Hold Me Tight

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BTS went to NY, they performed Make it Right while shivering under the -4 degree weather, and then danced to their hit Boy with Luv.

The fans filled the Times Square billboards with Taehyung’s pictures and videos in the honor of his birthday.

He took pictures of them and brought his BANGTANTV noona to shoot them in her video cam.

The locals there were stunned with BTS influence there and how fans were waiting since the dawn just to be able to see them at that open event.

Lastly, they went up on the dock and did the countdown live with the other artists there.

Taehyung video called Taeyeon to make her live that moment with her.

It was 1 PM already there in Seoul, but she still was excited to do the countdown with him and Zero in her arms.

“5… 4…”

“3… 2…” Taeyeon completed.


“Happy New Year!!” everyone shouted out.

Taehyung turned the camera on s to greet her as well.

“Happy New Year everyone!”

“Happy New Year!”

They couldn’t chat for long as they were live world widely on all social platforms.

“Happy New Year my Yeonie~” he smiled widely for her.

“Happy New Year boo~”

Taehyung was taken aback by her calling him like that for the first time.

He kept blinking as his cheeks reddened in shyness.

“Zero-ya, wave for your hyung~”

Zero barked.

Then Taehyung noticed that the camera was capturing him from time to time, he went to the corner and smiled toothily to her.

“I will be back shortly, wait for me.”

“Have fun there and come back safely.”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

Taehyung sent her a flying kiss and ended first as he needed to answer the MC.

After having that call, Taehyung got more hyped up, he kept dancing and grooving around that the MC even said to all the crowd, “I like this man’s dance, let me do it too…” and he copied him.


BTS returned back to their hotel, they drank all together and celebrated together for their success this year, and since they already did a live the same morning to celebrate with the Korean ARMYs the New Year countdown because of the time difference between the two countries, the members said their goals for the coming year and sent a message each for themselves and the members.

Hoseok (aka J-Hope) asked Taehyung as he saw him wearing his coat and preparing his bag. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to Seoul first.”

“But our flight is tomorrow night.”

“I have something to attend first,” he smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, I will make it up for you guys.”

Hoseok smiled since he knew why he was going back first.

“Don’t worry about it, we were just going to hang around and do some shopping before going back, nothing serious.”

“Happy New Year hyung, please talk to the members on my behalf, I will go first!” he waved for him as he took his bag and ran outside.

Taehyung took one of their managers that went there with them and took the nearest flight to Seoul.

Thankfully no one knew about his arrival, so no reporters were there, since also he arrived 3 AM there.


The first thing he did was to drive to Taeyeon’s place.

He went inside first, to find her hugging the pillow and sleeping angelically with her mickey mouse pajamas.

He smiled at her presence.

Taehyung took off his coat and slipped in next to her and spooned her affectionately as he was yearning for her the past couple of days.

He kept playing with her hair gently.

Taeyeon turned and hugged his soul so dearly, as if he was going to run away from her embrace.

Taehyung was surprised since she was still sleeping.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her back with much longing.


When the two clock arms met at 11 AM.

Taeyeon opened her eyes while having the widest smile drawn at her face.

She found herself stuck to someone.

She blinked a couple of times to make sure that what she is witnessing in front of her is not a dream or from her imagination.


He tossed and hugged even tighter.

“Omo, it’s really him.” She recognized his Dior Sauvage perfume.

Then she knew that the reason she was able to sleep this comfortably last night, because she was in the arms of the person she missed the most.

She didn’t pull back, and in return, she hugged him back even tighter.


After an hour or so, Taehyung got woken with a smooch on his cheek.

He smiled immediately.

“Wake up lazy head.”

He smiled even wider after hearing her voice.

Taehyung hugged her and kissed her forehead so hard.

“Good morning my Yeonie~” he told her with an innocent heart-shaped smile.

“Good morning boo~”

He cried in happiness.

“Can I hear it again?”


“What you just called me with.”

Taeyeon laughed shyly.

“When did you come boo?”

“Oh my~” he fanboyed cutely.

Taeyeon laughed at his cuteness.

“I was so surprised when I woke up to find you here.” She lifted her head up and told him.

“Aigoo, I wish I can believe you.”

“What do you mean?” she chuckled.

“I was going to go back home crying when I came in at the dawn.”


“The moment I came in, you hugged me naturally and slept like a little baby.”

“What? I did that?” she laughed, “No way!”

“I should’ve filmed you, but your tight embrace didn’t allow me to.”

