49th Day

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Kang Seulgi is a ghost, leaving a husband and a newborn daughter behind. She insisted upon staying on Earth for the past five years instead of being reincarnated. Seeing her husband move on and remarry a woman named Irene.


She knows she can't stay here forever. So she promised she would leave this world and ascend to heaven after her daughter’s 5th birthday.


But problems arise when her husband suddenly dies, leaving her young daughter and Irene behind. So, how can Seulgi leave them now?


After some bargaining, and lots of cursing, Seulgi is given a chance to come back to life for 49 days, but there's a catch: she must find a suitable partner for Irene to raise her child, Seo-Woo. Or else, she’ll wander in this world as a ghost forever without a final place to go. 


dorky & nerdie's 2nd collaboration! Yay!

If the 1st one inspired by K-drama 'Goblin'. (Eun Tak x Sunny) 51st Shot

This time the story inspired by still a K-drama, called 'Hi Bye Mama'.

Yeah, it's the sismance again that inspired us to write about them. Between Cha Yuri & Oh Min Jeong.

And just like our first work, this story won't be like another version of Hi Bye Mama with SeulRene as the main characters. No. Because they will have their own story here ;)

Thank you, BlueA4sizedcase/HighJk-nim for making us this cool poster! 


*ps: Dear my beloved-reliable co-author / editor / friend, nerdie-nim, thank you for writing with me again. 너라서 다행이다 ;)

 - Dorky

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