« trauma. »「darawon semi-au」


Dara is no stranger to other’s attention. Her romantic self is lost after the umpteenth empty relationship with another wolf who preyed on her innocence, causing her to push everyone away.

Her monotone life gets turned around when she confesses her 20-year long crush for SECHSKIES’ leader, Eun Jiwon, on National TV. She laughs it off as if it were only a childish crush, as if she didn’t actually find comfort and strength through him.


Jiwon is living with the burden of his shattered marriage and absolutely hates people for making fun of his condition. He avoids every woman who comes his way with his lack of interest; struck by the fear of ending in a doomed relationship. Jiwon starts to feel bothered by that annoying and bubbly hoobae, he can't see why she seems to like such a flawed individual as himself. He can't understand how she manages to break his thick wall of indifference.


When the universe makes these two people’s lives collide, they find themselves strangely drawn to one another. They seem to fill up each other’s loneliness. He gives her the courage to fight for her dreams, she gives him the courage to love once again.

Everyone has to face their own personal demons, they’re no exception.

Love is not easy.

Will these two characters of an ill-fated story find their way to one another?


Characters. Eun Jiwon (SECHSKIES), Sandara Park (2NE1)

Genre. Romance, Drama


───── « trauma. » ─────



  • This is a work of fiction.
  • I will try to upload at least once a month,
  • Didn't see a lot of DaraJiwon fics so I decided to write my own

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───── « trauma. » ─────



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───── « trauma. » ─────


It was fascinating how that girl made me lose control over my actions. 


first, she makes me flee from the studio and then she brings me to kiss her when really, I wanted to reject her? 


this girl is really something else. 


I was debating with myself whether it was the soju in my bloodstream moving my body or the hormones. Deep down I knew those were just petty excuses.  

No matter how lonely and drunk I was, I never managed to do those sorts of things, even when beautiful women tempted me. I just couldn’t. 

All I could see was Sooyeon’s face. Even quickly peeking at other women made me feel unfaithful, even after years and years had passed from our divorce, the moment our love withered. 

That was the first time the memory I had of her didn’t interrupt me from getting closer to another woman. 

chapter 12 is finally out!
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