Moonsun Being Parents

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Just as the title says, yes, you're about to see the two most childish couple, raise a child. Or two. Who knows?— continuation from Antonyms. Looking for light-hearted Moonsun fic? You're at the right place ;)


Just another series of our witch and carrot. Main mood for this story is comedy and of course, fluff. I hope you enjoy this as much as you enjoy Antonyms. 


Truly moomoo, Youyou_4withsun, thank you for the support! 

Y'all I really want to update but life got me busy 😭 I can't promise anything soon either..I'm so so so sorry


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girlofeternity_ss #1
Chapter 6: It's different when Yongsun is doing the teasing. Byul gay panics and turns into a tomato.
girlofeternity_ss #2
Chapter 5: Moonsun's baby 🥰
girlofeternity_ss #3
Chapter 4: I'll never get tired of domestic MoonSun.
girlofeternity_ss #4
Chapter 3: They're such sweethearts, they're so perfect together.
girlofeternity_ss #5
Chapter 2: Even when reading, I can imagine their laughs and expressions.
girlofeternity_ss #6
Chapter 1: Domestic MoonSun is my favorite.
soaleiousav #7
Chapter 6: are you still gonna continue this?
Darrenstevanno1 #8
Chapter 6: This is just so fluffyy and fun to read, hopefully someday you will come back to this story
Chapter 6: I love this story.. Waiting for the next chapter. Thank you.
Astrae_17 #10
Chapter 6: I hope you get back to this story sometime! I love the fluff and would looovveeee to read more! Thank you for the story!