She laughed, “Aye~”

“How did you come? Weren’t you supposed to come tomorrow night?”

“I missed you so much that I took the nearest flight and came first.”

“Oh my, you came alone? What about your members?”

“I couldn’t wait until tomorrow’s night.”

Taeyeon was touched and surprised at the same time.

“You must be tired from the long flight.” She pouted, “Go back to sleep.”

“The moment I saw you, I forgot everything, and just got to know one fact…”

“What?” she looked at him with puppy eyes.

“That I can’t live anymore without you.” he kissed the tip of her nose lovingly.

Taeyeon’s heart and cheeks cocktail were in process of making then after that little touch.

Her phone rang then.

Taeyeon rolled to take her phone from the other side of the bed.

With Taehyung spooning her from the back, she answered.

“Eng, mom?”

“Aren’t you going to come to Jeonju this year?”

Taehyung whispered into her ear ily, “Tell her we’re coming now.”

Taeyeon’s heart was a mess, “U-Uh, I will come down today.”

“Alright, will wait for you, your father has been whining all day waiting to see you.”

“I will get ready now and come to visit you.”

“Drive safe.”



Taehyung and Taeyeon went up to get ready together.

Taeyeon brushing her teeth in front and Taehyung resting his head on her shoulder while doing the same.

Then she tied his hair up in a fountain ponytail cutely, and he washed his face and freshened up for the long drive to Jeonju.

“Are you ready?”


Taeyeon laughed then when she saw him.


He was all cool with a long coat and shining shoes, then a cute ponytail tied with a purple hair tie standing there adorably.  

She tiptoed and kissed him suddenly.

Taehyung kept blinking at her in disbelief of this unexpected move from her.

“What’s going on?” his cheeks blushed shyly.

“You’re just too cute to be real.” She told him while laughing.

“What’s wrong?” he took his phone out, to see that ponytail still there.

“I wish I can hide you in my pocket wherever I go.”

“Open it, let me try going in…” he joked around with her.

“Aigoo, I can’t live because of you~” she cracked up again on their way out.


They arrived to Jeonju.

“We’re here~” Taeyeon called as she came in.

Ginger ran towards Taehyung’s arms immediately.

“Aigoo, Ginger-ya~” he kept him, “Did you miss me that much?”

“Taeyeon-ah~” her mother welcomed her.

“Happy New Year mom,” she hugged her.

Then she noticed that handsome man bowing to her with Ginger in his arms.

“Omo, Taehyungie came too?” she threw Taeyeon aside.

“How have you been mother?” he bowed, “Happy New Year.”

“Aigoo, you’ve became more cooler, young man.”

Taehyung smiled shyly.

“Mom!” Taeyeon cried, “Did you just ditch me for Taehyung?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that he is coming?” she frowned at her, “I should’ve prepared more food, what should I do now?” she hurried to the kitchen.

“Who came?” her father came out then.

“Dad-” Taeyeon ran to him, but she was surprised with the thing she didn’t expect in her life her dad would do.

“Taehyung-ah~” he went and greeted Taehyung instead.

“Happy New Year father.” Taehyung hugged him, “I really missed you father, how have you been?”

Taeyeon felt betrayed.

“Dad!” she cried out.

“Oh, Taeyeon you came.” He smiled at her.

“How could you do this to me?” she pouted, “Why don’t you just Take Taehyung and live with him instead?”

“Can I do that?” he asked him.

“It would be my honor father, please allow me to do so.” Taehyung asked him respectfully.

“Oh my…” Taeyeon gasped in disbelief of what she was witnessing then.

Taehyung linked arms with her father.

“Ginger!” she cried, “Kim Ginger, come to your mommy, I don’t have anyone in this house other than you.”

They laughed at her.

On the dinner table, “How did you manage to come here today?” Taeyeon’s mother asked, “Don’t you have schedule?”

“Yeah, I saw you on news last night, you were overseas I think.”

Taehyung smiled shyly, “I just wanted to spend the new year with you, so I hurried back here.”

“Oh my~” Taeyeon’s mother sneered, “Is it us? Or someone else?” she eyed Taeyeon.

Taeyeon glared at her in return.

They laughed.

“Where’s Hayeon? And Jiwoong hyung?” he asked.

“Uh, they went out with their friends.”

“What an ungrateful kids you have mom,” Taeyeon sighed, “They leave their parents for their friends.”

“Look who is talking here.”

Taehyung laughed. 

“Mom!” she whined, “Why are you

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