In Silence I Shatter....

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As razor-sharp teeth sunk into soft sun-kissed skin, scarlet begins to bleed through an exit wound.

Lee Donghyuck, famously known as NCT127 Haechan resident FullSun, would not have stepped an inch out of his bed if he knew how everything would single-handedly go to hell. 


Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters used in this story ( OBVIOUSLY :), except Dr.Kim who will be introduced later on in the storyline. However, I DO OWN the cover of my story (any pictures in it though are of course uploaded from Google and belong to their rightful owners), the plot, and the events. ALL events are Pure Imagination and are NOT real in any way, shape, or form.

Trigger Warnings: This story contains mentions of Dark Themes, such as Depression, Suicidal Ideation, and Self-harm but NO Graphic Description. This might be triggering to some, so PLEASE DO NOT proceed into reading this story if you are. Mild Swearing such as god***n, fr**king, and s***w up may be offending to some. 

Author's Message: This is my first time in publishing any of my work, so I would graciously accept Constructive Criticism ONLY. Copyrights Are Reserved so NO PLAGIARISM Please :). I would welcome anyone and everyone who wants someone to talk to, someone to lend an ear about anything and everything really, with open arms and a smile on my virtual-won't-be-seen-face. I want to raise awareness about Mental Health Struggles and how to deal and help any of those who are in need, so I'm using my writing as a way to reach out and deliver this crucial message. Lastly, I LOVE & ADORE NCT127's FullSun Haechan and I would never wish him bad NEVER EVER AT ALL. So, AGAIN I REPEAT ALL events are Pure Imagination and are NOT real in any way, shape, or form. I feel ecstatic when they are happy and only wish that they all are well, safe, healthy, and happy.

Hope You Are All Well and Stay Safe At Home. :)

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