A Star Named Tiffany Hwang

You Make Me Happy - Part 2
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"We're here! We're really here!" Tiffany squealed as she skipped into the entrance of the theme park. "Taengoo~yah, we have to take a picture with the entrance sign! Please!" The younger girl smiled excitedly as she pulled Taeyeon closer and took several pictures of them with the entrance sign.


Tiffany was dressed ready. She put her hair in two braids and her outfit was inspired by Anna from Frozen. She forced Taeyeon to wear an Elsa-inspired outfit too. The older girl wanted to make this day the best day for Tiffany, so she just did what the younger girl wanted.


Taeyeon took a map from the guide and looked through all the rollercoasters, shows, games and restaurants.


"Where do you wanna start?" Taeyeon asked her girlfriend.


"Well, we just ate breakfast, so let's walk around and check out the stores and rollercoasters. But only the non-scary rollercoasters" Tiffany said. "We can stop at the gift shops while we walk around" She smiled.


"Okay, let's get those carts, in case we buy too much stuff and we can't carry them ourselves" Taeyeon said


"Get the pink one!" Tiffany smiled, as her girlfriend just chuckled and got the pink cart.


The two girls walked around the beautiful theme park, Tiffany stopping them whenever there was a character, so they'd take pictures with them. They stopped by every single gift shop they passed, bot wanting to miss a single thing. They checked out some of the shows, which they both loved, because nearly all of them were musicals. So, the girls just sand along.



"Hey TaeTae?" Tiffany called her girlfriend, as she took a bite from her churro.


"Yeah, beautiful?" Taeyeon put the plushie she was holding back down and looked up at her girlfriend.


Tiffany blushed. "Did you get any gifts for your sisters and mom?" She asked.


"I got my mom and Sooyoung a bunch of jewelry from here and I got the little ones a bunch of candy. But I will get them more stuff as we check out more stores" She smiled.


"Which characters do they like? Can I get them plushies?" Tiffany asked.


"Of course" Taeyeon smiled. "They both love Frozen, Haeyeon loves Anna and Sarang loves Elsa and Olaf. Sooyoung loves Lion King and Mulan. My mom loves Snow White" Taeyeon smiled. "Oh, and all of them are obsessed with Marvel. So we can get them stuff from the Marvel section too"


"Well, i'll get them plushies of their favorite characters" Tiffany smiled and got all the plushies and put them in their basket.


"I'll worry about what my family likes, you get what you want!" Taeyeon told her girlfriend. 


"Sorry, I just don't want to come back home, empty handed. They're my family too now" Tiffany smiled.


"You're amazing" Taeyeon pecked her girlfriends lips. "But we already got them a bunch of stuff, and we're not even halfway through the theme park" Taeyeon chuckled. "Who's your favorite character?"


"I love Rapunzel. Lilo and Stitch too" She smiled.


"Ooh, get yourself their plushies. I'm getting a Pocahontas plushie, she's one of my favorites" Taeyeon smiled.


"We should also get Disney couple rings!" Tiffany smiled widely.


"We already have couple rings" Taeyeon chuckled.


"I know, but we should also get Disney ones! You're a Pisces, i'm a Leo, so here" Tiffany picked two rings that had a Pisces birthstone and another that had the Leo birthstone.


"You're gonna waste all our money in these gift shops, aren't you?" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Uh huh" Tiffany nodded, a big smile plastered on her face. "That's what you get for bringing me to Disney Land"


"You kept begging to bring you here!" Taeyeon exclaimed.


"Yeah, to waste all our money!" Tiffany chuckled.


Taeyeon didn't mind Tiffany shopping, but she really wanted to ride the rollercoasters. They did ride some, but they were all the kiddie ones. She wanted to ride the big and fast ones, but she didn't want to ride them alone. Tiffany didn't like them, so the older girl just stayed quiet and did whatever her girlfriend wanted to do.



As the day went by, Tiffany noticed that Taeyeon was quieter and that she was the one initiating all the conversations. She immediately thought of all the things she's said and done that day, that may've caused this, but she didn't think of anything.


"TaeTae?" Tiffany called as she took a bite from their shared cotton candy, that Taeyeon was holding.


"Mhm?" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend.


"Are you okay? You've been really quiet... Did I say or do something wrong..?" She asked.


"What? No!" Taeyeon shook her head. "You did nothing wrong, baby"


"Then why are you so quiet?"


