Chapter 6

The Perfect Match


The Perfect Match Chapter 6


Seung Jo

“I still can’t believe she did that to me.” It was the nth time that Jun Pyo had said these words while pacing around the room, after the four girls had left.

“And I still can’t believe that you haven’t shut up yet!” I snapped at him. Seriously, he could be so annoying sometimes.

“Seung Jo is right.” Woo Bin told Jun Pyo: “Consider yourself lucky that Geum Jan Di was the only one who managed to harm you. If Hee Young would have gotten to you then, you wouldn’t be able to walk right now.”

“And I assume, you’re talking from experience?” of course Yi Jung had to throw in his own comment. But honestly, who could blame him?

Teasing Song Woo Bin? You didn’t get a chance to do that very often.

Woo Bin turned his head to his side to shoot a glare at Yi Jung.

This was too funny. I just had to join in as well: “Actually, I was wondering the same thing as Yi Jung.”

Woo Bin’s attention snapped back to me.

“Not you too!” he sighed in a frustrated manner, covered his face with his hands and groaned into them.

“Yah! Can we get back to my problem here? You guys are digressing.” Jun Pyo, the attention-seeking freak that he was, pointed to himself.

“Jun Pyo-ah,” sounded like Yi Jung was trying to reason with him: “I know that you love yourself too much to accept this kind of behavior, but let’s be honest! What you did was really nasty and Geum Jan Di just evened it out between you. Now you two can start anew.”

A devious grin slowly spread across the Shinwa heir’s face. Whatever it was that, he was thinking, it couldn’t be good.

“She likes me.” he simply said, as he sat down next to me once again.

A few looks were exchanged between the rest of us, before Woo Bin and Yi Jung burst out laughing, even I couldn’t help myself but chuckle.

“And how,” Woo Bin gasped: “Oh almighty, Gu Jun Pyo, did you come to that conclusion?”

Jun Pyo looked at us, as if we were the dense ones: “Yi Jung said it himself. She evened it out. We can start anew. Why would she want to start anew, if she doesn’t like me in the first place?”

“That makes absolutely no sense and also, I never said that she wants to-“ Yi Jung never got to finish his sentence.

How could he, when the F4’s leader was on a roll?

“Stop doubting my charm.” He said with a dismissing wave of his hand: “I’m sure the girl’s head over heels for me.”

My eyebrows shot up at that: “From what I can make out, it seems the other way around. You appear to be quite smitten with her.”

The Shinwa heir let out an indignant hmpf: “Now that is complete and utter nonsense.”

“Seung Jo is right.” Woo Bin repeated his words for the second time in a matter of minutes: “I have never seen you go out of your way to make someone’s life miserable, let alone a girl’s life.”

“Stop taking his side!” Jun Pyo snapped at him.

“He’s not taking his side.” Yi Jung again: “He’s merely stating the fact that Seung Jo is right, like always.”

“Stop defending Woo Bin!” Jun Pyo raised an accusing finger at the F4’s Casanova.

“Yi Jung is not defending Woo Bin.” my words were as curt as ever.

Now the curly-haired guy’s head whipped towards me: “Stop being such a know-it-all!”

“You’re being childish.” I told him.

“I. Am. Not. Childish.” he retorted with another hmpf, while crossing his arms over his chest.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Woo Bin and Yi Jung shaking their heads in frustration.

And honestly, I was barely resisting the urge to bang my head on the wall…

The next two weeks were…very awkward, to be honest.

Especially since Madam Hwang had insisted we start some new assignments with our new and permanent partners.

It seemed as if our small group of eight people was on full on war mode.

Jun Pyo kept trying to get Geum Jan Di’s attention, to no avail. She was avoiding him, as if he was the plague.

Woo Bin was having problems with his fiancée as well. The girl was highly pissed off, if I wasn’t wrong and I usually wasn’t.

Her mood was contagious, for her friend, Chu Ga Eul looked upon Yi Jung like he was some low life.

I had the feeling that she hadn’t liked him very much since day 1.

Woo Bin received the same treatment from her, just a bit less cold.

Oh Ha Ni was something entirely else though, because even if she and her friends were raging mad at Jun Pyo for his actions, she never let me notice it while we were working together, unlike her friends did with their partners.



The cafeteria was buzzing from all the voices of the occupants in it. The current lunch break was providing the students of the Shinwa High School their daily dose of gossip.

Who hooked up?

Who broke up?

Who cheated with whom on whom?

What’s up with the new students?

Is there anything new about the F4?

Yes, indeed something new was about to happen.

