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You Make Me Happy - Part 2
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"Taeyeon.. What are we gonna do?" Tiffany looked at her girlfriend.


"Ugh. I knew I wanted to release this song with you but not now or like this" Taeyeon sighed.


"You wanted to release the song with me?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"It's nothing. I'll go talk to my manager. Can you wait in the car for me?"


Tiffany sighed and nodded. She decided to not open up the topic right now. She took her girlfriends car keys and walked out to the car, while Taeyeon took care of things.


"Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a tan Tiffany I see?" A familiar voice said. Tiffany turned around and saw Seolhyun.


"Seolhyun?" She smiled and hugged her friend. "Oh my, it's been so long since i've last seen you. Where have you been hiding?"


"Me? You're the one who's tan. Where have YOU been hiding?" Seolhyun chuckled.


"I'm sorry, i've been busy, after I finally released my book and all these book signings and classes got the best of me" Tiffany truthfully said.


"Too bad we don't have any classes together again this course" Seolhyun pouted.


"Yeah. It . I loved having a know-it-all in class" Tiffany chuckled.


"What do you mean? YOU are the know it all" Seolhyun chuckled. "Anyways, why are you so tan?"


"Tae and I spent our Christmas break in Florida. We were out in the pool and at the beach a lot" Tiffany explained.


"Ooh..." Seolhyun smirked and wiggled her eyebrows. "Was that your first getaway as a couple?"


"Technically, no. I mean, she did take me to Paris. And then I went to surprise her in Hawaii, but that went to ... But if we don't count those two, then yeah, this is our first getaway together" Tiffany chuckled.


"Oh, right.. I still can't believe that shortie took you to Paris, just to ask you out.. It still hasn't sunken in yet" Seolhyun chuckled. "And this year has been so long.. I forgot the Hawaii incident was a little over 6 months ago..." She sighed.


"Whoa... So many things happened this year, I forgot the Hawaii incident was this year and not the last..." Tiffany shrugged.


"How is Taeyeon's shoulder? And how is your arm? I heard you broke it! How? What happened?"


"Yeah... I was at a private book sign and things went a little crazy. Long story short, the table flipped on me and before Kyungho could pull me out of the way, it broke my arm. But i'm doing better now. I removed the cast a few weeks ago. As for Taeyeon's shoulder, it's doing MUCH better. She can move around and it doesn't hurt. But there are moments where it would suddenly hurt. The doctor said it's normal and that everything would be fine though" She briefly explained. "How about you? What have you been up to?"


"Well, I had a bunch of fashion shows to attend and a lot of photoshoots. I was booked for 2 movies so that's also good. But all of that AND college? It's exhausting." she admitted.


"Seems like everyone's feeling this way recently..." Tiffany shrugged.


"Oh yeah, Sooyoung told me her and Taeyeon are thinking of dropping out. Did they make a final decision?"


"Sooyoung said she's definitely dropping out. Taeyeon, i'm not sure. She's still thinking, but she's leaning more towards dropping out. She'll probably make a final decision but i'm pretty sure she's set on dropping out"


"Aah.. Well, I hope she drops out. I've seen her walking down the halls, she looks dead. Hopefully, no college will lessen her stress"


Tiffany nodded in agreement.


"Wait, what are you doing here? I thought Taeyeon always picked you up from your shifts?" 


"We kinda got ourselves in a predicament. Taeyeon was giving me vocal lessons a while ago, and one of her managers heard us. She said we sounded good and that we should release the song, since BoA delayed her release, and the company doesn't want to make the fans wait for a new song. Neither Taeyeon and I want to release the song, so she's inside, trying to explain that to our manager."


"I'm guessing it's Lost in Love?"


"Yeah" Tiffany nodded.


"I thought Taeyeon wanted to-... Uhm.." She cleared . "Never mind" She smiled.


Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows. "Okay"


"Stealing my girlfriend, Seolhyun?" Taeyeon asked as she walked towards the two girls.


"She wishes" Seolhyun chuckled.


"So?" Tiffany looked at Taeyeon.


"It was hard, but I convinced her." Taeyeon shrugged. She wanted to say something else but decided to wait till Seolhyun left. Seolhyun noticed that and nodded. "I'll leave you two be. See you guys later" She smiled and skipped to Sunny and Yoona.


Taeyeon mentally noted to thank Seolhyun later then looked at her girlfriend. "I have amazing news"


"What is it?" The younger girl smiled.


"Well" Taeyeon held Tiffany's hand and got in the car. "I'm gonna debut as a soloist!" She smiled excitedly.


"What?" Tiffany smiled widely. "When? How do you know?"


"Well, when I was talking to my manager, I said you didn't want to release the song. So she told me to release it. I told her it was meant as a duet, so she told me I can do it with someone else. I think i'll do it with Yoona" She nodded.


"W-Wait... But you wrote that song for us" Tiffany pouted.