"I didn't even notice that I was being quiet. I'm just looking around and observing everything... This is my first time in Disney LA" Taeyeon shrugged.


"Tae... I don't want to argue with you here..." Tiffany stopped and grabbed her girlfriends arm.


"Fany~Ah, nothing is wrong, i'm not mad at you, why would we argue?"


"Because something's off..."


Taeyeon sighed. "Baby, nothing is wrong, I promise" she half smiled and left a kiss on Tiffany's cheek. "Come on, where to next?" She pulled out the map.


Tiffany sighed and rested her head on her girlfriends shoulder, and looked at the map. She then noticed that Taeyeon had circled two rollercoaster rides.


"Wait.. Are you mad at me because we didn't get to ride any big rollercoasters?" She looked at her girlfriend.


"Huh? Fany, no" Taeyeon shook her head. "I mean, yeah, i'm bummed that we cant ride any of the big rollercoasters, but i'm not really mad at that. Disappointed, yes, but not mad" 


"Then why are you mad at me" The younger girl whined.


"Yah, Miyoung" Taeyeon looked at her girlfriend. "I'm not mad at you. Stop it. It's getting frustrating" She said. "Now stop talking nonsense, and let's go continue. It's getting darker" She said.


Tiffany looked at one of the big rollercoasters Taeyeon had circled. "Let's ride this one then" She pointed at it.


"That's a big one, pick something else'


"I pick that one. You want to ride it. So i'll ride it too. I didn't realize I was only doing things that I wanted... I'm sorry" Tiffany apologized.


"Boo, don't apologize.. I came here to have a Disney date with my girlfriend. I can ride those rollercoasters whenever I want, but i'd rather spend my day making your wishes come true." Taeyeon half smiled.


"Then my wish is to ride those rollercoasters" Tiffany simply said.


"Baby, I know you don't like them... You don't need to do it.."


"Taengoo~Yah.. Please..."


Taeyeon half smiled. "You're amazing"


"Obviously I am" Tiffany smiled and walked to the rollercoaster. 


"It's 8:30, the parade starts at 9, so after this, let's go and find a place to sit to watch it" Taeyeon said and walked to the line.


"Oh yeah, the parade" Tiffany smiled excitedly. "But I know something's off... Can you at least tell me what's wrong?"


Taeyeon bit her lip. "Fine, but when we go home"


"Can you at least tell me of you're okay?"


"Yeah, i'm fine" Taeyeon smiled. "Don't worry" She said as she sat on the rollercoaster car, Tiffany sitting next to her.


"Good" The younger girl smiled and hugged Taeyeon's arm. "Does this ride have any loops?"


"No. But it's really fast" Taeyeon smiled excitedly.


Tiffany groaned. "I'm beginning to regret my decision"


"Fany, you're not gonna die" She chuckled.


"I'm pretty sure I will" She sighed then squealed when the ride started. "Don't die don't die don't die" Tiffany closed her eyes and whispered.


Taeyeon chuckled. "I'm in love with a child" Taeyeon shook her head. 


"Yah! Just because i'm scared of a rollercoaster, doesn't mean i'm a child!"


"Let's see if that's true once the drop comes" 


"D-Drop?" Tiffany looks at Taeyeon.


Taeyeon smiled. "Mhm. Right here" Taeyeon points up.


Tiffany groaned. "You owe me"


"Smile for the camera" Taeyeon does a silly pose, but Tiffany closes her eyes and hides her face in her hands, just when the camera snaps a picture and the ride drops. 


"Y-Yah! My h-heart dropped faster t-than the ride" She clung onto Taeyeon's arm, trying to catch her breath, but the rife suddenly started going faster and onto another drop, before finally slowing down.


"That was so fun" Taeyeon smiled widely.


"What part of that was fun?? We nearly died!" Tiffany over-exaggerated.


Taeyeon let out a small laugh. "You're so overdramatic" She held her hand out for Tiffany, and helped her get off of the car. "But I know you hate these big rollercoasters, so thank you for joining me on this one. I love you" She pecked her girlfriends lips.


"I wanted the both of us to have fun together here, not just me." Tiffany smiled.


"I was having fun already, but thank you anyways" Taeyeon said.


"Of course.. I'd do anything for you. I love you" Tiffany intertwined their fingers and swung their hands, while they walked to the area their dropped off their things then walked to the parade area.


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