My Love

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"I will be with you. Always, my love for you."

— My Love, Baekhyun (2020).



Going through all the hardships and beautiful moments together with Baekhyun will always be the special ones in your life.

From an annoying stranger to best friends, to lovers and finally as a married couple.

He’s the love of your life, the ones that will brighten up your day with his light.

No other guy like him can do the same thing.

My one and only, Byun Baekhyun.

Always, my love for you. 








Hello!! How are you guys? I hope every stay safe and healthy!!

So, this year, I came up with an idea to write a fic for Baekhyun's birthday!!

What I did was I asked around my friends to give me random prompts/scenes as I compiled it into a one-shot story!!

It's the least I can do since I'm not good at editing video, making gifs or even illustrating :(

I published it in my Tumblr and it's kinda a bit late to publish it here.

But I hope you guys enjoy reading this!

Comments down below your thoughts after reading and upvotes too!!

Do give a lot of support and endless love to our forever light, Byun Baekhyun




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