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Right when Dara was ready to move on from Jiwon, he shows her his charms.


• chapter 10 – chivalry.


Jaeduck barely saved himself from slipping on the wet path created by Jiwon’s passage.

“Hyung? Did you step out in the rain?”, the rapper giggled, unaware of how his tease perfectly mirrored reality.

Jiwon seemed deaf to any word directed at him. He just casually dried his hair with the first towel he found as he wandered around the waiting room. 

Suwon took a long look at his leader. He easily detected the ever-changing energy of s to make sure he’d leave the premise if things got ugly. His body froze, sensing a completely different aura from his Hyung.

The youngest squirmed in place, “Why is Jiwon-Hyung s-smiling?”.

Jaejin’s curls peeked from behind the door.

“Someone stole my yellow umbrella!”.



[ … ]


Dara's POV


“Our schedules don’t line up anymore! I really wanted to take you to that new jjamppong place that opened near my apartment…”, Hyoni whined right after wiping the cappuccino foam off of her lips.

I remained silent as I nervously stirred the latte macchiato in front of me. My gaze naturally shifted to the large window that allowed a glimpse of the busy Mapo-gu street.

The model let out a sigh, defeated.


“You’re not even listening to me anymore unnie…is there something on your mind?”.

“H-huh? On my mind? Well… my lil bro was cast on a new show! He seems very content, I’m a little worried but I’m sure he’ll do just fin—”.

“You know that’s not what I wanted to know! How are things with Jiwon Oppa?”. Hyoni interrupted me from blabbering more.

“With him?...”.

Of all those crazy happenings I could only picture his intense gaze under the rain.



[ the day of sechskies’ concert ]


“Dara wait!”.


I stuttered at the sight of him.


A furrowed face appeared under the yellow umbrella as he quickly caught his breath from running so hard after me.

“Why are you running in the rain?—… You’ll catch a cold like this”, Jiwon abruptly stopped before a puddle.


His hand gently directed me towards safety; the already small distance between us lessened. The umbrella cast a yellow glow on our faces as I took cover from the pouring rain.


“I was mistaken, all this time”, he diverted his gaze. Right there and then the bold and arrogant Eun Jiwon I knew was nowhere to be found.


There were so many things I would’ve liked to say to his face before that, and not all of them were pretty words.

Yet, the sincerity in his eyes left me petrified. There it was again, the vulnerable side to him.


“I’m sorry”. The difficult words dried his throat, he didn’t seem one to easily admit fault but there he was. 

“Here, take it”, he quickly handed me the umbrella.

“We have a lot of shoots this week, it’d be bad if you got sick”.


I hesitantly grasped the handle, just a feeble ‘thank you’ managed to escape me.

“Take care”.

Jiwon turned around and ran toward the emergency exit he came from, but not before I could catch a glimpse of a soft smile on his lips.




“Nothing happened, really.  We’re just colleagues”, I briefly explained with a meek smile.

“That’s a pity unnie! I’m tired of men, let’s just marry each other!”.

“No, your snoring is too loud Hyoni-yah!”.





[show shooting]


“There’s not a moment to waste Sandara-ssi! Get your mic fixed, I have to apologize to Cho-PD for being late!”, Wonjun commanded me as he strode through the parking lot like a fury, four or five bags dangling heavily on his limbs.

As standard procedure a small crowd of professionals immediately formed around me to quickly fix make-up, microphone, and outfit.


I reached my rumbling stomach with a hand; I totally forgot about grabbing lunch in the midst of the rush.

Empty takeout boxes were stacked up in a corner over a stained paper tablecloth.  The large buffet table hidden behind a production van resembled a stadium after the concert has ended: full of signs of people’s passage but ultimately desolate.


That feeling was so painfully familiar: the saliva forming in the mouth when looking at other’s food, resigned at the thought you wouldn’t have any meal after prolonged hours of practice.

Truth was, I signed my trainee contract when that the big and renowned company was situated in a run-down building, with no money to feed the kids that would, one day, become the icons of a generation.


I quickly wiped away any signed of sadness. It was obvious that the mix of nostalgia and pity wouldn’t do me any good right before a variety show.

It would be so embarrassing if everyone stopped the shooting because my empty stomach growled like Godzilla”. The outrageous thought cheered me up a bit.


“Eat it before it gets cold”. Jiwon almost ordered me with his bold voice, taking me right out of the surreal scenario I was playing in my head.

The savory smell of the meal casually passed by him filled my nose in an instant, magically relieving the ache at the pit of my stomach.

 He put the warm takeout box in my hands and fled before I could even show gratitude.

“Oppa’s so unpredictable”, I thought as I sat down, dazed by the mixed feelings he never failed to provoke in me.

But even that unexpected happening couldn’t stop me from devouring the hot jjamppong sitting in front of me. I felt my lips instantly molding into a smile, unsure if what sparked it was the delicious meal or Jiwon’s kindness.

I shook my head once again.  He had to do way more than that to get in my good graces again.

Passing me food wasn’t going to cut it.


End of  POV




Jiwon POV


“Take that, idiot!”, I bit my lower lip.

Playing some mobile games right before a shoot always managed to calm my nerves whenever I couldn’t get my hands on a cigarette.

Two guests, the same age as Mino, were sitting just a bit further, in front of me. They had been talking nonsense for a good 15 minutes, but I managed to block all of their conversations until it became white noise to me.


No matter how skilled I was at isolating myself from any external nuisance, I distinctively remember losing my focus in that moment.  It would be a lie if I said I didn’t start to listen to their non-sense until they dropped her name.


“Have you seen Sandara-ssi? She’s even prettier in real life, she’s just so chic”.


The popularity she had was no joke. Even amongst famous people, she was the celebrity of celebrities.

A smirk crept up on my lips, if only they knew how clumsy she was, how goofily she stumbled on her words and how silly she became after a few drops of alcohol or getting a little comfortable.

People seemed to look at her as if she was a doll locked inside her plastic packaging, only capable of admiring what was shown upfront; that wasn’t hard, anyone with eyes could see that. She was more than her fresh visuals.

“I used to think just that too”, my hypocrisy dawned on me. I judged her too before getting to know her.

Somehow, I felt grateful for taking a glimpse at the real Dara.


“She might be pretty, but I heard she’s a bit of a . She’s easy like that”, mushroom-head leaned towards his friend and carefully whispered that trash rumor.


“Mind your own business”.

I stood up and, with no hesitation, the muscles around my mouth moved before I could even think.

Gossips and hearsay weren’t my style at all, and their filthy words made the veins on my forehead swell.


“Y-yes Hyung”, One of the men apologized, uselessly bowing with his head.


hyung my .


My ears had enough of that bull, I stormed off to look for Dohyun.

“He’s an old geezer, don’t mind him”. I grasped their final comments with the super-hearing skill I finessed with years of variety shows.


old geezer? you’ll see, punk


“I want to get closer to her, let’s pick her in our team”, that fool continued.

“I won’t let them hurt her”, I promised myself.


a.n. I'm so excited for this part of the fan fiction because Jiwon is finally having his redemption! I just can't wait to write mroe about the two. Thanks for being patient, hope you like this new update!

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