What Happens Next? [HIATUS]



There are many uncertainties in life, most of which you don't give a second thought until you're right underneath its shadow.

One thing we know for sure is that the future brings many uncertainties.  You'll find yorself wondering, "What will happen to me once I get through this?" or maybe, "Will I ever be happy again even if I get through this?"

Obtacles are certain.  What you need to ask yourself is how you will overcome them and how you will recover.

Today, you won't bat an eye at the thought of what might happen next year or two years from now.

Frankly, no one ever does.

However, when that moment where we have to choose what's right and what is easy comes upon you...

what will you do?

Anyone can shape their own future, but at the same time, everyone is capable of letting their future die right in their hands.

Nobody wants to live with that kind of regret...

and that ever-lingering feeling of hopelessness after you realize

What have I done?

How did this happen?

How can I possibly fix this?

Sooner or later, you will find yourself asking these questions.

It's one thing to think and reflect on what the outcome of this situation might be for others.

It is a whole other issue when you yourself must face reality.


So as you go through life, wondering all these things, make a conscious effort to shape your decisions so that you won't be left regretting afterwards.  Soon, you will know how it feels to regret, and to miss the things in life which you took for granted.

Use this story as a map for your own experiences, and take away valuable lessons that will brighten your future.


Hey everyone! So this is something I wrote a while ago.  It was supposed to turn into a chaptered fic, but I got lazy and stopped writing.

So now, I'm making this a oneshot with a MASSIVE cliffhanger.  Enjoy!


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