Kkura in My Pocket

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Some kind of reading reviews on the Kkura (@IZ*ONE) fanfic I have read.

It's not a critique but I won't stop myself from commenting on the fanfic I recommend.


Among the ocean of K-pop fandom, I am an ordinary wiz*one who is interested in research. I have this idea of writing some reading reviews or recommendations since I love to read IZ*ONE fanfic. My bias is Sakura and my main ship is Kkubichaen. Yes, Kkubichaen: Eunsake, Chaekura, or, Kkura+Eunbi+Chaeyeon. Since I started to write fanfic, this triangular relationship naturally emerged. So I let it be.

The standard of choosing stories for the reading review or recommendation will be based on:
1. fics with Sakura as the main character.
2. fics of Sakura related to Eunbi or Chaeyeon, or Eunbi and Chaeywon.
3. in some special occasion, other "Kku-ship" will be mentioned.


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