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[CONTENTID1] A writing contest hosted by aliens . [/CONTENTID1]

[CONTENTID2] Hello, welcome to the wildflower writing contest! The purpose of this contest is to mostly have fun writing and reading! As you can see from the title, we are only accepting 10 fics so that we can judge each fic in detail in a short span of time. Anyone who is interested in joining, please read all the details below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your hosts Aryaprava_1993- or Starlaight. [/CONTENTID2]

[CONTENTID3] Rules and Guidelines [/CONTENTID3]


● Subscribe to this contest so that you can stay updated. Upvotes are not mandatory, but are deeply appreciated.
● You must use one of the quotes and one of prompts from the "Quotes and prompts " chapter.
● Make sure to read the FAQS chapter before submission. You can see the things which are allowed and not allowed.
● The story must be finished before the deadline, December 31st,  2020 12:00 AM IST, otherwise will be disqualified.
● Any significant changes made to the story after entering the competition should be told to the hosts through comments or PMs.
● Bashing the fellow participants are not allowed and you will be disqualified immediately. Let's not spread hate! This is all for fun!
● To enter the contest, fill out the details on the "Entry form" chapter and comment down below. You must put the Banner of the contest along with the link on the foreword of your story. The password is extra terrestrial.
● You can withdraw your entry before the deadline. However, you won't receive any participation prize.
● Make sure to follow all the rules above. Have fun and good luck!



[CONTENTID2] Meet the Judges [/CONTENTID2]

Hello, This is your host Aryaprava_1993- . You can call me Arya and feel free to contact me any time. All the best to all participants. Thank you for joining.
Hi, this is your host Starlaight. I hope we all have a good time writing and reading stories, and don't hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have ^^


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[CONTENTID6] Banned Topics [/CONTENTID6]

The following are topics that are not allowed in entries:
gender bender

Sugar Daddy AU
descriptions of extreme violence and/or gore
mafia au
Glorifying of ANY form of abuse
Mature scenes with a character who is a minor, and that includes the idol you are using eg: Hueningkai

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We got our entry#4. Hurry up and send your entries before all the spots are taken.
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