Everything grew silent the minute Baek Seung Jo stood up from his usual table, which he shared with the rest of the F4 and walked over to the table the four new students were occupying.

“Oh Ha Ni, I was about to go and work on our assignment. If you have eaten already then it would nice, if you could join me now.” he said in his calm and monotone voice, as always.

The girl in question only nodded, while gathering her things and waved her friends goodbye.

Once the two people were out of the room, all hell broke loose.

Collective gasps and shocked noises erupted in masses.

“Oh! My! God! What is he doing with her?” that was the main question almost every student was asking each other.


Ha Ni

What the hell was wrong with me?

Since when had I become an embarrassed, mumbling and stuttering mess? I couldn’t remember ever being so…taken by a boy. Maybe I was becoming a schizophrenic, because seriously, my interest in Baek Seung Jo was bordering on obsession. Then again, every interest of mine in anything and anyone bordered on obsession. That’s probably because I was a research maniac.

Yes, I was very well aware of how freakish my habits were…

Why was I lying to myself again?

Right! It was because I had begun to like Baek Seung and that fact scared me to death. I did not like, liking someone. God knew that, I had taken years to accept that, it was okay to let my three best friends and grandma into my personal little world, my real self.

“…if that’s alright with you?” Seung Jo’s words brought me out of my trance.

I could practically feel all the blood rushing to my cheeks: “Excuse me, but could you repeat that again? I was a little lost in thoughts.” my mumbled words were spoken in a low voice.

We were standing just outside the cafeteria building and had paused to talk about our assignment, when I had lost the main track here.

Seung Jo was silent for a few seconds, observing me closely. For a moment it seemed that he would break out laughing any minute but that was when he decided to speak, in an amused tone, which was something new to me: “I was saying that we should go to the library and do some research on our topic, if that’s okay with you?”

My eyes widened in excitement, as soon as I heard the words ‘library and research’. That guy had no idea what he was in for.

I nodded, a bit too enthusiastically for my liking but, oh well…old habits die hard, wasn’t that true?


Seung Jo

Was it just me, or had her eyes really begun to sparkle when, I had asked her about doing some research?

She nodded to my question, very enthusiastically to say so.

Our walk to the library was proceeding in silence, that is, until she broke it. What fazed me was not the fact that she had broken it, but the fact how she had done it.

She had laughed.

It had been strange for my ears to hear it. It was so completely different from her usual soft and calm voice. It sounded really nice.

“Care to share?” I asked.

She sobered up rather quickly but a small smile remained on her face: “I feel as if I’m in a museum.”

“And why is that?” it was weird, having a conversation with someone else than my best friends and not feel uncomfortable.

“Everybody’s staring at us.” she paused, glancing around us and spotted many people, who had left the cafeteria and were watching us instead: “I feel like one of those ancient artifacts. Nobody knows what it’s there for but they stare at it anyways.”

I had never heard truer words than these. She was absolutely right.

Only because something or someone stood out everyone had to stare and that was just plain rude.



The next day found Baek Seung Jo at the F4 locker room. It was a rarity for him to go there but today he was in need for a few books he kept in that place.

Once he opened his locker, his eyes fell on a small envelope. It was a sickeningly sweet shade of pink and had a lot of hearts on it.

Woo Bin and Yi Jung were used to these, they were both womanizer, what would you expect?

Even Jun Pyo didn’t mind these things; he loved the attention after all.

But Seung Jo, man, he had hoped to never receive one of these.

He sighed.

A love letter…

End of Chapter


Hey my dear readers!

As always, I'm really sorry about the late update but really, my writer's block just won't go away. That and the fact that this story is proving itself to be very difficult to be written. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not giving or anything. The thing is that, I already have the main plot for this story figured out and there also many scenes, which are playing in my head but to get to those scenes, I have to build some kind of bridges. Are you guys getting the idea, or am I stupid when it comes to explaining? Tell me, if it isone of these.

Now, what do you think about this chapter?

Personally, I enjoyed writing the first scene (the F4 talk) very much. I love writing how those 4 totally differnt guys comunicate with each other.

Then, of course there was the HYUNMIN scene. Finally the interaction between those two has started! I'm so happy! YAY!!! Please tell me how you liked both scenes! I'm really starving for comment right about now!!! haha :D

By the way, it seems that I'm leaving you guys on some kind cliffhanger... Which means that, yes, in the next chapter, things are about to get going!!!

I'm really thankful for everyone who commented on last chapter but still a bit disappointed... as I said one, my subscribers are increasing (thanks for that =D), so why aren't the comments? =( 

Oh well, I hope it gets better :)

Sorry for any spelling and grammer mistakes =D


p.s. I love you <3

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