Missing Pieces

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Hey, I'm back with a new story. So, basically it will be a fanfiction for The Untamed story which I really enjoyed recently. 

This fanfic will set in a modern era with the same name of characters, but I'll change their role for the purpose of this story. 

In addition, I'll put this fanfiction in the crowdfund section also, so those who have joined my crowdfund program will enjoy the following chapters a week earlier than others. 

For the introduction of my story, I'll leave the first chapter for free. 

I hope you all can enjoy my story as much as you enjoy my other stories. 




"Wen Ning... If after an hour I still haven't contacted you yet, then something must have happened to me. Call for back up soon." 

Wei Wu Xian left a short message on his junior's voicemail. It was really strange for Wen Ning to not answer the call immediately, he felt weird about it and could not avoid himself from starting to thing about something bad. 

Holding his gun with both of his hands, Wei Wu Xian finally has decided to get inside the abandon warehouse in front of him. The night was too quiet and dark, same as the situation inside this abandon place. The temperature inside was also chilly. 

Agent Xiao, his collegue who went the same undercover mission with him, has informed him since a week ago about tonight transaction. They promised to raid this place altogether, but unfortunately, Wei Wu Xian could not find even a single piece of shadow of the other agent. There must be something wrong, but Wei Wu Xian mustered his courage to follow up the plan, even thought he must meet his end tonight. 

Following his sense of hearing, Wei Wu Xian walked inside the dark. He held his gun right in front of his chest, in case somebody attacked him. 

Suddenly, all the lights inside the warehouse were and blinded Wei Wu Xian sight. He could not see anything for a moment, but he could feel that someone was pointing a gun right to the back of his head. 

"Don't move, or I'll explode your head." It is Xue Yang's voice, thought Wei Wu Xian. 

Right in front of him, Wei Wu Xian could clearly see a back of a man, dressed up in a set of white suit. It just his back, the man did not want to show his face to Wei Wu Xian.

"Show me your face! It doesn't matter if I'll die tonight... Your plan has already been exposed anyway." 

Wei Wu Xian tried to intimidate the man in front of him, but the said man just chuckled, hearing his bluffing. Xue Yang pressed the gun deeper until it stucked right on Wei Wu Xian's hair. Cold sweat was evidence on Wei Wu Xian forehead. He knew that he could not leave this place alive. 

"Xue Yang, put the gun down!" 

Wei Wu Xian could hear Lan Wang Ji's voice from the warehouse entrance. Why is he here? thought Wei Wu Xian. 

"Can't do, second young master. We've found the rat... and now we shall end it here."

"All of this organization crimes have been exposed... With you killing me right now will make no different whatsoever." Said Wei Wu Xian, bravely. 

"Shut Up, Wei Ying!" Shouted Lan Wang Ji with an angry voice. 

Suddenly, the man in the white suit turned around. It was no other than Jin Guang Yao, the meticulous secretary beside Lan Si Zhen, the head of Gu Su. 

"No wonder your figure seems familiar." Wei Wu Xian giggled, before suddenly Xue Yang hit the nape of his neck which delivered him to unconscious state. 

Once Wei Wu Xian regained his conscious back, he realized that all his limbs were tied and his mouth was covered with a piece of tape. His body was left behind some stacks of wooden boxes. 

When he just wanted to shout for help, in case Wen Ning was already here, suddenly he heard a very familiar voice. On the other side of these boxes, some guy were doing the expected transaction and now they just finalized their agreement. But, Wei Wu Xian would never thought that this person voice would also be here and he would become one of the person who did this horrendous negotiation. 

"Boss! The police are already nearby!"

After that, what Wei Wu Xian could here was some sound of people running. Taking advantage of the situation, Wei Wu Xian tried to break free from his bond. He tried with his hands first because the bond was not so tight. By the time his hands was free, they were already covered in blood and he just need to struggle some more to release both of his legs. 

He was too busy with his legs until he did not realize that from behind, a man was pointing at his head with a gun. 



"It's gun sound! We should hurry!" Shouted Wen Ning while leading his team to enter the warehouse. 

By the time Wen Ning arrived, not a single person was found inside the warehouse. Except Wei Wu Xian's body which was in a critical state behind the boxes. His head and body were covered with blood.

"Call for ambulance, hurry!" 

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