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. "I did.. But you don't want to sing it. And i've been wanting to release it for a while.."


"Oh" Tiffany nodded.


"You okay?" The older girl looked at her girlfriend.


"No... Yeah, i'm fine" She nodded.


"Fany... I've been waiting a long time to release this song with you, but you obviously don't want to... My group is debuting in 2-3 years.. I'm dropping out of college anyways so this is the perfect timing"


"Okay" She simply nodded.


Taeyeon sighed. "I wont release it"


"No! Tae.. It's okay..."


"No. You were right. Lost in Love is a personal song. It's ours" Taeyeon half smiled. "I'll call my manager and tell her once we're home"


The ride back home was quiet. Not an uncomfortable or awkward silence, just.. Silent.


"..What if I do the duet?" Tiffany finally broke the silence.


"What?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"If I agree to sing the song with you, will you release it and debut as a soloist?"


"Of course. But I know that you're not sure about debuting. So it's fine, baby"


"But I want to... I mean.. I'm not even under SM yet, but it would be really fun to be a part of the beginning of your career.. Just like you were apart of mine.. plus, I'm comfortable singing and performing with you by my side... So, why not?" She smiled.


"Boo, I really appreciate it. But I'm not gonna let you do this if you aren't ready.."


"But I want to... I may not be ready, but let's be honest, who is ever ready for something like this? Debuting is nerve-wrecking... And it's not like i'm the one debuting.. It's YOU. I'll just be featured in the song and if you want, the music video.. Please Tae, I wanna do this for you.. Can I sing the duet with you?"


Taeyeon bit her bottom lip then sighed. Instead of saying anything, she just turned the car and started driving away from their apartment.


Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows. "Tae? Where are we going? This isn't the way to our apartment"


Taeyeon just smiled and continued driving to her destination.


Taeyeon parked the car outside of a small shop then got out. She opened the door for Tiffany and held her hand out.


"Tae, where are we? What is this place?" Tiffany asked, as she held onto her girlfriends hand and allowed the older girl to pull her out.


"We always buy each other bracelets, rings or necklaces. And I know both of us love and appreciate those. But, we both have flower tattoos dedicated to each other, yet neither of us got the other flowers. Like, ever." Taeyeon said, as she intertwined their fingers and walked into the shop.


Tiffany half smiled at her girlfriend. "But why now? Why do you suddenly wanna buy me flowers? We were literally 2 minutes away from our apartment" She giggled.


Taeyeon stood in front of Tiffany and held both her hands. "Of course, I want you to sing the duet with me, Fany... I wrote it for us. I've had the chance to release this song for a while now, but I never did, because it didn't feel right releasing it alone or with somebody who isn't you." Taeyeon started.


"When my manager said that we'll release the song together, I saw your face, and you were petrified. That's when I knew that you were nowhere near ready to professionally record it. I mean, I don't blame you, we did only start taking lessons today.. But I didn't want to add anymore pressure on you. I know you recently started writing your second book and I know college alone is stressful. Hell, I couldn't handle college. I'm officially dropping out, tomorrow."


"But that's why I decided to tell my manager that I wanted to debut as a soloist and release the song now. Now that I can focus on my career, I have to take these kinds of chances. I knew that I never wanted to release the song without you, but I also knew that I wanted to release it and dedicate it to you one day. I didn't choose Yoona to hurt you. But the choice was between her, Seolhyun and Sunmi" She shrugged.


"I didn't want to choose Sunmi because of the whole Hawaii incident... I didn't choose Seolhyun because y'know.. She used to be in love with me and that bothered you. Yoona was the only obvious choice"


"But now, none of that matters, since you want to sing it with me. But I have to warn you, if you say yes to the question i'm about to ask, and I tell my manager that we'll be singing it together, there is no going back. It'd have to be done and you can't back out. We'll have to professionally record it, professionally film for the music video and officially perform it on stage to promote it. This'll be exhausting and it might take 3-6 weeks or even more. You can't change your mind at any point after I tell my manager..."


Tiffany just bit her lip.


"So, Tiffany, are you willing to be featured in my debut song?"


Tiffany took a moment to think. She knew she wanted to do it, no matter how stressful the process was. She wanted to be there for Taeyeon. She wanted to be apart of Taeyeon's career. The answer was obvious.


"Yes" She nodded and sealed the deal by pecking her girlfriends lips.


Taeyeon smiled. Before Tiffany could pull away, Taeyeon cupped her cheeks and deepened the kiss. "I love you"


"I love you too"


"Come on, which flowers so you wanna get?" Taeyeon asked, as she looked around the shop.


"I should get pink ones, so they'd match out living room" Tiffany smiled.


"So they'd match our living room or because you just want anything pink?" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Hm... Why not both?" She smiled and walked to the section filled with pink flowers.


Taeyeon just smiled and leaned back on the wall, watching her excited girlfriend look through the flower bouquets.


"Taengoo~Yah?" Tiffany looked at her

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