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Ink Block : A graphic shop
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Ink Block
a graphic shop
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About the shop

Formerly known as Playdate Graphics, welcome to Ink Block! i just want to say thank you for stopping by and checking out this shop. Feel free to check out my portfolio located at the top of the page! ^^

Rules & Guidelines

1. Subscribe to the shop if you're interested in requesting a poster.

2. Fill out the request form. You can request up to one time per batch. Drafted stories are not allowed.

3. Comment after submitting as your way to confirm your submission. I'll reply to you as a confirmation and approval.

4. Graphics will be done within a week or more. If you would want to cancel your request, please tell me as soon as possible.

5. Once your poster is done, pick-up your request by commenting that you've seen it.

6. If you are unsatisfied with your poster, pm me for a redo. Don't alter or edit it in any way.

7. Make sure to credit the shop in your story's description/foreword with the shop's banner or by a mention.

8. Use the poster for a month. After that, feel free to have it replaced. Password is "ink pen."

Request Status

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shout out
to all the loveliest people i've ever met through this shop.
listen and enjoy  
- Moon, zion.t - walk in the night
- punch - i miss u
- karencici, ozi - u stupid
- exo - love, love, love
- rini - out of the blue
- kai - mmmh
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