's characterization and storyline. this place is not too heavy and serious especially the rp's lord/lady x slave theme. you can relax in here.

04. We accept faceclaims active in asia (Korea, Japan, China) and the WESTERN INDUSTRY. we only allow fcs wiTH at least 100,000 followers. please avoid roleplaying faceclaims who do not wish to be roleplayed.

05. Our community promotes a friendly environment. Be nice and friendly to everyone as much as you can, but we also understand that you cannot get along with some members.

06. Please welcome the newcomers whenever you can. Always be understanding in OOC (Out of Character). Don't pressure the mun/typist to reply to your Own Character's (OC's) plot. give them a gentle nudge if they haven't replied to you.

07. Members will only be required to give 3 replies a week. We understand that thinking of a plot reply takes inspiration and time. However, being online, changing your aesthetics, posting SNS/DMs etc. as your status do not count as active. please be responsible of your plotting partners.

08. No Godmodding or Metagaming. Please read the definition of these two in order to be guided. We will help you if you are still confused.

09. Drama is strictly forbidden unless it is part of the plot. do not mix ic and ooc. Know the difference between OOC (Out of Character) and IC (In Character). p4ssw0rd is your favorite color.

10. avoid face-chasing and cliques. to be precise, sns/dm is not a method to avoid cliques. we base interactions through plotting via group/wall.

11. Your Own Character (OC) may only date others after two (2) weeks of being a member in the roleplay. Marriage is after three (3) months. Having a baby is allowed for the sake of character development. if you dislike seeing babies inside, please don't apply. No males getting pregnant. Adoption is the option. We accept moving couples. Please indicate it in our form when you apply.

12. Private Messaging is for Out of Character (OOC) and plotting discussion only. no brackets needed, but use brackets when talking ooc on your wall. Emojis and emoticons are only for SNS/TEXT/DMs.

13. We accept any type of ual orientation for your Own Character (OC). This is a straight, yuri, and rp.

14. Semi-hiatus lasts for seven (7) days. The duration of your full hiatus will only last for two (2) weeks. After your full hiatus and you have yet to return the next day, we will notify you about your removal from the roleplay.

15. Two (2) accounts per roleplayer. We will only grant this privilege if you are consistently active within one (1) month. more rules to learn inside.

16. Character Change (CC) is only allowed if you have been a member for two (2) weeks. you may only Change your character/face claim and race twice (2) inside the roleplay to avoid dropping plots.

17. a member removed in the role-play due to inactivity is only allowed to reapply after 5 days. a member who left the role-play and wishes to come back may only reapply after 14 days. be responsible of your activity inside the role-play. if you have ooc things going on, manage your time to keep up with the role-play's activity rule.

18. If you wish to leave the roleplay, please inform an admin. Leaving/deactivating without telling us will automatically open your slot for others and you will be blacklisted. If your account is disabled, please contact us immediately through our AFF base.


01. Your aff account must be one (1) month old. set your profile to public for the admins to confirm.

02. Look at our masterlist which is found below. Make sure the faceclaim you want is not taken. if you aren't sure which fc to pick, look at our wishlist below. the list of races is found at the next chapter. Click this link for the establishment list.

03. CLick this link for the application form. Once submitted, leave a comment in the comment section with this format: "I'm done submitting my application form!"

04. An admin will reply to you confirming your application. You will be asked to create/recycle an FB account for your Own Character (OC). You have two (2) days to do so.

Regarding your OC's biography website, you still have seven (7) days to complete it once you are inside.

05. after Messaging our AFF base with your OC's FB link, An admin will reply to you together with the admins' FB links.

06. Make sure your OC's FB account is set to "Friends Only" (ex. profile pictures, friend list, status updates etc.) Limit old posts. Set your Friend Request to "Friends of Friends."




supernatural themed roleplay

masterlist wishlist

facebook                  semi-lit/lit                  allpov                  18+



Trial character change (tcc) - 5 days period. for experimenting on a new character. applicants have to wait for the tc period to expire or be canceled if they wish to reserve the tcc fc. if the fc is officially taken by the mun inside the roleplay, the applicants have to choose another fc.

Alternate character change (acc) - 10 days period. for recurring characters. applicants may reserve the acc fc. The mun inside the roleplay will have to choose another fc.

reservation - 2 days (GMT+8)

2pm: junho - taecyeon

aespa: winter - ningning
ateez: wooyoung - san - hongjoong - yunho - mingi 09/23
bigbang: gd
blackpink: ROSE - jennie
btob: Minhyuk 09/17
bts: suga - v - jungkook - jin - jimin
dreamcatcher: siyeon
baekhyun - Kai - chanyeol - do - sehun
loona: yeojin - chuu
MONSTA x: i.m - jooheon - minhyuk
NCT: TAEYONG - ten - johnny - LUCAS - shotaro - renjun
red velvet: irene - seulgi
seventeen: HOSHI - mingyu - jeonghan
sf9: taeyang - rowoon
shinee: onew - key - taemin
stray kidz: hyunjin - felix - lee know - jisung - jeongin - seungmin
the9: kiki
the boyz: sunwoo - juyeon
twice: sana - momo
txt: yeonjun - soobin - heuningkai
uniq: yibo
victon: seungwoo
wei: yongha

actors/actress: seo yeji - han sohee - park seojoon - lee dongwook - katrina kaif - xiao zhan - kim soohyun - kang joon - karl kugelmann - jamie campbell bower - noah centineo - lee jongsuk - song kang - sabrina carpenter - nam joohyuk - angelababy - deepika padukone - song jiyang - harry styles - baifernbah - krystal jung - dylan wang - chi pu - cheng xiao 09/17 - lee taehwan - xu kai 09/19
misc: christian yu - alodia gosengfiao - navarose - hyunwoo - kim woosung
model: shota saito - shuzo ohira - mook pichana yoosuk - kim woohyeon - taylor hill
soloist: cai xukun - wonho - miyavi - cl - park jihoon - heize - zayn malik - chungha - lee hi 09/22


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TIKBALANG (Yangban Class)
INKLING (Chungin Class)
MYRMIDON (Sangmin Class)
SQUIRREL (Sangmin Class)
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